Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Haha, hello again, everyone. It's 10 days before Christmas & we're right in the middle of another Mercury retrograde hoopla, which should be over by New Year's Day, but the shadow period will last around next month. Oh, well. Aren't you excited for 2011? & isn't 2010 such an awesome year at this point?

So far, ever since my last post, a lot of things have happened to me, & I'm really sorry for the backlog. But November was indeed a stellar month, & I'll try to squeeze everything into this post for the full story.

But yeah, happy holidays from PTE & SP Lovecraft! :D

Our Mystic Friday night was spectacular. I can't thank Francisbear & Jade enough for coming in early to help me out. I got in last, but I read for a dozen people quick, even it was rather hard keeping the reading time within 10 minutes, since everyone I read for wanted & could use more than brief advice. Most of them were very receptive, though, & it was nice to meet another Libra lawyer who became a believer in the cards. Aileen & the rest of her ALC-LEAP friends made sure our space was conducive for reading in a chilly separate room. So even if the rest of the excitement was in the cafe proper — as per the chakra-balancing, crystal work, & everything else paranormal et al via the Spirit Questors — we had a somber yet relaxing time with our querents that night. It was super nice seeing Ai again & finally meeting her very accommodating Libra hubby Kyle. If only Jade didn't have to go so soon (he still had to rush to work at the next building shortly after, haha, yay, powerhouse), Francisbear & I could've stayed longer. Too bad I didn't get to talk to Aileen about her cards. I so wanted to see her Crystal Tarot deck!

My querents were predominantly Capricorn; however, there was this awesome married young female Taurean entrepreneur with a lot of Fire energy & a young female Piscean architect who could use more Fire in turn to help her get moving with her career & then some. I'm really happy how they were very receptive to everything New Age. Actually, everybody else was that night. But those 2 young women were the most delightful to talk to! :D

So after us readers got a quick meal from our sponsors to help us ground ourselves, we then headed out for some tea. Jade had to finally go to work. Francis got himself some peppermint ginseng while I had peach ginger. Then we goofed off with his quirky webcam application, so voila. Haha. We were on the brink of dozing off in the cafe, but since the place was closing & the crowd in the fantastic nocturnal weekend food market Banchetto subsided a bit, we decided to check it out, & lo, & behold, the food choices were more overwhelming than in our usual daytime weekend markets in Makati. We had so much fun people-watching & trying out more food. We were there until a few minutes before sunrise, yay. It was crazy. We really should be there again more often. I used to hang out in the area often a few years ago, especially at the Podium, but no thanks to my old day job, I got too tired to go anywhere else beyond our good ol' CBD. I'm working to get my stamina up to go around the metro like crazy again. Though getting around is a lot more fun with a friend or so in tow.

The week after that, Francis & N joined me for another Tarot-rama afternoon, as I was hoping to get another workshop done with my regular younger students. Francis showed me his Dante Tarot deck (which was spectacularly surreal; I got mystical cards all throughout) & N brought his wonderful old cyber-goth-punk deck, which was rather left unused that time. We then headed to Bonifacio High Street + Serendra around dinnertime, & scoured the area for books & decks. I found my Legacy of The Divine Tarot deck there, & I had it reserved to give myself more time to think about it, because what I've always wanted from Ciro Marchetti was actually his Tarot of Dreams, sigh. Then we had dinner in the area & everything else was a blur. I'll have to blame them super sweet cupcakes + mango bellini for the sugar rush. I wasn't able to meet up with Jammi as a result.

Now for the Brown Bag Market + Green Drinks event, I decided to meet up with Francis again at BHS + Serendra first before heading there. I finally bought my Legacy of The Divine Tarot deck & it was a good buy after all. I didn't get to use it right away, though. But the book was a good read. I like the astrological transit associations for each card, & the spreads were potent.

I had silly floral nail art done (switched from red nail polish to black just because; coincidentally for my Venus return) & we checked out other fun stuff to get next time (I'm so hoarding Kimmidoll keychains, haha), then ate at this vegetarian bistro which has the best aligue pasta yet (I had a creamy tuna pasta dish, though) & power drinks. We're definitely coming back!

We also checked out ECHOstore for fab local organic personal care items, & I bought stuff from Z.E.N. like their leg-&-feet relief cooling gel & strawberry + licorice body scrub, then a really nicer-smelling insect repellent spray from GIGA. Yay, eucalyptus! I'm going back for more. But thank heavens for online shopping as well. Yup, I'll be happy to receive more of those as gifts this season! :P *hint*

When we got to The Collective, this small artsy haven tucked neatly away in the outskirts of the Makati CBD housing a few organic shops, clothing stores, kitschy food joints, & urban art galleries was already jampacked with people, but the crowd was actually already thinning down, as the market was wrapping up. I've visited the complex before last April & fell in love with the wall art along Vinyl on Vinyl, among the other things they had on display during that time. I'll go definitely go back for this awesome quirky vegetarian noodle house called Wabi-Sabi, that offers BOTH ramen & pho, yay, & other glorious things on the menu like gyoza, ginger beer, & mushroom siomai. Francisbear & I chanced on Punchdrunk Panda's booth with cute designs on footwear & electronic gadget accessories such as laptop sleeves/bags & camera straps, Ritual's take on sorbetes (ice cream), homemade square candles with seashells, & the highlight of the night: a shot of powdered wheatgrass drink with honey from a couple of part-owners of Good Spirits Cafe, Glecie (Scorpio) & her better half Foncy (Libra), hehe. Talk about green drinks, alright. I bought a very small sample from her, but I'll be coming back for more. What made me doubly excited was that when she told me Foncy's sister Mitchelle reads Tarot cards, too, & they have an astrologer on board! Dear Lord, I really need to be around this complex more often. So all in all, it was a wonderful night. To hop on over to The Collective, here's a map I gacked off online:

View Commuting in the Philippines 101 in a larger map

Thanks again, Francis, for that action-packed weekend!

It was a super month, yesiree. Venus returns are the best! ♥

Monday, November 22, 2010

"because it's fun being a girl!"

There's this new stint I've been into for about 3 months now, at least a couple of times per month, & I have to thank my fellow Tarot reader Jammi for the heads-up. It's G Mondays at exquisite NU.VO in Greenbelt 2 in the Makati central business district, a laidback yet fun just the same Ladies' Night with free-flowing sangria, awesome house music, & half-hour-long minimum Tarot readings from 10pm to 12mn (though sometimes, on a packed night, like a few days before my birthday, I'd be reading until 2am-3am, haha, yikes). Now just because it's Ladies Night, you can't have your men there with you. There's still an abundance of guys with their respective date & friends, & everybody's having fun, so far! After-dinner parties will never be the same with nights like this. Whoever said you can't ever party on a Monday?

