Sunday, April 26, 2009

girl, uninterrupted — part #149872

I'm not really in a blogging mood, but I did waste a bit of my time online today. I found a lot of nifty snippets to share here, so far. I also ogled at a few places to hopefully spend my birthday in this year with close friends. Mmm, flavored beer... LOL. In true Libran fashion, though, I'd want to have fun in high style more often, for a change. So, yeah, everything cerebral & gourmet. But pardon me if I burst into flames & throw up, hehe. Kidding.

But seriously, I want to reclaim my youth & energy. I don't want to think about my proverbial biological clock ticking like mad. I used to be so upbeat. Sporty even! Whatever happened to that version of myself?

I find it weird to be yearning for exercise whenever it's the time of the month, when I'm at my most languid, moody, & drained. I can't sleep that much because of the pain, but hopefully my Lagaflex helps, even if it's meant for my drat tense back muscles. I'm getting more physical therapy this Tuesday, & a much-needed Balinese massage. If only I can imagine my pain away, or have fun even while agonizing. But I like the idea that energy actually comes mainly from feeling good, not just from eating well or sleeping a lot. Sigh.

Coincidentally, the Moon in Taurus seems to explain my current downtime:
It's a steady and grounded Taurus Moon. Not a day for roller coasters, airborne, screaming with delight. Or is it? Indulge in the sheer pleasure of being here, adored by gravity, earth's invisible embrace. Enjoy your weight. Roll in a newly mowed lawn. Celebrate your voice: shout, sing or whisper in somebody's ear. Then drink a soothing tea for the thyroid and throat. You might be feeling a desire for more comfort and security now. Taurus says your prosperity takes organic gardening. Nothing greedy or toxic, just planning, patience, true nourishment, your bills paid in full, a surplus in your checking account and honoring the ways in which you're already wealthy. If your neck or jaw is stiff, ask yourself, "What am I resisting?" This Moon makes it easy to feel stubborn. But in a changing world, such strength can sometimes defeat itself. Don't try to move immovable objects.

LOL, & I absolutely feel bloated, because it's, well, the blasted time of the month. So I'm not really feeling sociable, & I'm just grateful to be staying at home today. Speaking of gratitude, have you ever picked up the habit of making a daily gratitude list? I got that from Lornadahl who would circulate her own litany to her friends via SMS. I don't get to text mine anymore, but I'm thinking of broadcasting that here again.

The New Moon is indeed a good phase to start over. How coincidental. I just really want to relax. Then everybody should prepare for the upcoming Mercury retrograde next week, which will last for the whole month of May. IKR! Bleargh.

Here's a neat quick guide to every planetary retrograde, btw, from The Crystal Pathway:
When Jupiter goes retrograde, it is a good time to review our vision, ideals, and belief systems.

When Mars goes retrograde, any direct action becomes difficult.

When Mercury goes retrograde, it is a good time to meditate, contemplate, write, and catch up on sleep. Mercury rules communication so be extra aware of what you say what you hear when you speak to friends and colleagues. Computers, televisions, and cars also tend to stop working properly during this period.

When Neptune goes retrograde, it is time to review your spiritual life.

When Pluto goes retrograde, it is a good time to reflect on how we are doing with change and transformation.

When Saturn goes retrograde, it is time to maintain the status quo in career and not break new ground in your life if possible.

When Uranus goes retrograde, our inner freedom is the focus. Ask yourself: Am I in the flow of my calling in life?

When Venus goes retrograde, it is a time to reflect on your values, and to review your relationships. Old friends / lovers may reenter your life. Avoid beginning a new love relationship.

Good luck, everyone!

I hope with the next Merc ret I can meet more repeat patrons, hehe, & get more feedback. I really appreciate you guys turning up so unexpectedly & asking for further sessions. Let me know if I really do make sense, & how can I fine-tune my readings! :D Domo, domo! I wish all of you the best of luck. ♥

I tried using the What's My Destiny? spread today with the Tarot of the Magical Forest deck, & so far, the only thing that was good about the reading was when I got the 9 of Cups to depict my money potential. Haha. I can't wait! I've been musing about fancy getaways, & if I do get the chance, I'll book quickly here. Osho FTW! Here's a quote that I so love lately from the man:
"Don't think in terms of comfort; think in terms of freedom.
Don't think in terms of safety, think in terms of being more alive.
And the only way to be more alive is to live dangerously, is to risk,
is to go on an adventure.
And the greatest adventure is not going to the moon —
the greatest adventure is going to your own innermost core."

