Monday, April 06, 2015

look what the Easter Bunny dragged in

I had a most eventful year since my last post, in the sense that I've unbelievably cried so much about so many things, & felt like I was at a total loss. As usual, I don't know exactly where to begin, but I'm glad to say that I've achieved much since February this year.

Right now, I'm happy to say that I'm already a certified Basic & Advanced DNA2 Instructor. That means, if anybody wants to take ThetaHealing® courses, they can do it with me. I'll be offering my very first Basic DNA2 class starting May 15, & I'll only be taking in up to 6 students at the most per batch. I have 4 more slots open, so if you're interested, you can email me here. I'll also be offering Manifesting & Abundance after that time, so this program should be wonderful to learn. 

I understand the need for one-on-one coaching, so these classes can be availed as that, but those who get certified in this fashion will have to attend regular practice sessions with my other groups.

It was a crazy journey I had to go through all the way to Israel for the Instructor courses, & I've no regrets. I was forced to clear a lot of my other insecurities on the way to Tel Aviv from Bangkok, & I was so exhausted, but the Creator of All That Is did not forsake me. I met a few friends & it was so wonderful to finally meet Vianna & her husband/VP Guy, who gave me her astrological information when I had to confirm what her Moon sign is. I love it how she talks about astrology in class, being a proud Capricorn & Scorpio Rising that she was, & I've felt so validated with my love for astrology. "Ahhh, astrologists saved my life," she says, &, "Ooh, Aquarius Rising, no wonder you're all about looking into the future," when I had to share with her my Ascendant, haha. If only we had more time to talk. Maybe someday, once I'm ready for my ThetaHealing® Masters. For now, I have to focus on making the technique work so much more for me, as I deepen my relationship with the Universe & myself (which is so much harder than it sounds). But one thing's for sure, when I got there, I realized I was already quite an advanced student, yay, & ended up being an advanced teacher in our class demos. I ended up "teaching" the basics again of Digging & Belief Work, & how to do Feeling Downloads properly, which surprisingly helped a lot of my classmates (now co-teachers) back then. That made me happy, as my practice back here in Manila helped so much, then, but that also made me feel a bit miserable. Being the only Filipina in class, who spoke English more fluently than everybody else (which is understandable, because everybody else was either Hebrew, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Japanese, or Turkish), who was in denial of the winter season (& refused to layer up), & who didn't even feel like she was Filipina enough (& I was matched with a Japanese woman friend who also didn't feel like being Japanese, as she studied in London & now Adelaide), it was jarring for me to be there. I would only be consoled when I'd meet Jewish New Yorkers staying in my hotel, or pretty young Russian immigrants manning the boutiques of clothes I'd find myself in, because they spoke English the way I'm used to, & I never felt shunned because of how different I was to everyone else. But everyone was nice to me, don't get me wrong. I just really felt isolated & weird. Maybe "exotic," as my then-classmates in my World Relations class-now Certificate of Science holder (& elective review teacher) would say, but it still felt disarming & I horribly wanted to go back home, especially when it snowed in Jerusalem while I was there & I couldn't go swimming. I wanted to be back for the Rainbow Children Instructor course the following month but I realized I had to prioritize World Relations Instructors before anything else. After that, I can pretty much do anything to follow up on my Masters.

I know I'll be back in Israel & I'll treasure all the memories I've had there with the people (more like, angels) who've been so kind to me. Especially my funbassador, who would explain to me everything kosher, who brought us to Tel Aviv, & who drove me to the train station on the way back to the airport on my last day, after we hung out for a long lunch at Herbert Samuel. She's well-traveled & funny as hell, & loves food as much as I do. She would also clarify the things I picked up here & there from what I've learned about Jewish mysticism, & I love how she's spelled out my name in Hebrew. I've fallen in love with Herzliya, & I can't wait to check out Eilat. I'll never be able to speak or read Hebrew just like that anytime soon, & I'll still have to be mindful of Israeli customs & tradition, but if anything, I'm definitely coming back for the banana mimosas at Benedict & the spectacular coastal view of Cassiopeia.