So this is the only time ever that I ditch my usual girl-next-door tee-&-shorts getup. LBDs, here I go. But since I still can't manage to wear killer heels until further notice, I just go in dainty dressy flats & slip-ons (& oh, man, I need a wardrobe update; serves me right for living in designer flip-flops & sneakers for the longest time) so I can still show off my neat pedicure, haha.

Anyway, see you all there. (If not tonight, then most definitely next week! Jammi's a trusty reader, too, & she's so fun to talk to!) The place serves nice Italian & French food & they sure want to break the common notion now that they're only good for that. They have other regular events on other nights (with Manolet Dario, yo, squee) that you might want to check out.

Friday, November 12, 2010

it's easy being green!

Because the queen of organic, sustainable lifestyle among my roster of friends posted this idea for next weekend, & I'm kinda raring to go & check things out, as Mercury in Sagittarius is driving me crazy in my 3rd House this month, I might as well go, & maybe share the idea with you guys, especially if you're looking for a nice new cause or a fairly wholesome party, hehe. Besides, I miss The Collective, & if you haven't been there yet, I suggest you head on over. There's a whole buncha lovely artistic stuff to discover in that complex! :D

Schmoozing with like-minded people on a weekend sounds like fun.
& yeah, I do care about the environment & support fair trade.

Here's from the official website:
Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks.

We have a lively mixture of people from NGOs, academia, government, & business. Come along & you'll be made welcome. Just say,
"are you green?" & we will look after you & introduce you to whoever is there. It's a great way of catching up with people you know & also for making new contacts. Everyone invites someone else along, so there’s always a different crowd, making Green Drinks an organic, self-organising network.

These events are very simple and unstructured, but many people have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas, done deals & had moments of serendipity. It's a force for the good & we'd like to help it spread to other cities. Contact your local node to get the latest info about coming along.
Yup, sounds like a plan. ♥
Let's all hang out & throw caution to the wind! :P

Friday, November 05, 2010

Mystic Friday?

I am actually nervous & yet excited at the same time about this event that I signed up for later tonight. If it weren't for my Scorpio soul sister Aileen, I'd probably be staying at home recuperating further, after my long break from read-a-thons since my birthday a couple of months ago. But since my beloved fellow readers Francis & Jade will be there, too, YAY. Should be fun. I got the King of Pentacles, Page of Cups, & 6 of Wands from my Mythic Tarot deck, anyway, to assure myself that everything will be fine. So far, so good. I'm going pro bono because I can, hehe. Talk about paying it forward for a very momentous year. Thank you, Universe. ♥

Click to enlarge, por favor.

I better unwind before dragging myself out to the East. Anyway, happy weekend, folks! Looks like holistic healing & introspection are indeed in order, while the Sun & New Moon (as well as Mercury & Venus, ugh) are in Scorpio. Oh, well.

(As for my next reading schedule, I can be available this Sunday night, November 7th, from 8pm-12mn; then on Tuesday, November 9th, from 4pm-10pm. I'll confirm later if I can make it on Monday night, November 8th, from 10pm-12mn; & on Thursday, 4pm-10pm. Leave a comment for clarifications, s'il vous plait.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I really haven't been speaking to my mother after what happened during my birthday, which was, again, one of my saddest days of the year. I actually wanted to make a difference this time, by giving her a call overseas to thank her for the gift of Life, for her support up to that very day, & for her patience with me even if I won't probably end up anywhere close to what she's always expected me to become. I was sick that time & I didn't want to see anyone else that day, as I vowed to myself I'm giving myself & my poor cards a break. But the bitch lashed out at me when she was telling me to look after my younger brother (I always do, but it's best sometimes if he hears things from her directly instead, yes?) & I got really pissed off. It's like, screw you, woman, you mean after everything I've done to prove to you & the rest of the world that I'm not like what you've been always afraid I'd turn out to be, you still don't trust me with MY life?! Fuck that shit. I'm out. She hung up on me, so I retorted via SMS, giving her a piece of my mind. After that, I didn't bother talking to her again. (She expects me to contact her at least every week.) We did speak to each other, though, when my brother was confined earlier this month in St. Luke's QC (his first hospitalization drama EVER, btw). But it was obviously just about my brother's case, & I drifted away again after that.

& just yesterday I found myself thinking again about my parents, & everything else about my life in general, even who & what I really am. It was also surreal how I ran into my Cancerian best friend Zhy on my way home, to think an hour before I got back, I found myself thinking about her, too. I haven't seen her since March last year, for my father's death anniversary & kid sister's birthday commemoration. She kindly helped me put things in clear perspective again, & I thanked her for being there for me & how it's always so easy to pick up where we've last left off. I missed her terribly, especially how she was there for me when my kid sister & dad were already gone. I should always trust my gut, she said. I hope to see her again this weekend.

& I've been crying at home ever since.

& then, just a few hours ago, my mother sent me a copy of one of my dad's favorite poems online, & now I feel completely devoid of energy. How could've I forgotten this piece?

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story
Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexatious to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about Love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the Universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of Life, keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.

I feel I'm going to be crying my way out of Life again this whole week.

We used to have copy of that poem framed while he was still alive. Now all we have left is his most favorite poem & his most favorite Bible passage (Psalms 27:1, NIV). & reviewing all them lines tonight is giving me the chills. Holy mother of fuck.

I miss my dad. I can't look at fighter planes anymore without wanting to burst into tears. I can't even have elaborate seafood dinners with crabs anymore (but I'm all for shrimp &  prawns everytime, as well as sushi). I can't even deal with anything National Geographic or FOX Crime anymore, either. It's also hard for me nowadays to visit his stead, where his remains lie with my kid sister's in our local memorial park. & it doesn't help that today marks my kid sister's best friend's last day on Earth 7 years ago. My sister then followed suit 14 months after that, just 5 days before Christmas, 6 days after my dad's birthday. He was in the US that time with my mom. The same way I can't really deal with anime or manga everything anymore, among other things, because I miss my poor little sister. & I will have the memory of her printing out my online birth chart, flailing, & exclaiming to my face, "look, your Venus & Mars are both in Scorpio!" just months before she died forever flashing in my head. She was more into astrology than I was, btw, being the Piscean that she was, & she couldn't deal with how I wasn't Libra enough for her taste, hehe. She was the only person in the world I could trust with my tarot decks & books, & she was my first student ever, as I taught her how to read when I was 6. & never mind if she turned out smarter than I am. She taught me a lot of things, too, & I truly miss her. I've actually given up on cooking a long time ago, after she was gone. She was my biggest culinary fan.

