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Currently a fumbling one-woman-show reading Tarot & conducting workshops on the subject. But the productions team made its official debut in June 2006 in a hobby convention in Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines; & it lived through a weekend-long public appearance. The actual movement of doing Tarot readings publicly on a grand scale started in April 2005, & the group was named a year later. The spearheader, who scoffed at Tarot in July 1998 but stumbled upon it again in July 2002, has already participated in various events & projects for other groups since then, like:

1) a now-defunct variety TV show for teenage girls
2) a fund-raising event for a budding local esoteric movement
3) a fund-raising event for a leadership-&-character-building seminar
4) a Valentine's Day-themed bazaar
5) a couple of graded soirees for some college students & their faculty in an international school
6) a pet bazaar
7) a spa party
8) a NYE party
9) a Chinese New Year celebratory offering for showroom guests of a budding designer residential complex in the central business district
10) an officers' night for a major local bank
11) a summer bridal fair for a wedding magazine
12) a major psychic teleradio show with fellow young Tarot enthusiasts.

The brand is obviously a wordplay of the renowned classic horror novel author Howard Philip Lovecraft's name, & inspired by the spearheader's tomcat Sophie, that was named by her departed youngest sister, who probably thought the kitten would grow up to be a cuddly female feline, hehe, in 2003. "Sophie," as the name suggests, represents wisdom & education, femininity & grace per se, as well as the human anima (cf. animus; persona) in Jungian psychology.

So what is the anima like, exactly? To illustrate, the male personality possesses drive, courage, endurance, & ambition. The male is a doer — a bold leader, changer & shaper of the world. But without the anima’s traits of love, compassion, intuition, & patience, the male attributes are prone to misdirection. Therefore, the key note is balance, & achieving it within ourselves can be a lifelong process. The anima is man’s feminine inner personality. Let us all embrace our inner selves & strive to have them in harmony with our outer world.