Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Collective Art Fair 2012

Hello again! Before I begin to update you folks from last week's super-awesome shindig, here's another one coming up later today. Come on over to The Collective Art Fair, where my good ol' LiveJournal pal & fellow tarot junkie Jade (finally aka The Tarot Monkey) signed me up to read cards with him again, from 11am-8pm today. I can do until 9pm, I think, depending on my energy levels, but lemme see.

We'll only be charging P150 for 15 minutes (so that's just P600 per hour), & we'll have a timer set, so we can accommodate as many people as possible. Ideally that should be around 8 people per shift. Jade will take care of readings from 11am until after lunchtime, so he can make it to the free local movie screenings at Kanto for Sine Bahaghari. Then I'll have my client-turned-protege Chesca man the booth with her Revelations Tarot deck (I AM ENVIOUS, CAN'T YOU TELL?) from 3pm-5pm. Give us feedback how she fares out! & then I'll be there from 6pm-8pm, hopefully earlier. That is, if I survive my Ayurvedic massage later. I begged the spa manager to accommodate me at the last minute, & the deal's already supposedly expired last week. So yeah, I've no choice but to go, & I'm actually super-curious now. I think I'll be a regular client there, since I really need to have bodywork done on a regular basis.

To sweeten the deal, I'm raffling off a basic Tarot deck! & I'll be taking lotsa pictures, which I'll be posting on our humble Facebook space.

Anyway, to hop on over to The Collective, especially when I start reading more often on Vinyl on Vinyl again before the rainy season hits, here's a map I gacked off online:

Commuting in the Philippines 101 in a larger map

Seriously, people, you have to be there. There's a whole buncha cool avant-garde stuff waiting to be discovered & relished, & I'm seriously most excited for the food. Wabi-Sabi & Mochiko, I'm all yours, baby!

Friday, February 17, 2012

bracing myself for a whole new crazy year

Hello again, World. Happy 2012. I know, I've been gone for so long. I got too sick (again) & busy (aren't we all?) to make updates, but so much has happened to me since New Year's Eve & I can't wait to blab all about it. But for now, please be informed of the ff.:

1) Starting February 21st, Tuesday, all personal readings will be strictly by appointment. Forced last-minute readings will be charged more.

2) No readings will be done on Wednesdays for the entire year, unless otherwise specified.

3) For the rest of the month, I will only be reading on Tuesdays, February 21st & 28th, 2pm-7pm in my specified location within the Makati CBD.

4) I will be on vacation from March 4th to 10th. Actually, even from the 11th (my dad's 4th death anniversary observance) until the 16th (my departed sister's birthday commemoration). Online readings can be entertained, provided that payments done via bank or PayPal have been settled before the sessions.

5) Please call ONLY from 10am to 11pm. But please check my schedules beforehand. I may be too busy with another client to pick up, & the last thing I need is a rattled person at the other end of the line, as I am too empathic for my own good. Please RELAX before calling me, should your need to speak to me becomes deathly urgent. Same thing when you text or email me. I would love to help you, & I WILL help you, but please help yourselves, too. Never, ever give up on yourselves. Be more responsible for your own lives.

6) I can't wait to feature my favorite young personalities, especially from 2011, here soon. I've been meaning to since last year, actually. These people deserve recognition & we should support one another all the more, especially with all these favorable planetary aspects in the next few months to years. Give feedback, ask questions, or heck, even suggest who else to feature, & you might just win a quick reading from me. :D

7) Please bear with my blog layout until further notice. If you keep getting redirected to these ads while browsing through this, it's all part of the plan, haha. & if you wish to help me out, feel free to do so:

Hey, your donations for this blog can give you quick readings in exchange, & they'll go to other good causes! :)

8) I want to have more space to blab about my new decks, or more Tarot-related stuff per se. So please do me a favor & read through my tabs &/or ask about me from your referrals instead, should you need more information about my reading style, whichever applies. I want to rave about my new Dream Enchantress, Universal Fantasy, & Shadowscapes card sets, please.

9) Again, my readings are actually more cathartic than the norm. I can make startling predictions (as that's the goal, yes?) but if you're only coming to me with a "hey, let's test how psychic she really is" kinda vibe, you might as well not see me at all. Don't expect me to penetrate your deflective defenses without your permission. & just please see my previous post & my FAQs, for the love of Goddd before proceeding.

10) Let me leave you with this track I discovered & quickly fell in love with (yeah, I can meditate to this shiznit) sometime technically after Valentine's Day. I chickened out from talking to the DJ, but I was blown away when he started his badass set. This sounds more amazing live, of course, & I can't wait to catch him again wherever. & I swear I won't let myself miss out on anything again. I've been living under a rock for so long, & it doesn't help that I've been getting sick since November!

P.S. I hope your Valentine's was happy. Even if I didn't get flowers or chocolate this year, my new astrology books & Tarot decks (& lingerie! HAHA) made up for it. The new music I stumbled upon that night was fantastic, too. & maybe a book swap is in order.

Anyway, I'm off to juggle my time taking care of myself & some key clients today. I'm getting a dress from one of them today (awww, how sweet!) & I also hope I'll have enough energy to enjoy this event:

Oh, well, toodles.