But I'm trying to get in touch with my former self lately, especially after quitting my soul-sucking day job earlier this year. I've missed out on a damn lot, & I'm actually liking how I'm seeing the world with a fresh new pair of eyes, or so I'd like to think. For a change, I'd love to be around like-minded individuals more, after a dire scarcity of such for the longest time. I've tried to go mindless for a while, but I can't deal with mediocrity talaga & all that shit, so ayoko na. One of my new acquaintances have exclaimed how it's like I'm a totally different person around certain places & folks I feel like I can relate to & identify with, because I've been acting like an agreeably dumb overgrown kid when I'm around her. That just goes to show that she's just quick to judge me, then, thinking she's got me all figured out like the back of her hand. Again, fuck that shit. You simply have no idea YET. I may come across as contradictory, but I'd like to call myself "multifaceted" instead. Funny, ironically I was trying to show her the real me, or at least the closest I could manage to that concept that time. Oh, well. I'm despicably sick & tired na of my life. But thanks to my parents, who are still looking after me even in spirit, after all, I'm not giving up. Not just yet. Now fuck off.

& so this is what it feels like, when Mercury's just slipped into Scorpio, wherein my Venus (in retrograde) & Mars have returned; while the Moon's waxing in Pisces, along with Jupiter (Rx) & Uranus (oh, dear Lord); & the reality-checking fucktard Saturn's still in my Sun sign Libra. I feel murderous, at a loss for words, but at the same time floored with inspiration. But what now?

I'll come back more coherent, hopefully, with all the obligatory promises (like them birthday readings), but at least now you know what's swirling in my head at this moment. Pardon my profanity, por favor, tambien. I'll go out early for readings tomorrow, though (I'm booked from 7pm onwards) & my workshop will proceed as planned next Sunday, on the 24th, 3pm-7pm, then we'll all troop to Global City by 10pm. It's going to be a long Sunday, but I'm all set. I'll just celebrate the Full Moon with my proteges, & brace myself for Samhain. Maybe this is why I keep getting the Moon card from Jammi's lovely Roots of Asia deck, even my own Mythic set, even if it already manifested as a power outage last week. Oh, & the Silence card from my Osho Zen deck, but that's more equated with the traditional Star card... sigh.

Let me just end this then with a reflection from a couple of years ago, that still applies to me up to now, even if I'm exhausted & I need a long break from it all & yes, finally, I do mind. I don't want to end up hating what I do nowadays entirely. I'd rather hate ze profanum vulgus than my own convictions.

"On a different note, I’ve been thinking about what one of my esoteric friends said about Tarot readers being reduced to stereotypical laughable fortune-telling figures bordering on quackery in this country. That’s what I’ve been trying to avoid for the past 8 years, & yet I really don’t mind when people see me differently everytime they’d find out how I’m so into New Age. This is who & what I am, but there’s more to me, of course, even if my current lifestyle is a tad too limiting. I’ve never felt more alive celebrating that, & I’m all the more excited to dabble in my chosen pursuits, which are actually more sophisticated than what the common horde would give them credit for."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"I'm Tired of Being Sexy"

Before you violently react to this particular post's title, because you know I'm more "cute" & "spunky" than anything else, haha, lemme just share you the very reason why I still play Midnight Club LA Remix on my PSP when I can:

CSS, or Canser de Sei Sexy, is this fun Brazilian rock band with a rather cute German-Portuguese-Japanese frontgirl named Lovefoxxx. The actual band name means, "I'm tired of being sexy" in Portuguese, as quoted supposedly from Beyoncé, who allegedly declared such, haha. I miss this kind of sound. So 90's. Indie-electro FTW. This is so my birthday song this year, even if the premise is kinda funny literally. I have 2 things to share about this song from a feminist & pesticide viewpoint, but maybe it's better to laugh about it IRL.

I find Lovefoxxx kawaii in this video (despite the getup, yeah) especially how she does sound Japanese-y at some point. I would actually do what I can to cue this song in as much as possible while I'm racing. There are other noteworthy tracks in the game but this Rage song takes the cake. 

Anyway, here's something you ladies might like:

Want to bring more Aphrodite qualities into your life?
Everything you do to nurture your own sensual enjoyment of life
will help enlarge the influence of Aphrodite.
Some suggestions follow:

  1. Slow down. Take your time. Rushing can make it difficult to be sensual & caring.
  2. Permit yourself to feel beautiful, sensual, & loving. Without feeling guilty, make the time to do those things that delight & please you.
  3. Participate in some kind of bodywork (choose from aerobics to massage) to increase your awareness of your body & its sensations. Find a type that you really enjoy, & make the most of it!
  4. Practice really focusing your attention on someone else, to listen to them with your heart & mind. Don't tune out or drift off into a daydream. Who knows, you may even learn things that will open new doors for you!
  5. No matter how busy you might be, set aside some time each day to really connect with someone you really care about... take just a few minutes to give them your full attention & some quiet appreciation. You'll find yourself a much more loving & desirable person.
  6. Dress up, wear something sensual, if not downright sexy! Even if it's just bright red lingerie under your "dress for success" navy business suit.
  7. Take care that your passionate energy, like Aphrodite's, isn't being misdirected. When you need to cut your losses & channel your energy in more rewarding ways, visualize what you want to happen & repeat it often... until your positive thoughts become a habit, & your intentions a reality!
  8. Don't be afraid to speak your mind & let everyone else know what pleases you (& what doesn't!) Everyone knew just where they stood with Aphrodite, & they should with you as well.
  9. Make your bedroom into a boudoir that even Venus would envy. After all, according to sleep researchers, only romance & slumber should be allowed to happen in there! So throw out the files you brought home from work, fluff up some fancy pillows, & light scented candles.
  10. Don't spend more than you can realistically afford, but make it a point to get something luxurious for yourself occasionally... leather gloves, satiny pillowcases, a bottle of your favorite scent, or just a leisurely bubble bath. When you occasionally put yourself first, others will take notice & begin to think you're worth it (if they haven't already!)
  11. Take your place in the limelight, even if it makes you uncomfortable at first. Call attention to one of your contributions or accomplishments. Be the first to toot your own horn for a change.
  12. Turn your bathroom into a pleasure spa. Stock the bath with bath oils & scented candles, the thickest towels you can afford, & fill it with music. Don't forget to surround the premises with a few seashells to remind you of Aphrodite's presence!
  13. Work on becoming more trusting, even if it means risking rejection. Reach out and let others know how you feel about them.
  14. Place fresh flowers at home & in your office. Visit art galleries & museums. Spend as much time & thought in wrapping gifts as you do in buying them. Learn about fine food & wines. In summary, develop your appreciation for the finer things in life.
  15. Surround yourself with Aphrodite's symbols. Dress in her colors, & think of her appreciatively as you put on pearl earrings and dab on the scent of roses!
Haha, look at what I found. Just in time for my Venus return. Again, this time it's extra special because not only will it have an extended run this year, it coincides with my Solar return (ahem, birthday much). & yay, I'm getting to indulge in my favorite things again, especially from a couple of years ago, like Balinese massages, meditation hours, hair treatments, & curling-up-by-myself moments at home. I still look wasted, though, so don't expect anything much yet. I also owe myself another visit to an acupuncturist, at the very least. I really need to recuperate. These are more like necessities now, if not occupational hazards. Ahh, yes, aging, I so hate you.

