Thursday, October 11, 2007

when did my heart go missing?

That is just so awesome. Now, how to figure out to fix the subtly annoying page errors & post the Seven Prime Things I Have To List Down to illustrate my own examples to my clients. Writing is therapeutic, yes, & self-knowledge can be madly fun, but for some reason I can’t even find my scribbled top lists to begin with.

Anyway, let me post this as a reminder that I should take care of myself while working. My new reading schedule at this point would be every Tuesday & Saturday (the earlier the better, starting at 9am). Let me know. Please stand by for inevitable sudden changes, however.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

anniversaire blues

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting so far. I’ve been just busy with work & my overall Life, & believe me, just when I thought I was already able to adjust with my schedule, I then have to live with shiftings & get my comfort zone shaken. But I’m alright. Even if my birthday wasn’t really happy to begin with – no thanks to this season’s Mercury retrograde — I’m glad to be back. So I have readings to do later after work, courtesy of my old blogging friend, & I hope everything goes well. I’ve also asked a coworker to read for me when I get back from my rest day. Somehow I can’t wait for my vacation leaves this weekend to clear my head & get away from the world, but I dread the outcome as well. I should post a reading for myself before the trip, but first, let me say that I got a new copy of my Mythic Tarot last month to give my old deck a break, & I also got a new feng shui kit, but I haven’t got around to making major arrangements on my bedroom yet, save for the new sheets I got on sale. :/

It’ll be my first blogging anniversary this weekend. I should come up with specials for referrals but all I have at the moment to offer is free readings for every nice enough referee. So that being said, my blogging friend gets one on me just in time for her birthday next month. :D WTG, Lorna!

Let me also note how I find it interesting that most of our clientele in my day job are born in September & are coincidentally Virgos. Librans get approved for their applications, too, a lot, but not as much as Virgos do. It doesn’t matter what their genders or their ages are, but their Sun sign prevails. I also can’t help but ponder on how I tend to enjoy readings the most for strong-willed young women. It’s even funny how our lives are so parallel even if we all come from different backgrounds. I’d understand if friends who go together to see me for a consultation are on the same wavelength, so to speak, but feeling euphoric after meeting a complete stranger & realizing we’re in the same boat somehow is always a treat. There’s no difference whether or not they’re born under Fire or Earth or Water or fellow Air — I like it how things are more often than not surreal. Don’t I just love synchronicity.

Let me leave you with this wonderful insight I derived from a self-help book written by Julia Cameron before I babble some more: “Blocked artists aren’t lazy. They’re just blocked.” God, I feel more than that. Like, suicidal.