Tuesday, June 30, 2009

another appointment advisory!

The humidity's killing me! Sorry for the backlog. I know I have a lot of posting to do, & I have all my drafts here, but I need to tweak them for a bit. I do hope you're all doing great! Anyway, I'll have all the time in the world next week to give updates, & I so can't wait! :D I'll also be reading on certain weekdays next month (haha, but July is just a few hours away now!) & I'd like to thank everyone who's already booked for appointments. I'm going to shake things up a bit by then. Like, a change of scenery, perhaps? ;) — among other things. I'm still thinking if I should read this Saturday, on the proverbial 4th of July, but if you're interested, let me know here. I'll start as early as 10am, if requested. :)

For next week, I'm thinking of July 7th (starting 11am) & July 10th (from 10am until 3pm only, sorry), but if I can squeeze in things on July 9th then I'll make a quick update. I'm avoiding the Monday & Wednesday rush, you see, & I would like some time to do tai chi on those days before proceeding with my schedules. I really need to catch up with myself. :)

But I'd really like to thank all my new & repeat patrons for this year, especially Sharon, who's totally the sweetest (yay for them neat silver turquoisey drop earrings!) & who's getting more gorgeous everytime! You folks inspire & motivate me to be better despite myself, & I hope that this "work in progress" before you is of help to you in one way or another. I humbly & wholeheartedly accept your feedback & provisions, & I can't thank the Universe enough for letting me come across your paths. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU, everyone... & I wish you all the VERY BEST.

Friday, June 19, 2009

hooray for the summer solstice in 2009!

In case you're interested, I'll be available on the 20th for readings by 1pm. I still have to undergo physical therapy by 10am & I want to steer clear of the cafe where I usually hold sessions in during lunch. At least there'd be less people then, & Saturdays are more often than not a wonderful time to spend time there, especially during evenings. Now speaking of spending time in that cafe, like, while waiting for your turn for a reading, here are a few things that you can do without getting bored out of your wits, or you can look forward to at the very least:

Yes, there's parking in the area. Too bad parking fees can be steep, but the parking in the main building is very safe & convenient, & all you have to do is just walk a few steps to & fro the shop. Just ask me about it here.

I can stay for readings until 9pm. Just let me know in advance, & I can wait for you. It's usually very quiet there every weekend, & don't worry about privacy, as other people really wouldn't pry, unless they're potential customers. :D

I usually offer sample readings, like 1-3 cards at a time, to bystanders who get curious with what I'm doing. The only thing I can ask for in return is just respect in what I do, & a gracious acceptance of what I have to render. I respect you everytime you'd say, "teka, natatakot ako!" or "hindi ba makasademonyo yan?!" That's what I'm here for, to help de-mystify tarot & re-introduce it as something more sophisticated & worthwhile than what it's usually thought of.

(Good thing my niche doesn't subject me to that! They know what they want, & aren't afraid to ask for it, & they're VERY open-minded & intelligent enough to know that what I'm doing is both a labor of love & serious business, & that I'm not dragging anyone straight to hell, haha. In fact, au contraire. Go ask them. Thank you, folks.)

I like incorporating whatever little I know about astrology & feng shui in my readings, but only when it seems & feels relevant.

While waiting for your turn to be read, you can browse the magazines available at the cafe, or you can avail of their revamped loyalty/debit card so you can finally get free wi-fi at the very least. With all the points I've earned on my previous card, I was able to get the most of money back by redeeming them for free drinks & meals, haha. Talk about sulit. Get it for a single-receipt 250php 195php purchase in the shop. So, yeah, tote your laptop / notebook the next time you go, & you're all set. I'm thinking of finally blogging everytime I'm slated for readings there, but I'm waiting for a new netbook so I don't make my back problems worse with my huge old lappy that I hate lugging around.

While waiting for your reading hour, or waiting for your kasama or referral (whether friend/significant other/family member/coworker et al.) to have his/her session done, you can also bring your favorite book du jour or your trusty Moleskine (or any other journal) to jot down your reading expectations or results into. That's the best time sometimes to do so, trust me. :D & I'm really sorry for the long wait. Thank you for your patience & your patronage, nevertheless!

I personally recommend the cafe's staple hot vanilla drink, green tea (genmaicha or Japanese cherry), lemon chamomile tea, chai tea, double vanilla tea latte, Pure Vanilla Ice Blended (non-coffee based!), Sunrise Ice Blended, Mango Ice Blended, & the Mocha Mudslide Ice Blended for a yummy caffeine boost. But when I'd read I'd go on light & easy choices, so I usually get their hot vanilla or Japanese cherry green tea. I'm happy whenever patrons give me free drinks, but you really don't have to get me anything. Either I've already gulped down my fix for the day before the actual read-a-thon, or I'm about to once I'm done.