It's funny, however, when people still think I'm 5-7 years younger than my actual age. More like funny insulting rather than funny flattering, actually. I know what I'm doing most of the time, even if I come across as a big ditz these days. It irks me to no end when people bewilderingly ask me how old I am over the phone while trying to set a reading appointment with me, implying I don't deserve to be given my current rates because they THINK I'm way too young to be doing this. I've also had a couple of people younger than me blurting out how they were originally expecting me to be in my 40's or so, only to realize that I'm still a decade short of their expectations. *shrugs* The mere idea supposedly that I was keying in "hehe" or "haha" or "yay" to my responses to their SMS inquiries kinda threw them off, but since their referrals were insistent (thanks, guys, I love you!) they decided to give me a shot anyway. Like I said, I find it more to my detriment when people think I'm too young or too nice for Life, especially when sleazy characters think they can pull a fast one on me, until my easily-enraged Scorpio Venus rears her vile head & lashes at them. Now that Venus conjuncts Mars further, I'm warning you, I'm not to be trifled with, please. Thank you. Don't push me, don't shortchange me, don't insult my integrity & whatever's left of my so-called intelligence, don't ever test my patience, don't expect me to be there for you 24/7 when you know I'm drained, & don't challenge me in any way (unless it's in gin rummy or any racing video game), don't box me in. Matakot na rin kayo siguro kung "e0w jejeje tNx pOh" ang replies ko sa inyo sa text, punyeta. Of course, I kid. 

Behold, the makings of a bitter spinster, haha. (Or is this just PMS again?)

But I really can't say I totally lack Venus, despite her squaring my Aquarius ascendant. I mean, I'm all for indulgence & sensuality. I mean, with the things I do for myself, like getting pampered & staying healthy, even if I'm not yet fit. Believe me, underneath my hobo chic exterior lies a rather high-maintenance [brat] who would rather cultivate her mind by building her New Age bookshelf & updating her iPod & making her forever cluttered room more livable, rather than bother with makeup & all that girly hoopla. I won't have time to retouch anyway when I do read-a-thons, so who cares? Oh, my, that's so my Rising speaking.

I totally agree, of course, with this article, that we don’t have to wear flowers to be feminine, but we do have to know how to use our Venus – "to attract, to sweeten, to appreciate." Uh, attract what? Good vibes? Haha. See, I told you, I'm that out of touch with her, even if she's wonderfully appeared solo in the night sky a few times last month for me to get freaked out– I mean, to be blessed by her love & magic. Eerie, I know. & I've already said "freaked out" thrice in this post. WTH.

My Aquarian friend with a gorgeous Libra Moon & benign Gemini rising tells me I really shouldn't worry about how I look at the most. I've the most perfect excuse anyway to appear kitschy because of my quirky hobby (now current occupation). She's right. But I still wince, somewhat. Or maybe it's my Venus at work. But a Libra Sun-Scorpio Venus should be perfectly OK with a devil-may-care, rockstar vibe. (Oh, FML, I'm nowhere near looking like a hot rakista or groupie, bleargh) My point is, I could care less, as long as I'm relaxed & treated with respect, if not like a princess, hehe. I also think that at the end of the day; intelligence, sensibility, good taste, good manners, & kindness are much sexier traits to have than what convention is instilling in our minds with. (Gah, double FML, I only have good taste to boast of now! j/k) Same principle applies to guys, especially when most of them think acting like a Neanderthal's hot, ugh. (Shame on you!)

Before I forget, here's something to help you brokenhearted folks invoke her:

Goddess of Love, 
remind me that I don't have to have a partner to be in love, 
that  I can be happy in love with Life itself.

Take it easy now. Enjoy the coming weekend. :P

Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 birthday countdown

Hello. I'm sorry if it took me only now again to make an update. I've been so busy & drained these past few days (OK, months), but I'm setting aside some time this month to play serious catch-up. This should be my best birthday month yet, now that Venus has returned to Scorpio, & Mars will be in Scorpio by tomorrow. Yay, so awesome, it's my Venus & Mars return in one go! On my birthday month, even! Best of all, Venus will have an extended stay in that sign this year! I wonder if I'll really get to tap into those planets' energies for my betterment. I've never really felt those made any sense at all to me, except for my fiery temper, which my Piscean kid sister (R.I.P.) was quick to point out in 2004, & I will never forget how she did! I wish I had more of the sign's sexy traits, haha, but all I got are the dark, elusive, brooding, volatile characteristics. Oh, well. I'm still nice. :P I'll have Jupiter (now back in Pisces) & Pluto (now going direct in Capricorn) to help me stay put.

Anyway, I'd like to greet my Virgo kid brother a happy birthday again since yesterday, even if he was cranky as hell. He waited for me, though, when I got home from a surprise gig a while back, & tried to make up for his moodiness earlier by patiently putting up with my exuberant yapping. (So I bought a new feng shui kit & another astrology book at the last minute — one can never have too many New Age books, haha, yes? I had to show him excitedly all that, as if he actually cares.) Yay, thank you for missing me! I love you! Thank you also for my cake & ice cream fix, heehee. You have 12 more days to come up with more! I keed. ♥

So before I get sidetracked again from my main reasons why I sorely need to update, here's a rundown of my intentions et al. for this month:
  1. This blog will be revamped. I totally want a new look, but I'm really swamped with readings & I haven't been toting my netbook around for sometime now. I need help. (Paging JR, ahem, hehe.) I have ideas, but I'm still working on the post drafts, so sigh. There should be a darker look to this soon, until I decide to switch to a clean, beachy vibe. Maybe by next summer.

  2. My next budding Tarot workshop series will resume on October 3rd, 2pm-6pm, in my usual hideaway in Makati. This requires an extensive post, & yes, a minimal reservation fee, which is most payable electronically but I'd like to thank my attendees during my summer debut: Ayei, Aisha, Tim, & Jammi for so bearing with me, as well as folks like Jonas Diego, Explotar! Magazine, as well as my culture vulture friend Paolo Cruz (I miss the nocturnal rounds we used to make since 2008 with good food & yay music & superb insights) for the support.

