Thursday, October 26, 2006

LIFE — always a wonderfully dreadful subject

People should pay more attention to things like this, especially during a crucial time such as a Mercury retrograde, which I’ll be discussing later.

Anyway, while I was trying to wake myself up this morning, I decided to read about what would my life be like in 5 years’ time. Haha. Normally I don’t advise this kind of reading, as I can only look into the immediate future anyway (like 2-6 months from the start of a session), but I wanted to spend more time with my eclectic to the point of perplexing Samurai deck so, voila, click to enlarge:

the Samurai Tarot deck in action

I find it amusing how I’m always signified as the tough-looking warrior Empress (see 2nd card on the center of the semi-circle called the Planets spread), if not by any of the Queens (not shown). But I’m pleased to know that I will remain happy with my tarot-reading in 2011 (see the Priest card on the 2nd card in the semi-circle) & evolve much as a woman finally (look at the 10 of Pentacles on the center above the Empress), haha. The things I do for fun nga naman, tsk.

So what does this spread mean?

1) Moon - Home Life, Domestic Matters, & Emotional States - 4 of Wands
2) Sun - Achievement, Personal Reward, & Optimism - The Priest
3) Mercury - Working Life, Career Prospects, & Mental Abilities - 3 of Coins
4) Venus - Love Life, Relationships, & Feelings - 2 of Wands
5) Mars - Conflict & Struggles - 6 of Coins
6) Jupiter - Gain & Expansion - 6 of Swords
7) Saturn - Restriction & Structure - 8 of Swords
8) Earth - Self - 10 of Coins + The Empress

For the life of me, I’m muddled with this layout. I have trouble with cards 4, 5, & 7, mainly because the images depicted are not according to the traditional meanings. The 2 of Wands is basically a good card to get in that position, but the depiction in the Samurai deck doesn’t look so happy to me. Same with the 6 of Coins. This is a bad card to get traditionally in the Conflicts position, but the illustration seems to be describing something else (more profound, perhaps?) so I need to delve deeper here as well. The 8 of Swords isn’t so welcome traditionally, either, but the archer bit gives a more positive light to things, so I feel that this card isn’t as ominous as it usually is. Everything seems to be OK, though, maybe I’ll just be too homesick for my own good by then. The 2 cards on the upper left are the 9 of Swords & Ace of Coins, my overall Significators for the day. They represent my hopes & fears about my question, & so far, I think I’ll be fine. Why? Because as long as I have the odds in my favor (3 scary cards as opposed to 5 serene-looking picks), I’m all set. HAHA. I really wonder if I’ll have a chance to actualize this reading!