Monday, April 03, 2017

making this my best year yet

Hello again, everyone!

How do you like my new logo?

That's just the start of a whole slew of new things to come, & I can't wait for my long-overdue blog redesign!

My brand is light, feminine, fresh, perfect for springtime, but definitely hard-hitting & on point when it comes to getting answers & solutions; because clarity, empowerment, & success is what I'm here for to help achieve.  

It's been 12 long years since this brand started, during my 10th high school reunion, but it never really got a name until 14 months later. About time I do something about this!

I've just been really busy!

I'm just scheduling certification classes (learn #ThetaHealing from me! 1:1 classes are available!), a monthly healing workshop (the latest is on April 29th, 4pm-7pm, in Salcedo Village, Makati, with limited seating), & private 1:1 sessions (I'm available this Tuesday, April 4th, 5pm onwards; then Thursday, April 6th, 7pm onwards). & of course, visualizing how to get this show on the road, while decluttering my home big time, & going through personal assistants like crazy. 

My new PA is Catherine Orbeta, so don't be alarmed if she texts you in my place to confirm your appointments.

 So I have IG & my official Facebook Page, yes?

Should you wish to PM me, please do so on my Facebook Page.
Please expect a response usually after lunch, like 2pm.
I also give free Tarot readings there every time the Moon is either Full or New, or if there's a holiday, at the very least.
Make sure to Like my Page before posting your question for your free reading.

I still have my cellphone number, btw, but it's best to Viber me on that number for a quicker response.

& be sure to send me your email address so I can send you my online scheduler.

I've raised my rates so please PM me for details. 
& no, I don't offer run-of-the-mill intuitive readings.
My services are for serious takers, who are in need of dire life coaching & emotional x spiritual relief. 

I'm still very much alive. Watch out for more changes! :P

Enjoy S/S '17!


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