  3. Surprise, surprise. People already won my obscure raffles early this year. Last year, I was supposed to give away a feng shui guidebook as well as a Tarot Basics set with a most outstanding guidebook, which can actually be too complex for the staple beginner to work with, but any bookworm would love it, haha. So far, congratulations to Mark Madera for winning! I might do the same thing on my blog anniversary this October, & I feel like raffling away a free reading for my birthday in 2 weeks, hehe, but I better come up with them overdue birthday readings first for my loyal patrons this year that I've promised to post last month, & I'll also need to update my online lessons before proceeding. That's why I'm taking the rest of September to devote my time to blogging & uploading photos & reading all the silly books I've hauled since Mercury went retrograde in Virgo (yay, it's my Mercury return, bleargh!) last month. The crazy list includes guidebooks to basic flower arrangement, corporate zombiehood survival, & delving deeper into alchemy (eep). Don't ask me what fictional titles I've been reading — I will only declare Sandman: The Dream Hunters with much gusto (& for the love of God, I need a new copy of that for my birthday) & Madame Xanadu (uhm, would anyone like to give me the 2nd volume, too, for my birthday? HAHA) because I can't be bothered with anything else at the moment. Yeah, especially I've a garden to take care of & flowers to arrange & a spinning class (now do I really have what it takes to be a DJ?! SRSLY?) to embarrass myself with. Holy mother of... pearl, as Tim quips. :P

  4. Call me ditzy, but I get much inspiration from animated movies, & I'll be posting my reviews in full force. Especially when Despicable Me was incredibly delightful, with Pharrell Williams astoundingly handling the musical score, yay. Haha, & just a few months back I was trying to catch up with his solo tracks & revisiting my oldskool N.E.R.D. favorites. (IKR, but I can't help it!)

  5. More FAQs, especially for the snarky skeptic. Addressing their concerns has been my main pet peeve for months, but I'm finally learning to cruise with it. Whatev, yo. Lemme just bombard you with verbosity.

  6. I also would like to tell you more about these nice chi-chi places I've recently fallen in love with, thanks to Jammi. Why did I allow myself to become zombie-ish for so long? Anyway, I'll be more than happy to share my new Sunday & Monday routines with you, thanks to these getaways. :P I'll let you know of my schedule variances soon, btw.

  7. Because I'm only human & I can't help it, I'll have to post the rest of my pet peeves & updated ground rules before proceeding with a reading. This applies to younger, pushier individuals whom I can't readily say no to. But no more Little Miss Nice Libra for you when I get riled up, sorry na lang.

  8. Oh, & I still have my wishlist pour ma joyeux anniversaire to pimp in a bit, hehe.
I better go back to sleep if I want to wake up sane & productive for tonight. I'm already devoid of energy, & knowing my dear friends are being sick lately isn't helping. Anyway, I wish you all happiness, success, wonderful health, peace, & love. Have a happy September! ♥

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"she's the only one who knows what it is to burn"

I now bid my Tarot of the Magical Forest deck (Lo Scarabeo edition) goodbye. It was so much fun while you babies lasted. I loved you so much. God knows how I did everything to keep you guys safe. I took you kids seriously when other people didn't. You gave me so much to remember, & I learned a whole lot from you. I know & feel you're just as worn out as I am, but you've always smiled & extended your warmth & friendship when you felt like it. You hardly complained. You're just like me, you dream of a better world & a happier life for each & every one of us, despite the circumstances, despite our unwillingness to go drastically change. But you're very patient & sweet, & I so adore you.

May you rest in peace now, & I'm very sorry to let you darlings go. From dust we all are, to dust we shall return, indeed. I can't wait for your reincarnation, though, & I promise to take care of you more fiercely once you find all your way back into my arms. I love you. I LOVE you. I love ALL of YOU. You've blessed me immensely. ♥
(Pardon the profanity in the previous post. & as to explain why I'm letting my sweet deck go, in flames even, it sadly was drenched in beer the last time by accident by a young onlooker while I was reading for a few girls whom I felt deserved to have a break pro bono. With The Devil card badly damaged, & it was the first then last card I got to pick up to pertain to him, I have no choice but to ask him to replace it. This is so not cool. I did say he owes me, but I'll really have to mean it. He needs to learn a valuable lesson, as much as I unabashedly did a while back. I'm sorry. My Libran self doesn't want to stir up any ruckus, but it can't be helped.)

Ugh, Mercury retrograde. How I love you & hate you at the same time. More about you later. Please spare the Philippines. We've had more than enough crap to deal with already in a week's span. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

caveat emptor

I'm only human. I get pissed off big time when I get harassed, especially when I just woke up. I HAVE NO TIME NOR PATIENCE TO TRANSLATE NOR FIX THIS POST TO HAVE IT APPEAR MORE COHERENT, but I just want to illustrate how some people can't still type their sentences properly in this day & age, & how some people are hopeless outright online. Seriously? I have my usual grammatical lapses, too, you know, but not like this! To be blunt about it — & I'm sorry: PUTANGINA, BINIBWISIT AKO, ANG AGA-AGA PA.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

we'll make great pets!

Just when I thought nobody's really reading my blog anymore, I get nice older lady clients saying I should update more often. Thank you all! This update's for you! :P

So I can't wait to be reunited with my former productions associate Burnz, who's now busy with Fab Paws & her new line of baked goodies later, even if I really haven't prepared for this event. I got busy with my own reading schedules, workshop follow-ups, productions marketing, & new writing assignments — plus I really haven't recovered yet from my issues from my last post (& I'll be wrapping that up in a bit, don't worry, thank you so much for bearing with me) — so I'm up late today, hehe. I'll be leaving early anyway, so I can have my new batch of calling cards printed then touch base with my Virgo soul sister before the whole madness starts. I'll need to have a special rate there. Hopefully we'll be seen together more often again after this stint, despite our über-busy lives. It's great that we're teaming up for this project — yes, thank you so much, lalabs — since we're both our respective Daddy's girls, anyway, & we love pets, though I'm more of a cat person than she'll ever be, hehe. ♥

Oh, & it's funny how I've been listening to this classic song from my heydays like crazy before her proposal:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

it could happen to you

Surprisingly, I am again posting under the influence of my Moon in Cancer. Lunar returns suck.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

beautiful disaster much?

Another long-winding post. You've been warned.
Moon in Cancer
May 16, 2010 to May 18, 2010

You might be a little sensitive during this Moon. Unfortunately, everyone else is too. If you find yourself in deep water now, look to your intuition to get you out. The real issues are often hidden on Cancer Moon days, or dealt with sideways. People tend to circle the emotional wagons, reach for their antacids, and privately nurse their wounds. The collective unconscious is four years old and wants its mommy. Go ahead, seek nurture today. It's like that children's story where the baby bird, tumbled from its nest, quizzes all comers, "Are you my mother?" Only you're looking for the World Mother. You'll find her in a cozy place where you feel safe and loved; in a cup of tea, a mid-day retreat to your bed, or a smile from a friend. Whether or not you have issues, it's a good Moontime for sharpening your emotional intelligence. Distinguish foods that nourish (both real and symbolic) from those that bring heartburn.
Hello, Lunar return, anyone? I'd usually cry like an idiot & have my mom call me up whenever the Moon slips into this sign. But I heard from my mom much earlier & I'd like to thank her again for her uhm, thoughtfulness & generosity. It's weird how on Mother's Day my mom was the one who offered stuff to me, instead of the other way around. I feel like a 10-year-old again, especially with the way she bade me to stay indoors for the rest of the day during the national elections, for fear of us getting mauled or so amidst sudden politically-related violence, which is a common occurence in this country. The day was relatively quiet, however, so yay.