For now, I've decided to become more serious with Pranayama whenever I can at least every week. I went back to yoga last March, & my private class was so much better than what I had 2 years ago. It wasn't easy, as I'm my heaviest to date & I really don't do anything much, except bike or swim for 20-30 minutes (or iceskate for 45) at least once a week, & walk as much as I can everyday. But it makes a huge difference knowing how to do energy work while working out, & I'm happy I've learned all these alternative healing techniques before coming back to yoga. Otherwise, I would've broken down like the last time. Thank God for my new private teacher, despite his being Aries, haha. I can't wait to do this more often as days progress. I miss being sportier than what I am now, & I intend to not hurt myself while I'm at it.

I'm also in the process of completing my Floralive Abundant Life series for myself (finally down to #3 & #4), to think I started this around my birthday month last year. I'm complementing it with the Door To Change essence & the new For Love formula, & I can't wait for more amazing results. I have to thank the fabulous Biyaya Ni Bathala brand for locally supplying these flower essences for me!

Anyway, I'll cut this short & tell you that my next available reading/healing sessions round will be on April 23rd, Thursday, GMT +8. Maybe I can accommodate a few people later today (April 6th) come sundown. But after that, I'll only be available online starting Wednesday evening. I can't wait for Jupiter to turn finally direct by then, because it's my Jupiter return, after all, & I gotta make the most out of it. If you want to find out what your power dates are, among other things, to help guide you through this month, come sit down with me. I'd love to be of help & I can't wait to share more of my reflections this year! I hope your Easter Sunday was happy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a day in the life of this New Age Grrl begins

Today is the last week (& Tuesday) of the first month of the New Year, & we're smack-dab in the middle of a Mercury retrograde (transiting my Ascendant, no less) & a Jupiter retrograde (no wonder my Jupiter return doesn't feel so breezy). But I'm going to be updating, nevertheless, so hello again, everybody. The Moon is in Taurus again now, which I love, so that makes me productive & relaxed at the same time, just before I get more emo & domesticated before it slips into Gemini then finally into my Lunar sign Cancer. I'll be dealing with a lot of home-related matters this weekend until before the first weekend of next month, which means I won't be available for face-to-face sessions until February 7th, 3pm-8pm (for select clients only).

A lot of things has truly changed with me. Today actually marks the last day of my Basic DNA2 class 2 years ago, when I have discovered ThetaHealing®, & I'm still making use of it in my life. It isn't easy changing so rapidly, & I had to employ other methods to help stabilize me: Reiki, Bowen therapy, flower essences (both Bach & FlorAlive), & Millennium Method™ (which I've managed to complete in less than a year last year, & it was a most costly but important personal journey... no regrets). Right now, I only swear by ThetaHealing®, Sacred Activations (founded by a ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science holder), Millennium Method, flower essences, & Reiki. I only practise ThetaHealing® & Millennium Method for now, along with my Tarot readings, & I'm happy with the results these have given me & my clients. Especially my clients. Like my Client of the Year for 2014 just got engaged on NYE, & I have a budding teenage ThetaHealer® client who's sworn to help heal her family & friends drastically, while at the same time who's meant to really be in the limelight as a young beauty queen + global ambassador. I'm so proud. I love breakthroughs.

I'm happy for all my clients who've shifted in one way or another 
— manifesting a better car than what they've expected, gained more money, landed a better job, traveled when they hardly believed they actually could (& so much more), snagged bigger commissions, gained more confidence for school/work, glowed in better health (especially after reporting to be sleeping so much more soundly), acquired more energy to do the things they love, & finally becoming more in touch with their spirituality (one my best news in my book). Little miracles in the physical health department happened, too, especially remotely — like my client who healed from chickenpox; then another client who healed from some weird inexplicable water retention which targeted her joints, but after my working on her, it was gone the next day, much to her doctors' surprise; then another finally off his braces & PTSD & the rest of his pubescent problems; & a client who got physically 'assaulted' but she recovered IMMEDIATELY after one session; & even my brother who fell off while skating, whose pain (thankfully, only that, nothing else) went away quickly (but as a doting older sister, I had to follow it up with some organic cooling leg & foot gel). 

I already knew I had to be a healer in one way or another (actually, dreaded) when I had to monitor his eventual heart (after looking through his chakras) while he was being rushed from one hospital to another for poisoning a few years back, on our Mars return, just after our birthday month. (He's a Virgo, though, Pisces Rising — while you all should know I'm a Libra, Aquarius Rising.) I thank the Creator that he's okay, but we still have a long way to go. 

