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“I met Abbee around (2006). She was introduced to me by a friend. Since that time that we have met, I consult her in my spare time. I find that she is not only professional with her clients, but also sincerely cares about their well-being. She is genuinely concerned & goes to great lengths to be able to meet the needs of her clients. It is with this, that I highly recommend her.”

– Sharon, Mkt, PH

“Abbee’s readings have guided me through tough times. I highly recommend!”

– Wendi, CA

“Remember the reading at Joel’s party?
You told me that I shouldn’t worry because work will come right after my graduation.
Well, ;) you’re super!”

– John, Mla, PH

“Sometimes I really don’t believe in [fortune-telling]. The way I see it… I’m still in charge of my destiny. But there was one person who read for me before and what she said really happened… that was you, Abbee.”

– Janice, Antipolo, PH

“Large gatherings may be fun, but going one-on-one with her is always therapeutic.”

– Lorna, Cav, PH

“I wanna tell you that your prediction came true. We are pregnant for 18 weeks. Thanks a lot!”

– Ohwen, CA

“Abbee is not just a drinking buddy, she’s also a very good listener… & she was there for me when I was at my lowest… & she is good in tarot reading. I miss hanging out with her, because she is a trusted friend.”

– Pam, Cav, PH

“This girl happens to shake up my comfort zone and open my mind… I just wish people would know her better because she’s beautiful inside out. I’m glad I met her.”

– Garry, Dubai, UAE

“My most trusted online buddy!! ABBEE YOU ROCK! ABBEE YOU ROCK!! I find myself looking for your ass online whenever I log on. You’re like one of my daily routine. Hehehe thanks for all the spreads.”

–Kai, CA

“I think you’re more gifted than what you give yourself credit for.”

– Maria Cecilia, Mkt, PH

“Thanks so much. You’re really worth the wait even despite all the schedule delays!
I will see you again when I get back.”

– Karrell, SG

“She is of the Jean Grey-Phoenix complex, especially now that she’s found a channel to merge her mind & spirit — through Tarot — only to find her harder to contain.”

– Lynne, Cav, PH

"I learned a lot from the reading. I really appreciate having the session.
It's like divine intervention."

- Rocky, Mkt, PH

"Thanks for shedding some light unto my life. More power to you... You really are a blessing to others."

- Christine, Mkt, PH

"It was worth it! And now, I'm hopeful that everything will just fall into place and work out!
Weeee! Thanks really!"

- Kate, Mkt, PH

"Thanks again! I feel so much better already!"

- Tina, Lag, PH

"I was skeptical with psychics and tarot cards and all this. I've met Abbee about 5 years ago. I was about to leave the country when I decided to take a chance and ask her cards what I should do or what's in store for me. In the reading it was said that it's either I will have good fortune or a great love. And I did. I didn't realize it until a few months ago. I was thinking about what had happened before i left and I remembered her reading for me. I did make good money and after that I fell in love. I believe in the cards now. I believed in it so much that I bought my own and have started learning the basics. I love her blog page. It's always fun and informative. More power to her. Thanks for inspiring me."

- Mojieanna, MD

"Thank you so much for the lovely reading. As I said, it's the best I've ever had."

- Fristine, LP, PH

"Now we gotta have a next session hahaha"

- Jorja, HK

"Thank you so much Ms Abbee! Somehow, I feel as though I have a friend in you, someone I can confide my innermost feelings and secrets..."

- Agnes, LP, PH

"All the vivid details in your reading are vividly showing up in real life one by one now!"

- Karen Christine, Mla, PH

"It was very much worth the wait."

- Tim, QC, PH

"Hey, Ate Abbee, I had fun with your predictions, hehe.
I'm planning to learn tarot, too, 'cause I wanna help others, too."

- Tinsel, Mkt, PH

"After your reading I feel much more enthusiastic about life!"

- Barbie, QC, PH

"My sister witnessed how all your readings came true!"

- Kristine, Mkt, PH

"ABBEE!!! It was a pleasure having that reading! It was like glimpsing into the light at the end of a tunnel."

- Marla, QC, PH

"I was pretty confident with your readings, & they were actually pretty accurate.
Thanks again & it was really nice meeting you!"

- Grace, Mla, PH

"You're more than a Tarot reader, Abbee. You're a friend, a sister."

- Alexis, QC, PH

"You're really impressive..."

- Christina, Mla, PH

"I believe in you that's why I keep coming back to you."

- Kristine, Lag, PH

"Thanks, girl! It was great to meet you. We will have more encounters in the near future. Til then."