Then I was in pain earlier than expected. I had my period on the night of the New Moon in Taurus last Thursday, & I had to read for older repeat patrons at the last minute. (Funny how I was laughing with someone over Twitter how he originally thought that when I spoke of my "lunar return", it meant actual PMS. Ugh.) It was a weird night, especially during dinnertime. I got sick from my comfort food (& negative energies that flooded the al fresco area where we were seated) & a gay waiter was rude. Plus a cab driver had the gall to sexually harass me on my way home (verbally lang naman, though, thank God) just because I was wearing shorts & my toes were freshly repainted red. (But I'm always wearing shorts this season! & I've been sporting red nail polish since 2007! WTF?) I also had to deal with a few younger distressed clients over SMS even before that night, because I'm expected to be empathic 24/7, bleargh. I was so upset & drained that I had to take it out on a few unsuspecting people, my ex-fiance included. Gah. Even having the ex-fiance reappear in the scene made it all disparaging, especially with how we've been flogging dead horses, so to speak, left & right. & it's been what, nearly 3 years since we've called the whole thing off? WTH's happening?

Then I had to cancel my upcoming introductory Tarot workshop (it's been 4 years since I've held one) that was slated for last Sunday because I decided to secure a more private venue at the last minute, & I wasn't able to (until earlier yesterday, whew!) because the place had to undergo maintenance suddenly. I missed a beach trip with a few friends for this, only to have it all postponed. I also had to miss this month's Grade School for Yuppies & last weekend's Terno Inferno show. Then I had a referral complain about getting stood up by me on our last intended session. I'm really sorry, sweetheart. Super mix-up. This rarely happens to me. Maybe some other time, dear. For everybody else who are having the hardest time to meet up with me when you so desperately need to, I'm always more than happy to entertain people, but maybe you should all RELAX first before we proceed, yes? I'd like to blame the recent Mercury retrograde (that just turned direct last Tuesday, & no wonder things were crazy) then we're still dealing with Pluto + Saturn retrograde, which make things all the more painstaking. So far, I haven't had much people flake out on me yet. Goddd. Nevertheless, I'm happy to say I've survived the last Merc ret, & it was a rather wonderful time, especially with all the new people I've read for. Thank you so much, lovelies. ♥

I still feel stuck, though, especially with how our 12-year-old split-type a/c had just gone bonkers by spewing ice & leaking & refusing to cool my room. I lost the new number of the servicepeople, & when I got to retrieve it finally then called them, they haven't shown up yet. I'd wake up drenched in sweat (no thanks to the godawful summer weather here) & I'd take more than 3 baths in a day. Electric fans sometimes do me more harm than good; prolonged use only leaves me feeling pretty sick. Thank God for the cool summer night breeze we've been having lately, nevertheless. But blech. I hope the maintenance crew comes here later today.

Despite all this, I'm very happy with how blessed I still am with all I have, & I thank everyone who's been generous to & understanding of me this season. This is indeed my best summer yet. I'm also psyched out with how some of my forecasts for others are coming true wonderfully, to think they've been too skeptical to believe my readings, haha. Last night's testimonial was one of the most interesting feedback. The reading that ensued because of that, however, was the most surreal I've had in a long time.

Anyway, I'd like to take it slow, even if I'll be having a very busy week again until the workshop's over. Never mind the post before this, I'll have that updated before this month ends. I still have a room to fully declutter, but I'm so happy of my progress. I even found the last 2 missing cards from my Chinese deck, namely Justice & the 7 of Swords. Haha, don't ask. I love that deck so much, & I'm happy to be working with it again. Coincidentally, I've been musing on Kuan Yin lately, depicted as the World card in that set, & maybe She herself led me to completing my deck again. :D

True enough, in this season of Taurus, aside from decluttering & keeping my measly surroundings pretty, I've been very much itching to work on our dilapidating garden again (which has never been the same since my dad passed away 2 years ago) despite the drought, & I've been eating more bright summery stuff again, like salmon everything, tangy pasta with shrimp & pickled mango, biscottino & honey toffee + malt gelato, melon pieces on my fro-yo, cheese-flavored Kettle chips, & mango fraps. This new Dory fish sandwich's good, too, hehe. I always love the tropical summer months, even if I can't stand the heat sometimes. I haven't had this much fun in, say, the last 3 years, when I've been slaving my soul away for apparently nothing much, sadly. This year's summer season should be a reminder to myself & to the rest of you to savor Life as much as we can. Here's a lovely article I found that illustrates my point:
Twelve Tips (for Everybody) in the Season of Taurus

1) Stretch - do yoga & take breaks
2) Indulge The Natural Self - have picnics in the park with in-season fruits, dessert wines, & fine chocolates, or take naps, or walk arm-in-arm with someone at a countryside, or pick healing herbs & wildflowers
3) Enjoy Some Slow Food - enjoy home-cooked meals & at the same time feel free to experiment on new flavors, then maybe get for yourself a new apron, set of cookware, spices, or a cookbook (or two!)
4) Get Your Minerals - via organic food, supplements, or even salt baths
5) Find Your Notes - sing &/or dance
6) Plan An Abundant Harvest - grow flowers or medicinal herbs or fruit trees
7) Get Crafty - get into pottery & ceramics, brew your own beer, make your own soap, can your own stuff, bake your own bread, frame artwork, add a sculpture to the garden, pot plants, knit, arrange flowers, or mix drinks...
8) Have A Beauty Day - yay, spa parties!
9) Dress For Comfort
10) Protect Your Environment - upgrade your home security system, or IMO, invest in protective charms & cures, hehe
11) Bring Earth Into Your Home Decor - more feng shui love
12) Create A Movable Feast - LOL, enjoy sensuality at its finest, I guess
After trying so hard to figure out why I'm so drawn to Earth signs despite my being Libra, I'm happier now to realize how Venus is partly responsible for it, because she rules Taurus, too. I so lack Earth just the same, even if I have Virgo ruling my Mercury & Saturn (7th House), Capricorn ruling my Ceres & Juno (11th & 12th House), & Taurus ruling my Chiron (3rd House), which explains why I usually get more productive everytime the Moon's in that sign. (Thanks so much, Maria, for the heads-up!) Funny how all the planets in retrograde this season are in Earth signs as we speak. :/ Ooh, speaking of Venus, ironically, look at what we all ended up gawking at last Sunday night:

The flirty Venus in Gemini was peeking out of the reserved waxing Moon in Cancer, hehe, WTH. I only swiped that picture from one of my friends, though. My camera was lodged way too deep in my bag with like half a dozen of my decks in it plus other junk, so, there. Whoever took that shot, you rock.

