Thursday, October 26, 2006

LIFE — always a wonderfully dreadful subject

People should pay more attention to things like this, especially during a crucial time such as a Mercury retrograde, which I’ll be discussing later.

Anyway, while I was trying to wake myself up this morning, I decided to read about what would my life be like in 5 years’ time. Haha. Normally I don’t advise this kind of reading, as I can only look into the immediate future anyway (like 2-6 months from the start of a session), but I wanted to spend more time with my eclectic to the point of perplexing Samurai deck so, voila, click to enlarge:

the Samurai Tarot deck in action

I find it amusing how I’m always signified as the tough-looking warrior Empress (see 2nd card on the center of the semi-circle called the Planets spread), if not by any of the Queens (not shown). But I’m pleased to know that I will remain happy with my tarot-reading in 2011 (see the Priest card on the 2nd card in the semi-circle) & evolve much as a woman finally (look at the 10 of Pentacles on the center above the Empress), haha. The things I do for fun nga naman, tsk.

So what does this spread mean?

1) Moon - Home Life, Domestic Matters, & Emotional States - 4 of Wands
2) Sun - Achievement, Personal Reward, & Optimism - The Priest
3) Mercury - Working Life, Career Prospects, & Mental Abilities - 3 of Coins
4) Venus - Love Life, Relationships, & Feelings - 2 of Wands
5) Mars - Conflict & Struggles - 6 of Coins
6) Jupiter - Gain & Expansion - 6 of Swords
7) Saturn - Restriction & Structure - 8 of Swords
8) Earth - Self - 10 of Coins + The Empress

For the life of me, I’m muddled with this layout. I have trouble with cards 4, 5, & 7, mainly because the images depicted are not according to the traditional meanings. The 2 of Wands is basically a good card to get in that position, but the depiction in the Samurai deck doesn’t look so happy to me. Same with the 6 of Coins. This is a bad card to get traditionally in the Conflicts position, but the illustration seems to be describing something else (more profound, perhaps?) so I need to delve deeper here as well. The 8 of Swords isn’t so welcome traditionally, either, but the archer bit gives a more positive light to things, so I feel that this card isn’t as ominous as it usually is. Everything seems to be OK, though, maybe I’ll just be too homesick for my own good by then. The 2 cards on the upper left are the 9 of Swords & Ace of Coins, my overall Significators for the day. They represent my hopes & fears about my question, & so far, I think I’ll be fine. Why? Because as long as I have the odds in my favor (3 scary cards as opposed to 5 serene-looking picks), I’m all set. HAHA. I really wonder if I’ll have a chance to actualize this reading!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

better late than never!

I’m sleepy & I had a hard time in yoga (after a long time of not showing up) as well as with my mom (for her being overprotective, etc.) yesterday, but I think everything paid off because I serendipitously got myself a new deck. HAHA. Hooray for the Golden Tarot! Talk about a belated birthday present, like a month after. Even if I still have the Samurai Tarot to play with (another birthday present, from my production associate Em, whom I’d rather call Lynne), my new deck is a wonderful pick-me-upper.

behold, the Golden Tarot deck!

Look at The Queen of Pentacles shown on the cardstock, the Queen of Cups on the guidebook, & the ultra-alluring Queen of Wands on the box. So who’s your favorite? Picture taken before my unsealing the cards. Partly I also want to show off my camphone, but really, I love my new deck.

Friday, October 20, 2006

how little things (like a guileless but weird hobby) can kill

Funny how I’d fill out forms now with the title “tarotist” under occupation, leaving people wondering, “what’s that like again?” but it’s honestly what I’ve got left to do with my time & energy, even if it’s a thankless job & I’d end up spending more to purge myself of fatigue & remorse after every session or so, because simply sleeping it off &/or/from meditating just don’t cut it. At least I don’t get to overeat much anymore as a result, & I can definitely remind myself to be more patient with developments & that I actually have a less stressful life now than when I was younger. So because I have to practise what I preach, hehe, I’d like to thank my lucky stars for guiding & indulging me everytime. OK, so I was kidding about the have-to part. Expressing gratitude is the least I can do, anyway.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hello, World!

Finally — updates on my readings, workshops, & lessons can be easily retrieved here. Haha, amusing how I’m debuting on a Friday the 13th, a few days before Halloween. :P Interesting how I also just got requests to read for some loyal clients earlier today, but too bad they will have to wait for their turn, as my schedule isn’t as obliging as I would like it to be after the recent storm a.k.a tragedy to hit my region.