The cafe's pasta & salad offerings are good, too, even if rather pricey. I have mixed feelings with their lasagna, though. :/ I love their tomato & basil fare, & I'd ask for fusilli noodles in lieu of linguine. Their caesar salad is something I'd always come back for more. Oh, & I like their breakfast food!

Hehe, gacked this one off a Singaporean blog, yay!

Most of the time I don't have change, & I feel iffy giving change, so please have ample bills with you before we start. ATMs are a block or so away, btw, but it's easy to walk up to & fro those.

I'm also thinking of 'paying it forward' a little bit further on my 7th tarot anniversary next month, so I might give free readings to lucky followers of this blog. I'm also aiming to donating to charity by then, so half of your fee goes to a local cause of my choice. Go sign up now & stay tuned.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

running on E (empty, what else?)

I think somebody was trying to search for any entry here that has the "strategize with a wise old one" line. I gacked that off Tarot.com, you see, as featured here, hehe. I totally love their Our Changing Sky planetary features. This week's rendition is as follows:
Moon in Aquarius
Jun 10, 2009 to Jun 13, 2009

Oddballs rule with Aquarius Moon. You zig, they zag. "I love humanity," somebody once said, "it's people I can't stand." As much as we want the world to be just like us (or some days just to like us), we keep bumping against those different ones. Aquarius says, "Cool! Nothing inspires genius more than discomfort and diversity." So many things you'll touch today — a piece of paper, a fuzzy slipper, a computer keyboard — came from an oddball mind, able to view the same old thing in a different way. There's a restless, erratic quality in the air made for new awarenesses. Revolutionize something. Become somebody else's oddball. The Moon says shelve your sensitivity and welcome unexpected events. Celebrate your interconnectedness with everyone you meet. Leg cramps, varicose veins, or poor circulation could be signs that you've been standing still too long.
That is so dead-on, I tell you. Yes, especially that last sentence. Well, of course, not really literally. I keep dashing like mad to & fro my day job more often than not. I had to treat myself again to a nice pedicure with an extensive foot & leg massage after getting myself comfy new pink flip-flops at the last minute. I've been living in sneakers for a couple of weeks now, which is good, but still my legs & feet are killing me. I know I should be getting new dressy shoes for my corporate life, but I can't find anything interesting (& well-fitting, if I might add!) to snag just yet. I know, what a total ditzy post. & with that noted, I know I have to come back with my promised updates. For now, you can just read everything at my Plurk, & oh, check out this quaint tarot-inspired music video while you're at it! True, not really my genre, but it's amusing to see depictions of some of my favorite cards from the deck in one go! Don't worry, this weekend will have me working here in full force. :D For now, I just want to blab one of my silliest sanity-saving secrets, & perhaps that should also get you going. How much of an oddball can anyone get for having nicely-painted nails everytime but not having frizz-free hair, though? I'm just thankful that even if I look like a car crash everytime I show up at my usual haunts along the metro to relax, I still get respected enough to be treated accordingly. I wish we weren't so hooked to the halo effect (or its reverse, especially in my case).

Honestly, I don't mind, I'm trying to be confident just the same despite myself. I know I'll see myself through this phase (of going Nowhere fast). I really wouldn't want to be labelled the proverbial odd girl out, but I guess I've always been quirky, anyway. I just need to rest more, though. It's actually tiring to be one's own cheerleader, but I've left with no other choice. I hope you'd all be more graciously patient, too, with whatever it is that's bothering you. (So much for another segue to my grand life-overhaul post, or so I'd like to think.)

Oh, & just in case anyone bothers to ask, I've already made my Lili an Expert in my Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection revisitation, via PSP 3000, but I'm too tired now & my stats are 152/62. My losses are rampaging.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

appointments advisory

I just have to make a quick update about my schedules for this month. I'll be available this Saturday, the 13th as usual, rain or shine, but only after lunch, by 1PM, as I have to continue my physical therapy sessions for my entire back earlier that day. Then on the 20th, I can start as early as 10am, like always. But I might only read until 12nn, for a previous engagement. Will let you know, of course. Then by the 25th, I can only read from 10am to 4pm at the most, because by Sunday afternoon, after another previous engagement I have to attend, I can also be available. I'll need all the rest that I can get. Please be informed that appointments must be done at least a day in advance. I know, I also like last-minute meetups, but I want to be at my optimum state to read everytime. I also would appreciate it if I can meet more than one individual at a given day. For more details & inquiries, please leave a comment here, or add me. :D

Thanks so much!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

sunshine after the rain!