Anyway, I hope to survive the rest of the week. I'll come back with more updates, especially schedule-wise, but for this week, I'll stick with Tuesday (which is sooo just a few hours away) & Thursday. I'll need all the sleep & last-minute preps I can get on Saturday for the workshop on the 23rd. I do hope to see you folks there if ever. & I swear I'll be getting a full-length astrological reading before my next birthday, as I pick up where I've left off with tai chi & yoga. ♥

Friday, April 30, 2010

a belated Earth Day 2010 post

So the 8 of Swords card may just simply mean 8 o' clock in the evening. :D

& the 5 of Cups can actually depict rain, especially amidst a hot summer week.

(More to follow, I'm officially stumped, no thanks to Merc-rx.)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I'm not really feeling well lately, even if it has been such a fun summer for me this year. Maybe I can blame Pluto going retrograde, with all the discussions I've had with querents this week about chakra balancing, shadow work, decluttering, psychic protection via feng shui, & plain ol' metamorphosis (though always easier said than done). How apt that this all had to be amplified during Lent up to Easter week, with "rebirth" as the main theme, as per the Judgment card, & with all my lovely Aries & Taurus clients celebrating their respective birthdays. (Belated joyeux anniversaire again to Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, & Pisces!)

It's not fun at all dealing with Pluto retrograde, but it's a necessary evil. Mercury will go retrograde soon, too, this month, but I'm actually more positive about it now & I can't wait to have my room spic & span FINALLY. I can't wait to pamper myself all the more this season. To understand more about planetary retrogrades in a flash & being more patient with changes, among other things, click here.

Anyway, everytime I say "been there, done that", I'm not kidding at all. Even before my kid sister & father died, even before my long engagement ended, I've always been despondent. Inconsolably, at that. I've scribbled badly-written poetry in my youth to illustrate my depression, & here's one of them now, that I wrote in 11/01/01. Haha.

Within the silence of the cold, dark night
I can hear my heart beat
as well as the memories of my past cries
reverberate through my mind.
All I can do for this moment is to heave a sigh
And look up at the heavens for solace
But all I get is myself sitting up at the porch
with burning questions searing within my
weary soul
which I wouldn't be able to answer for, let's say,
maybe by 5 years or so...
I mourn for my hopelessness, loneliness, & failure
But at the same time bask in the gloomy moonlight
embracing my pain,
rejoicing with my shadow,
savoring the stale November air
recollecting on my thoughts
on Death.

That was written months before I got fascinated with Tarot cards & just days before I got into my last relationship. It was part of an online writing exercise & I was really devoid of ideas back then. Surprisingly, though, I wrote another bit after a few days that I think was rather cute, & it's much easier to read. Maybe because I was actually inspired when I wrote it. It was untitled for some time.
Somewhere here in the horizon
the rippling moonlit waters remind me
how lovely Life can be from a distance
at certain serene times
With the city lights aglow
below dainty stars and clouds
When the cool sea breeze blows kisses
on my weary, sleepy brow...

As I close my eyes and feel the bliss
brought upon by such contemplation
A certain warmth, stirred in with a mild chill,
surges through my self's inner depths
Up to my head

Then I look back at you, beaming —
I find myself wishing this moment would never have to end.

"Beside You"
05:41 AM

For the love of God, every time I watch art, cooking, & interior decorating shows I find myself wishing I'd have the same kind of creativity that I had when I was 6-12 years old. I wrote haikus in high school to pay homage to Mother Nature, & I wrote poems & songs about meditation in college, but that was it. I give up. Oh, wait, maybe I shouldn't. But yes, please tell me if my attempts suck.

Anyway, I feel bad about having my Knight of Swords card from my Deviant Moon getting a bit soaked in water last night, as per precipitation from a cold drink on our table. My decks get "stamped" in one way or another, marking them as mine forever, but the incident still pains me. My prior querent & I were able to prevent a similar situation from happening, but I guess I got carried away during my last session. I still really have to thank my last young dreamy fellow Libra patron (& her heady gracious Aries older sister!) for being patient & confident of what I do (& also for reading this blog, thank you!) so that's fine. I actually want to thank all the new wonderful people I've met this year, & I wish you all the best. I'll always want to bless everyone, even if this movie quote keeps me in perspective:

"You can't right all the wrongs of this world by yourself."

Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame is indeed the most grim of all the films in the productions lineup, to date, but it's a perfect movie to watch during a Pluto retrograde, showcasing the dark realities of Life, & the need for upheavals. I still get a kick out of how funny the musical number "A Guy Like You" is (I like gargoyles, pang-asar + stand-up comedy, French references, & oh, look, cartomancy, there's the Ace of Hearts!) & my most favorite movie song would now have to be "God Help The Outcasts" (hooray for Mother Mary & the whole sacred feminine movement) even if it makes me cry everytime. I usually hate song-&-dance numbers in movies, thinking how cheesy they are, but I have a few things I wouldn't mind singing to, haha.

Back to the Knight of Swords & what it can illustrate at this point for all my querents, let me quote my most favorite author Christine Jette:

"The Knight indicates the need for a therapist/counselor who will focus on thinking patterns & beliefs that inhibit the healing process — stuck ways of thinking that are holding you back.

If you are into a life of busyness, this card means you need to slow down & examine what you are avoiding by keeping so busy. Focus on control of your own treatment decisions. Use your research skills to arrive at a solution that is right for you. Meditation will help you focus your thoughts, so you can listen to your heart & not your head."

Oh, well. Feel free to join me in Facebook where I seem to have more time for lately, if you wish to know more about my schedules for this month. [EDITED]: But next week, I'll be reading on Tuesday (April 13th) from 2pm-7pm & Thursday (April 15th) from 4pm-9pm. Leave a comment here if you want a session. :) ♥

Saturday, March 13, 2010

aspiring wedding belle?

So I'm going to be part of this bridal fair this weekend, much thanks to Wedding Belle Magazine, & I can't wait. I'll be reading cards there for mostly brides-to-be, then copies of the magazine are up for grabs, & let's hope they won't get freaked out or anything. I'm bringing all my girly decks, & thinking happy thoughts, even if I'm half-expecting to be brain-dead at the end of the day. Readings should be quick, like 5-10 minutes roughly, & more thorough + in-depth readings can be scheduled privately at some other time, like a week after. I'm hoping to have fun, considering how ironic it is for an ex-fiancee (whose Saturn Return in Virgo in her 7th House & Aquarius Rising in her 1st House kinda prevented her from getting married more than 2 years ago, as she dreaded becoming Bridezilla that time, & who got officially engaged while Venus was retrograde in Gemini WTF LOL) to get excited about weddings again. I actually have cooler ideas now on what my pre-nup photos will be like (rockstar-ish as per my Libra Sun + Scorpio Venus LOL), what my actual wedding gown will be (inspired by Elie Saab's S/S 09 collection), what my wedding favors will be (Earth-friendly & practical!) & what my save-the-dates will be (Ouija board-inspired!), for starters! Now I can't wait to taste cakes, or ogle at pretty flower arrangements & superb wedding photos & whatnot! This should be fun! I want to invite Love back into my life! (Uhm, WTH.)