- Jenny, Mandaluyong, PH

"Your last reading was so accurate. I don't know how you all saw it there, but it was astoundingly detailed, everything was as you described it."

- Lucy, Mandaluyong, PH

"Your yearly forecast was right on the dot. Everything happened on schedule."

- Pizzie, QC, PH

"Abbee, thank you. OMG. Your reading came true."

- Jang, Malabon, PH

"With your reading, I was able to open up. I've come across a lot of insights. Thank you."

- Gina, Mkt, PH

"You've made me realize not to rush things & to look at things more positively. Thank you so much! You do need to set higher standards for yourself. You're already a very experienced reader, but more than that, you're not a snob & you're really accommodating to your clients. I love it how you're so empathic."

- Kristine, Lag, PH

"Best readings ever! Thank you so much. Your readings helped me a lot."

- Margaux, QC, PH

"It was nice meeting you, & definitely so refreshing! Thank you for our wonderful in-depth session... I feel so energized & encouraged to go on with the fight, while of course, using positive energy, by giving assurance & love, & being sensitive to other people's feelings."

- Eva, Mkt, PH

"Abbee, remember you mentioned I'll get great sweldo last payday?
Major salary increase! Galing mo!"

- Paula, Mkt, PH

"Ang galing naman! Grabe, lupit, ang angas!"

- Diane, Cav, PH

"Love you, Goddess! :) Seriously, you're a healer, unconsciously. You're gifted. It's your purpose."

- Jenny, QC, PH

"Thank you so much, as in! Na-enlighten talaga ako. Di ko magagawa ang lahat kung wala ka po.""

- Kim, Mkt, PH

"Thank you! You're so talented!"

- Angela, Mkt, PH

"I must say, it was indeed a great experience. Abbee is not just your ordinary reader, she is definitely more than that. She listens to you & she guides you in finding yourself. I'm glad I met her, & I'm thankful I gave myself the chance to take the risk & experience tarot reading through Abbee. 'til our next session."

- Princess, Mkt, PH

"Abbee is one of the most considerate persons I've ever known."

- Marjorie, QC, PH

"Thank you so much for taking time to read for my future. I was so amazed that you knew what is going on with my life right now. Thanks for the enlightenment. At least now, I have the courage to insist where I should stand. I will definitely go back to you for future consultation."

- Jen, Mkt, PH

"Thanks Abbee, the best ang readings mo! :D"

- Aisha, Cal, PH

"You are scarily accurate!"

- Cielo, Cav, PH

"I really like your readings."

- Andrea, GU

"Thank you, Abbee! It was a nice reading. I was actually surprised with the way I drew the cards. Sakto e. Hehehe, thanks for giving me something to look forward to! You're amazing. & people who don't realize that don't deserve a place in your life. ;)"

- Winnie, Mkt, PH

"It was very refreshing & insightful to have had the chance to talk to you. The warmth & concern is something I greatly appreciate. I hope to talk to you again."

- Sher, Mkt, PH

"You are a living & breathing Oracle. Thank God for people like you. A gifted person who shares her talents for the sake of goodness. Keep up the good work. Saving lives is one way of reaping good karma."

- Y, BGC, PH

"This is the first time I've ever had a Tarot reading. I'm so glad I had it with you."

- Ana, Mkt, PH

"Your readings are scary — in a fun way!"

- Katrina, Mla, PH

"Thank you for accommodating me at such short notice. The reading was certainly very enlightening. I'll keep in touch for feedback & for more guidance."

- Cecill, Mkt, PH

"I want to thank you for what you [told me]. It really helped me realize so many things. :) You are sooo right! I'll really try my best to [follow your advice] & think things through. Good luck to me & more blessings to you! :) Thanks again!"

- Sheila, Mkt, PH

"I really like your reading & you're such a super-nice person. I'm so thankful knowing you. Thank you talaga."

- Yappie, Mla, PH

"People like me need people like you! Haha! You keep us sane & prevent us from doing stupid things."

- CH, Mkt, PH

"Thank you, very helpful, really. I'm very grateful."
- Melise, Mkt, PH

"Your readings are very accurate, I must say."
- JoeyTooFresh, Mkt, PH

"Thanks! Your readings still creep me out! You're very nice! Please don't change. :)"
- Venus, Mla, PH

"Abbee! Isa kang alamat!"
- Karen, Pque, PH

"You are amazing, Abbee." ♥
- Andy, Mkt, PH

"You're the coolest, hippest Tarot reader I know!" ♥

- Saira, Mla, PH

"You're my best kept secret!"

- RS, Mkt, PH