After an entire week of heavy raining that caused so much delay, I'm just so glad for the sun to be shining gloriously again! I woke up early this morning (around 3am, argh) & when I decided to go online an hour after that, I cued Monday Michiru's Sunshine After The Rain in WinAmp & tried to catch up with everything (but I still have loads of email to read up to now!) possible. A couple of hours later, it was already warm & bright in the room! Yay! But I like rainy Saturday & Sunday mornings spent indoors, actually.

Then I just found out last night from my brother that I can finally play ISOs on my PSP 3000, which I received as a gift a few months ago. He showed me how to work the damn thing, haha, & we ended up playing team battles in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (which was the MAIN reason why I wanted to have a PSP to begin with a few years ago). & yes, we both can't wait for Tekken 6!

So, yeah, I'm a happy bunny, as I've advanced to 3rd dan (in hard mode, at that, OMG!) using the prissy sexy Lili with pinned hair & a pink dress with purple hand guards & boots, with 60 wins then 19 losses. I can't wait to get a new memory card & a wrist strap. I've been using my brother's PSP for the longest time, as my current UMDs are rather frustrating, so I had to set aside my handheld for a while. My brother & I exchanged cases, though, so I'm using his soft leather pouch. I'm on the verge of completely outgrowing video games, however. Yet I'm still hanging on to Warbook, & I'm just so happy to have made it to Level 49 even with a dormant alliance.

This also surprised me this morning. Hooray! Haha, at this rate I won't be in the top 50 Philippine websites roster, but I'm just happy to be included in the full listing.

I might as well take the time out to introduce you to my friend Lornadahl's travelling dolls Lunah & Raya for her t-shirt business, as probably inspired by the "travelling gnome" in the quirky French film Amelie. Aren't they cute? I hope to hear more about them in their respective Twitter pages, haha.

Their respective shirts read in the vernacular, "Pagkahabahaba man ng prusisyon, sa Pinas pa rin ang tuloy" & "Pambansang Lagalag". I'm bad with translations but you can use the online translator in this blog, which produces funny results, haha. If you want a good laugh, you might as well check it out. But the context, of course, at least methinks, is that there's no place like home. :P & why don't we all proclaim ourselves National Travellers, Tourists, Explorers, Globetrotters, Crusaders, Hikers, Roamers, Wanderers, Nomads, Vagabonds... call them what you will, hehe. Aha, & of course, The Fool card comes to mind! :D

Anyway, I really do need to be inspired further. That way, I can be more inspiring in turn. For now, I'll just probably rest for a bit. Coming right up, I'm finally posting my take on changing karma, World Tarot Day, this year's Neptune retrograde, & cool quick tarot spreads, among other little things.

Monday, June 01, 2009

June bug

I know, I'm late with the update. I can blame Mercury recovering from its last retrograde this season, which has been actually rather more forgiving than its previous episodes. But I'm excited just the same & I can't wait for my 7th tarot anniversary (when I fell in love at first sight with the cards) at the end of the month, & of course, for the summer equinox. But for now please stay tuned. I should come up with the rest of the entry by tomorrow. I'm not really feeling well, & I need to wrap up a few more things before proceeding. But I had fun last weekend, amidst the rain, & I hope it'd be like that everytime from now on. How? I went to a new place with the Breakfast Club (now aka the 400 Club, haha, because our average call-handling time nowadays would be in the 400-second range, yikes!) & checked out a huge Philips one-day-only warehouse sale & then had a bit of me-time to end the day. I was even able to drop by one of my favorite chapels for a bit to give thanks & to offer Mass for my departed father & youngest sister. If the weather was more forgiving, though, I would've shopped around for dresses & had my hair done.

Anyway, I had the craziest dream that I was in Thailand (or was it Indonesia?) & we were out on adventure (Chasing someone or something? Hunting for treasure? Running away from someone or something? Crap, for the life of me, I can't remember) but we had to encounter swarms of beetles. We were in this old temple (or was it just some old blurry building?) where a huge pile of dead beetles fell upon us & it was just gross. Oh, God. Then I woke up, as I received a phone call from someone random. I better be careful, anyway. Seeing at least one beetle in a dream is supposedly a rather ominous thing. I can only hope not. I'd rather not go into detail about it.

I might also be active on Twitter again. But it looks like my old blah account is nowhere to be found. I really didn't like it there last year. But let's see if I can keep up this season.