Cards that I can expect to turn up the most in my readings by then would be:

Judgment - The whole announcement alone would be so much to talk about, complete with press releases & pictures, plus hello, new phase in life.
The Sun - Beach weddings, procreation, pina coladas, the whole shebang.
The World - Overseas or out-of-town weddings & honeymoons, interracial marriages, plus focus on the bride's dress & makeup & entourage.
Temperance - The whole ceremony itself, & life after the party. (READ: Reality!)
The Chariot - The bridal limo, plane tickets, the bridal gown even, & please, for the love of God, no DUI.
The Hierophant - Church weddings, spiritual retreats, gratitude for blessings, observing traditions, religion issues.
The Empress - The bride, who else, then maybe her mother & future mother-in-law. The maid of honor can be considered, too.
The Emperor - The groom, then maybe even his father & future father-in-law, plus best man.
The Magician - The search for the perfect wedding coordinator begins, or the newlyweds-to-be weaving their own creativity.
The Fool - Ooh, finally saying, "I do" or even eloping, HAHA, or getting married in offbeat scenarios, like skydiving or... well, you get the idea.

The Star is all about the bride, too, & the Devil would be them crazy bridal showers or stag parties or... you do the math, sigh. Strength would be all about grace under pressure, or even cold feet; while Justice could be all about prenups, annulment or divorce issues before subjecting oneself to a new lovelife, or even arranged marriages.

Other cards I'm personally excited about because they really talk about engagements & weddings would be the 4 of Wands (garden weddings, presents, summer weddings), 9 of Cups (yay, the Wish Card is always fun to get, especially with an open bar & chocolate fondue station!), 3 of Cups (toasts & free-flowing booze!), 2 of Cups (yay, vows!), 10 of Cups (family planning & Christmas), 10 of Pentacles (love that will span generations & yay gracious gifts), Ace of Cups (wedding ceremonies, pregnancies, bridal glory), & uhm, the Ace of Wands (haha, cf. The Devil).

Oh, I need to claim my red smartphone from my usual Nokia Care Center by Sunday, & get my Dzi bead bracelet fixed, so Heaven help me. I lack sleep, despite Mars has gone finally direct again in Leo. Our DSL connection has gone bonkers, & we were just about to give up & throw away our wireless router & switch to a different ISP, but voila, I'm back. Please bear with me while I try to catch up with the overdue email requests & blog posts. But I should be done by Monday at the most, so yay. I sorely missed you all.

Anyway, I'd like to thank all my newfound clients & repeat patrons for all their referrals. Not to mention all the awesome feedback I've been getting from them, on how amazingly right on the dot my readings have been lately. Yay. More about that in a bit. For now, enjoy the weekend! ♥

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love is in the Air when the Moon's in Leo (again, bleargh)

Looks like Mysterium Philippines is at it again.

Click to enlarge, s'il vous plait.

Just perfect. The Moon will be in Leo again by next week, & Full again in Virgo the following day. Oh, God. This isn't going to be a trend, is it? I love it when the Moon is in Leo, rawr, though I really can't remember the last time it was in that sign last year. I remember when Venus was in sparkling Leo, though. It was such a sexually-charged time, yikes. Oh, well. 2010 should herald a whole new beginning altogether. I can't wait. This exciting psychic fair will be brought to you by my esoteric buddy Sunshine (Sun in homey Cancer, Venus in gregarious Gemini), who has been the most patient ever since. ♥ Anyway, she has been forever inviting me to visit her humble abode & check out her enchanted garden, & I think I can use a bit of help with my budding interest in herbal magick, as I'm trying to revive my dad's orchid display et al here at home. So, oh, what the heck, I'm going, even if I've been dreading to trek up North. Wish me luck. I hope to see you all there, too. Just let me know if you're checking this out, as this is a strictly invite-only affair.

No, thank God I won't be doing any readings, as I'll just be coming home from an earlier private event, but I'll bring my decks & books just the same for some moonbathing. I wonder how I'll be hauling everything back home, though. :))

Monday, February 01, 2010

keeping the faith

Moon in Virgo
January 31, 2010 to February 2, 2010

Caution this Moontime: you could get snared by a "Virgo moment." Stuck on a detail you can't abandon, compelled to argue small points with somebody who is as stuck as you. Or suddenly everything is a poorly organized file in need of drastic tidying. Most diabolical is the urge to tear yourself or somebody else apart with criticism. If you've gotten too busy with the little things, look to a bigger principle to lift you out. Or try the color purple. Visualize yourself in a bright field of purple wildflowers. Draw your imagination into the center of one flower & feel your kinship with it. Know that everything less than perfect is also holy. The intellect is keen during a Virgo Moon, & it likes useful work. You'll hit your groove doing something productive. Straighten up a small corner of your world. Attend to an unsolved problem. Avoid heavy, spicy foods; be good to your liver & digestive system.

Hi, everyone. Belated Happy New Year. But there's always the Lunar New Year which coincidentally falls on Valentine's Day, & I won't miss it this time, even if I could care less whether or not I have a date, bleargh, hehe. I'm just really busy with work right now, & I could actually use some sleep.

After crying almost every day since last week, not to mention just recovering from sinusitis-turned-laryngitis last January, I was really relieved to have spent a nice weekend with old friends & new people. So, yeah, despite my looking like a zombie with puffy eyes & the whole grunge vibe, I'm glad people were still talking to me, haha. I hope I've made new friends, & I'm really looking forward to a very exciting year. I even dreamed that I was dancing several times earlier today LOL, but I'm really not such a good dancer IRL. Anything that would draw attention to myself, such as dancing & posing for pictures or even smiling back at cute guys beaming at me like crazy, makes me terribly uncomfortable. But yeah, I'm quite happier now. Yay. I guess I'll just eye cream more often.

I'm also happy that my Virgo kid brother got me a new wireless router just today, while under the influence of the just recently full Virgo Moon. Since he knows I can't be bothered to do anything by myself now, after trying my very best to assert myself this weekend to clear my head & get into perspective about my current situation outside my New Age lifestyle, he's taking care of everything now, even updating my "virtual workspace" configuration so I can work in my bedroom in peace again. I love him so much. ♥ Hopefully this week I can finish everything I have overdue at this point, despite all the cosmic hurdles that I've been enduring since last week. I can only hope my horoscope this week rings true:

Jupiter has now moved into your health & lifestyle zone,
so you will get lucky breaks, more energy, & many opportunities to fulfill your goals.

I'll come back later to finish both this post & the previous. I've so much to share.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

yes, this is how basking under the Full Moon in Leo feels like

Thanks so much to my fellow Tarot reader + blogger Jade & the spunky events pixie Sharlene for helping me take my mind off some of my crazy issues in life from last week.

We'll be reading Tarot there today. It was so much fun yesterday. I hope it'd be a wonderful day again there. Check out really awesome gift ideas at this cute Valentine's Day edition bazaar! See you all later! ♥