Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love is in the Air when the Moon's in Leo (again, bleargh)

Looks like Mysterium Philippines is at it again.

Click to enlarge, s'il vous plait.

Just perfect. The Moon will be in Leo again by next week, & Full again in Virgo the following day. Oh, God. This isn't going to be a trend, is it? I love it when the Moon is in Leo, rawr, though I really can't remember the last time it was in that sign last year. I remember when Venus was in sparkling Leo, though. It was such a sexually-charged time, yikes. Oh, well. 2010 should herald a whole new beginning altogether. I can't wait. This exciting psychic fair will be brought to you by my esoteric buddy Sunshine (Sun in homey Cancer, Venus in gregarious Gemini), who has been the most patient ever since. ♥ Anyway, she has been forever inviting me to visit her humble abode & check out her enchanted garden, & I think I can use a bit of help with my budding interest in herbal magick, as I'm trying to revive my dad's orchid display et al here at home. So, oh, what the heck, I'm going, even if I've been dreading to trek up North. Wish me luck. I hope to see you all there, too. Just let me know if you're checking this out, as this is a strictly invite-only affair.

No, thank God I won't be doing any readings, as I'll just be coming home from an earlier private event, but I'll bring my decks & books just the same for some moonbathing. I wonder how I'll be hauling everything back home, though. :))

Monday, February 01, 2010

keeping the faith

Moon in Virgo
January 31, 2010 to February 2, 2010

Caution this Moontime: you could get snared by a "Virgo moment." Stuck on a detail you can't abandon, compelled to argue small points with somebody who is as stuck as you. Or suddenly everything is a poorly organized file in need of drastic tidying. Most diabolical is the urge to tear yourself or somebody else apart with criticism. If you've gotten too busy with the little things, look to a bigger principle to lift you out. Or try the color purple. Visualize yourself in a bright field of purple wildflowers. Draw your imagination into the center of one flower & feel your kinship with it. Know that everything less than perfect is also holy. The intellect is keen during a Virgo Moon, & it likes useful work. You'll hit your groove doing something productive. Straighten up a small corner of your world. Attend to an unsolved problem. Avoid heavy, spicy foods; be good to your liver & digestive system.

Hi, everyone. Belated Happy New Year. But there's always the Lunar New Year which coincidentally falls on Valentine's Day, & I won't miss it this time, even if I could care less whether or not I have a date, bleargh, hehe. I'm just really busy with work right now, & I could actually use some sleep.

After crying almost every day since last week, not to mention just recovering from sinusitis-turned-laryngitis last January, I was really relieved to have spent a nice weekend with old friends & new people. So, yeah, despite my looking like a zombie with puffy eyes & the whole grunge vibe, I'm glad people were still talking to me, haha. I hope I've made new friends, & I'm really looking forward to a very exciting year. I even dreamed that I was dancing several times earlier today LOL, but I'm really not such a good dancer IRL. Anything that would draw attention to myself, such as dancing & posing for pictures or even smiling back at cute guys beaming at me like crazy, makes me terribly uncomfortable. But yeah, I'm quite happier now. Yay. I guess I'll just eye cream more often.

I'm also happy that my Virgo kid brother got me a new wireless router just today, while under the influence of the just recently full Virgo Moon. Since he knows I can't be bothered to do anything by myself now, after trying my very best to assert myself this weekend to clear my head & get into perspective about my current situation outside my New Age lifestyle, he's taking care of everything now, even updating my "virtual workspace" configuration so I can work in my bedroom in peace again. I love him so much. ♥ Hopefully this week I can finish everything I have overdue at this point, despite all the cosmic hurdles that I've been enduring since last week. I can only hope my horoscope this week rings true:

Jupiter has now moved into your health & lifestyle zone,
so you will get lucky breaks, more energy, & many opportunities to fulfill your goals.

I'll come back later to finish both this post & the previous. I've so much to share.