Mmm, meditation. Maybe this summer I'll go & do just that.
Thanks so much again, JR, for the tip. :D Field trip much? Mmm, Zen.

Oh, I forgot to blog that on my birthday last year, I went to this guided meditation class in the same studio where I was supposed to take again my tai chi class with my former sifu. We were seated, too, while we had to move around a bit to harness our chi for the first part of our class. It was a form of sheng zheng qigong, & it was aptly called Awakening The Soul. Our teacher let us borrow the book (which I ended up buying, so I could do the same thing at home) that explained each step or movement, as follows. I'll let the meditative steps speak for themselves. I want to go back. I sure hope I can soon. It is a wonderful form of exercise, anyway, & a superb complement to tai chi.
I) Zhongtian Movement - symbolizes the cleansing of the hands, face, & the heart, to be able to connect to heaven & earth then to merge with the universe.

1) Opening the Heart
2) Love Descends on Me
3) Unravelling the Heart
4) Suddenly Lifting the Veil
5) Holdng the Heavens [While] Grounded on Earth
6) Freeing Oneself to Become a Saint
7) Walk to the Center of Heaven
8) Return to the Origin

II) Closing Movement -think tai chi cooldown, then proceed to the Zhongtian movement again to wrap it up.

According to the author,
"Awakening the soul also means distilling the soul, clarifying the soul. With renewed clarity, one gains a deeper understanding of one's life & what truly matters. It becomes clear that the experience of unconditional love is the most valuable thing one can attain in life. To experience the heart as its fullest, one most cultivate love. The soil of the heart must be tilled to harvest the sweet fruit of unconditional love. What follows is a sense of perfect well-being, a sense of profound contentment... May all people experience the opening of the heart, the freshness of returning to the beginning, & the simplicity of once again becoming one with nature & the universe. Then all can experience true love, understand life, & enjoy life fully — body & soul."

I'm thinking of making voice tapes for all my guided meditation samples (even if I sound like a sad kitten wet from the rain most of the time on tape LOL) to help me focus, but then I also need to learn how to really keep still & concentrate on savoring the silence & keep my eyes open while I'm at it.

For some reason, I've been associating the 3 of Pentacles card twice now with the 3 Chinese coins tied with a red (or gold) ribbon, & I've been recommending them for protection luck. I even gave my very first trio away to prove my point, sans the proverbial red envelope or ang pao. I hope I'm right, & I hope I can get more I-Ching coins for my peace of mind. Which reminds me, I still have to give 2 of my new godsons their respective ang pao. :)) & the most intriguing 3 of Pentacles card I've come across is with from my Samurai Tarot deck, which can actually correspond to what Corrine Kenner has written on her Tall Dark Stranger: Tarot for Love & Romance book (& I hope she doesn't mind me quoting!)

" is a clear reminder that you can accept & enjoy your physical nature. It's also a reminder that physical attraction — & attractiveness — is an important component of a relationship. After all, it's human nature to be drawn to beautiful people, because most of us assume that physical beauty reflects inner beauty... In that sense, the Three of Pentacles might be offering you some concrete advice. If your body is your temple, it might be time to make sure that your sanctuary still reflects the qualities you value & want to share with others. Look in the mirror. It might be time for a little sculpting, a bit of remodeling, & maybe even some stained glass."

Oh, God. :)) & I just had John Mayer's Your Body is A Wonderland song cue automatically in my head. Interestingly, amelioration is what feng shui is all about to begin with. :D

But seriously, you know what they say, anima sana in corpore sano. For now, I seem to lack both. Excuse me for my hormones gone whack!

I guess the bottom line for my interpretation of the 3 of Pentacles card to be linked with the 3 Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon is for those querents to safeguard themselves physically — even up to the point of issuing any restraining orders (gasp!) to anyone threatening their personal space, or getting any other legal action for that matter. Extreme much? Or does it make sense after all? Let me know.