Actually, I really was having a huge issue about other clients calling me a "healer" because I had a friend-turned-client-turned-colleague who asked me about her own healer journey, & I'm honored to be part of that, as she healed me, too, at first with Reiki. I mean, my point was, ME? Seriously? But here we are. I did obsess about health even if I was only 6 years old with all the medical books lying around the house & my more-frequent-than-normal trips to the infirmary & all the vaccinations I got subjected to (& I still fucking hate syringes!) I do have medical practitioners in my (estranged) family (e.g., an actual oncologist, a pharmacist, a bunch of nurses). & I still have posts lying around here about my Saturn return in finicky, obsessive Virgo describing how I juggled to get balanced in that department. & I did handle so many crazy health readings via Tarot alone. I even would catch myself telling my doctor or nurse clients mid-reading that, "Wait, I'm not a doctor, so I shouldn't be telling you (insert either a diagnosis or a suggested prescription here), but you can see that this particular case makes sense, yes?" WTH, right? Again, alternative healing methods are just complementary to what we have per traditional medicine. & you should still consult your doctor(s) to track your progress.

I only get Reiki & Sacred Activations from other practitioners. You can ask me about them in private. Actually, I'm posting more now here to be able to feature them soon. But for now I'm learning to hone my present Tools to use on myself, & I'm happy to grow more trust in the Source-Of-All-That-Is as I do it. I fully acknowledge that I can't do it alone, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be lax & let others do all the work (unless it's clearing my space via a housekeeper or a professional organizer, whoops). Healing is a lovely process, & it's a dynamic two-way street. At least now I'm safe to let go, after much discernment.

I still want to be able to talk more about my personal life as I update more here, as part of my healing journey. You'll read more about my silly whims, & more of the reasons why I need to undergo healing myself. Right now I'm just too happy to be more Awakened & Integrated. Perfect timing, astrologically-speaking, honestly, & I can't wait to live my life the way I really want it to, while inspiring more young people (inadvertently, more like, haha) to do the same.

To summarize what else I do aside from give Tarot readings (with my usual astrology & feng shui advice), for your reference:

a) World Relations (May 2014)
b) Family Ties (Jan 2014)
c) Soul Mate (Dec 2013 - reviewed in Nov 2014)
d) Game of Life (Jul 2013)
e) Plant Communication (LOL) - (Mar 2014) 
f) RHYTHM (Mar 2013)
g) Intuitive Anatomy (Apr 2013)

h) Basic DNA2 Instructors (Feb 2015) - Herzliya, Israel
i) Advanced DNA2 Instructors (Feb 2015) - Herzliya, Israel
j) Manifesting & Abundance Instructors (May 2015) - Tokyo, Japan
k) Dig Deeper Practitioners (Apr 2015) - Tokyo, Japan
l) Dig Deeper Instructors (Apr 2015) - Tokyo, Japan
m) Think What You Think (Apr 2015) - Tokyo, Japan
n) DNA3 (Nov 2015) - BGC, Philippines

-Crystal Layout Past-Life Regression
a) Basic - Remote Viewing (Sep 2013)
b) Advanced - Soul Travel (Dec 2013) 

-Millennium Method™
a) Relationships module (Mar 2014)
b) Kids module (Mar 2014)
c) Biotoxins (Mar 2014)
d) Empowerment (May 2014) - Wan Chai, Hong Kong 
e) Medical Intuitive (May 2014)
f) Module 1 - Physical (Oct 2014)
g) Module 2 - Esoteric (Oct 2014)
h) Module 3 - Psychoemotional (Oct 2014)
i) Module 4 - Mastery (Oct 2014)

To celebrate, I will be giving specials to people who've stumbled upon this blog via this list that people I keep mentioning about, also to those who've Liked my Facebook page, & you get more specials if you become a regular, especially when you become my next Client of The Year. 2015 is a pivotal time, why not take advantage of it? :D (My silly declaration / TY gift is valid only until February 9, 2015, 9pm, GMT+8; which should be my parents' would've-been-42nd anniversary, btw.)

I would love to talk about each & every class I took in detail, but I'll take it easy on you today. For now, what I can say is, my most favorite class would be World Relations, because that just blew me away...  

& to end this post, for now, here's what my most stubborn client in the last 2-something years has just told me, "I'm able to trust myself more now, thanks to you."

I *am* floored. I'm happy to be able to trust myself more now, too. ♥ ♥ ♥ 


(updated on May 21, 2015; 3:06 AM, GMT +8)