Friday, December 09, 2016

counting down to 2017

2016 was a weird, wild ride; I almost didn't make it through.

But thank heavens that a lot of people helped me out, & I've learned so much while teaching my first few Dig Deeper certification classes starting last summer. My classes were fun & intense at the same time. I've found a new coworking space as a result of wanting to make my classes & workshops more conducive to learning protocol & collaboration. I also aim to get more writing done, anyway, without having to endure being in noisy, distracting cafes. I've changed so much in the last 2 years... or even in the past few months. I hardly recognize myself anymore, but I'm also happy to gain some of my old attributes back, if that ever makes sense. 

I've actually been giving a day-long trial pass as I post this, & it feels, uhm, a bit weird to be in an office setup again, but I think it'll be good for my psyche, even if I should really be retreating more & going with the flow, as per my personal astrological transits. 

Speaking of personal astrological transits, there's a huge chunk of planetary activity in my 3rd House of Communication (both Sun & Saturn in Sagittarius; Mercury in Capricorn), so I guess I'm really meant to do this today. Like, go getcho werq done, Abbee, & remember there's a vast world out there. With Venus in Aquarius along with *gasp* Pluto in Capricorn in my 4th House of Home, I'm taking a break from my humble space & finding another spot to be myself in. Then with Mars in Aquarius swirling in with Neptune in Pisces in my 5th House of Fun & Creativity, highlighting my need for new things to try & an onslaught of art to bombard my senses with, I'm getting SO MUCH WRITING DONE. Or not. I feel a bit scatterbrained, way too idealistic, overwhelmed. But it's a great feeling to feel all this & have my silly chart approximations validate what's happening to me. This is why I love modern Western astrology & why I incorporate it in my sessions. I'll have stand-alone sessions for that soon, but for now, I'm using it sparingly, because I'm still working on shifting my forecasts & perceived outcomes with my new energy healing modalities. 

Anyway, more on my personal astrological transits, there's all this Aries energy in my 7th House of Relationships today, no thanks to the current Moon & Uranus, which amplifies my natal Moon-Uranus trine & my Aquarius Rising streak. & my rather horrible temper. I've had my day start on a not-so-peachy style, but I think I'm feeling better. I have 4-5 more hours of getting my virtual blather done, & if my Aries friend Mika shows up for the 3rd time this week today, then that proves my astrology right. If there's anything I need right now, it's a sounding board (& maybe more coffee). 

I'm learning that I'm the most iconoclastic worker in the space at the moment, btw. 

Since we're on that subject, let me just remind you all that I'm still working on my major revamp overall. My blog has been 10 years in existence technically, & I think it's time to grow up & move on. Let's see if I get breakthroughs today, through Belief Work, first & foremost.
I'm tuned in to this awesome deep house track to help put me in the zone:

BTW, if anyone's on Instagram, I've synced my IG into my Facebook Page. Let me know how my crazy antics are appealing to you (or appalling, whatever applies, hehe, please NOT). 

I think I will sign up today here & take up space. 

So what else is up with me?

1) I'm taking a dreamcatcher-making class this month, because dreamcatchers do make me happy & I could use more grounding in my life through arts & crafts. Maybe select clients will be lucky to get some of my uh, creations as gifts this holiday season! 

2) I'm preparing for my first ever Winter Solstice Soiree facilitation (a follow-up to our pioneering powerful New Moon in Sagittarius Soiree with Rosan Cruz). Enjoy quick  ThetaHealing® & Kundalini Yoga meditations & "downloads" & music, as well as Tarot readings & Millennium Method clearing & boy, am I getting a kick out of gong baths lately. If all goes well, we'll hold it on December 21st. 

3) I've missed out on my first Thanksgiving x Friendsgiving dinner with my homies & I feel a bit horrible about taking a break from going out & supporting their gigs because, uh, #werq, but if it means I'm getting to do more #SelfCare (there was an actual class I completed a couple of months ago via the Millennium Method, haha), then so be it. I've got #FOMO like hell but I really need to be here for moi, for now. 
4) I'm planning to teach my next few courses starting January 14th next year. But I'm open to teach at least 2 classes before & after Christmas / before New Year's Eve, so yes, let me know!  

5) I'm obsessed with having everything reorganized before Mercury stations Rx. 

6) I've been sleeping very early, too. Not by choice, it's just how it is lately. But I'll still have appointments usually done after lunch. At least if I'm not buried in my paperwork, especially while I'm out "coworking," hehe, WTH. 

7) Will announce limited holiday specials! This is to really usher in the changes I've had all set up since April this year. My new Terms & Conditions will take full effect once 2017 rings in. 

8) For now, please contact me via Viber at my published number, so I can respond to you more quickly.

Excuse me while I get the rest of my life in order, so I'd be of much better service to all of you.

P.S. I refuse to be called a "fortune-teller;" ("FT") rather, have me as your "fate-changer." But for those of you who found your way here because you think I'm that, I'll still take it easy on you, yay.