I've just discovered from my fellow Scatterbrain Toni that we actually have a World Book & Copyright Day. HAHA. So, in classic Netizen style, let me respond to the questionnaire she posted for the occasion:
1. What books are you currently reading?

Like what I've said earlier, there's The Psychic Bible, & Tarot Decoder, & 168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter, & Tall Dark Stranger: Tarot for Love & Romance. Then there's How To Photograph Absolutely Everything, haha, so I can ogle at more pretty inspiring pictures.

2. What books are on your to-be-read list?

Now that I just read more about Corrine Kenner, I want to get a hold of her Tarot for Writers book! & since we're talking about Osho, there are a couple more books that I want from him, like his Book of Understanding & Being in Love.

3. What book/s would you recommend?

All the books that I've mentioned here in this entire blog! :D

4. What book made you fall in love with reading?

It was this glossy, illustrated tarot introductory paperback from Juliet Sharman-Burke that my departed father had in his stash (I love you so much, Dad. May you truly rest in peace.) that my departed kid sister excitedly showed to me for kicks in 2002. (I love you, too Candy. I miss you so much. Say hi to God & give Our Lady a hug for me...) I was bored out of my wits, & I liked the Jungian approach, plus all the colorful, modern tarot cards on display! I'm a huge sucker for psychology & aesthetics & chromaticity, so voila!

LOL but seriously I started reading at the age of 3, & our house was littered with various books & magazines. My parents had this wonderful series called the Beginner's Bookshelf that even comes with a Parent's Guide to helping children discover the joys of reading & learning, not only via books, but also via other instructional media, like the perpetual but tricky television & starter toys. My siblings & I got lots of books as gifts from our aunts & respective godmothers as well, plus my parents who were educators by profession naturally had a lot of resources lying around the house, especially for budding minds like ours. My dad was a big Reader's Digest fan, & we had this lovely selection of fairy tales for our perusal. I also enjoyed the Bible Stories from the Beginner's Bookshelf, which featured Old Testament stuff, that I actually enjoy reading more for some reason than Christ-centric features. I had to acquaint myself with it via the classic Flying House anime series (but seriously, I like the Superbook series a whole lot more, yo!) & I only got to appreciate Christology fully sometime later, in my last year in high school. I actually was more entranced in the head-on battle between God & Satan when I was 9 years old, no thanks to my father's extensive Plain Truth subscription. :))

5. Do you have a book collection you’re proud of? Tell us about it!

I'm still waiting to complete the Tales of The Otori series. In hardbound. & yeah, I still want all of Lillian Too's pricey paperbacks. :D

Yikes. Sorry for babbling again! ^^; But enjoy it while it lasts. :P I'm trying to be upbeat as possible, even if my navel cramps & my lower back are killing me. Anyway, yeah, do read this article, s'il vous plait, especially if you're getting rather impatient with seeing results unfold right before your very eyes. Not only with feng shui but with tarot, too. Case in point:
  • Putting too intense an expectation of results can often cause obstacles to arise because of all the negative angst you are generating.
  • Leave it to the cosmos to bring you the results you want without you having to keep checking.
  • What is important is to look at what YOU want to do.
  • Even as we use feng shui (or tarot), we should also use our brains.
Take care now. Drop me a line or something. =XOXO=


MOJICA said...

I was skeptical with psychics and tarot cards and all this. Ive met abi about 5 years ago. I was about to leave the country when i decided to take a chance and ask her cards what i should do or whats instore for me. In the reading it was said that its either i will have good fortune or a great love. And i did. I didnt realize it until a few months ago. I was thinking about what had happened before i left and i remembered her reading for me. I did make good money and after that i fell in love. I believe in the cards now. I believed in it so much that i bought my own and have started learning the basics. I love your blog page. Its always fun and informative. More power to you. thanks for inspiring me =)

Corrine Kenner | Tarot for Writers said...

I don't mind you quoting from my book! I'm so glad you like it!

Andalusia said...

& thank you, Mojica, for that testimonial! :D It's good to hear everything fared out so well for you!

Thank you as well, Ms. Kenner, for stopping by! :D I really like your Zodiac spread rendition from that book, & how the book per se gave me so much fresh new insight on the cards!

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