Tuesday, April 22, 2008

trying to get back on track

I would like to thank my old high school classmate Isai for coming over to my humble abode & asking for a reading last week. I hope your weekend was eventful as forecasted. ;) I hope to see you again very soon, of course, but let’s wait until after May 5.

& I just love red envelopes all the more now.
“To sum it up, the red envelope tradition in feng shui is a means of protecting the ancient knowledge, as well as showing respect for the person who shared this knowledge with you.”

It’s really not about going overboard, but you know, I get happy sometimes with the most trivial of things. So, yeah, get some at National Bookstore & spread the luck around. I might also ask for a five-element pagoda keychain from my patrons. It’s just about the same price that I charge, so it shouldn’t be a hassle. Get feng shui items from Mandarin Gate in V Mall, Greenhills & you might even get discounts. ;)

I’ll be free this Tuesday (yay, Earth Day!) & Saturday for tarot readings. Usually I’m at my usual coffee shop but this Saturday I’ll be somewhere else, as I have a prior engagement to go to. I’ll be starting as early as 11 AM.

& oh, here’s this cool feng shui tip I got online… I might as well share it.
Remember that ‘Treasure Map’ you began at the New Moon of the 8th of this month? Well, now you have these next three days of this Full Moon to complete it. See what you want. Literally, visualize a plan and then put it down on paper with pictures from magazines or by writing affirmations or even by putting together a video diary of all the things that you want in your life. Just make sure that you complete this ‘map’ by the end of this Full Moon period in order to land among the stars with all your intentions.

You know me, I love wishlists. I hope this helps us all. ♥

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

what to do while there’s still time

I don’t care what other people say about Paulo Coelho anymore, because I like how he seems to validate my thoughts. This is why I read tarot & why peers ask the cards the same thing sometimes:
“The only way to make the right decision is to know what the wrong decision is. You have to examine the other path, without fear & without being morbid, & then decide.”

However, from the same book where that was derived, interestingly, from the Personal Vices chapter, this is what I get:
“Pity those who reduce the cosmos to an explanation, God to a magic potion, & humanity to beings with basic needs that must be satisfied, because they never hear the music of the spheres. But have even more pity on those who have blind faith, & who in their laboratories transform mercury into gold, & who are surrounded by their books about the secrets of the Tarot & the power of the pyramids. Neither of these kinds of people know Thy law that says, ‘Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.’"

Sigh. But I am still outside looking in with wide-eyed gusto despite everything. I still feel that this is going to be my year. So hooray for my 30 Things To Do At Least Before I Die… Errr, I Mean, Before I Hit 30.
  • Learn more about feng shui, & have fun with interior decorating.

  • Get a driver’s license.

  • Learn kendo.

  • Learn more about wine appreciation.

  • Get a makeover. Seriously.

  • Be more diligent with yoga.

  • Experiment with cooking more.

  • Work on my supposed writing prowess.

  • Take care of my new puppies attentively.

  • Have my room repainted to a soft pink.

  • Take care of areca palms & orchids.

  • Collect more scented candles. Maybe even make them myself!

  • Wear sunscreen more regularly.

  • Go back to strength training.

  • Get a new pair of rollerblades.

  • Smile more, even when cranky as hell.

  • Don’t take crap from powertrippers.

  • Work on expressing my distaste/indignance/fury more constructively.

  • Take up oil painting classes.

  • Update my bookshelf/iTunes.

  • Save more money.

  • Save the world, one plastic bag & bottle at a time.

  • Learn how to assemble a desktop computer.

  • Take more pictures.

  • Master a new language.

  • Learn how to swim again.

  • Prepare for my retirement.

  • Update my resumé.

  • Get a new tarot deck, like the Victoria-Regina set.

  • Revisit my childhood home at least every 2 weeks.

Yep, I’m ready to take the challenge. ♥