FAQ (vol. 2)

This section is dedicated to everything work-related; i.e., reading vis-a-vis for an hour or for 10-20 minutes in events + parties. Mind you, it's not that easy reading for people, especially during busy times & within noisy places, so please do not underestimate Tarot reading as a menial task. It is sooo NOT. I repeat, IT IS NOT THAT EASY, that all we'll need is just a bunch of cards & a table with chairs & unsuspecting individuals to be lured into their doom with our dose of spiritual hoo-ha. Dammit. Pardon me for being snarky in this section but I guess that's how I really feel now. Tarot reading is a 2-way street, but I believe readers reserve the right to go "my way or the highway" especially when clients become too difficult to manage. Please be guided accordingly.

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We would like you to read for our company/house/spa party. How would we go about it?

First & foremost, I'm very particular with the location. I can accommodate you if you're within my preferred areas (Makati CBD, or along Roxas Boulevard, or heck, even Cavite, only along the first district) but if anywhere else not specified, I'll have to charge more. My rate for parties is for every 3 hours, & you get to pay extra for excess minutes/hours spent reading. I need to be booked at least a day in advance, with the full particulars (time, exact venue with directions, dress code if applicable, contact person, theme, FLOOR PLAN, etc.) & a partial payment deposited to my specified bank accounts is most preferred.

I expect that if I'm requested to do the reading for your event, you already know my background & my reputation, & that's easily checked via this blog & my corresponding Facebook page. I need not pass my resume because for the most part, I am not applying for a job with you even if you are hiring me. I can easily provide one just in case, should you insist, but I personally think it's superfluous, & again, Tarot reading is no ordinary stint. Some clients prefer to remain anonymous if you require direct references, but I would be happy to give them to you.

Some of the entities I've already read for are: Wedding Belle Magazine, Landbank of the Philippines, Makati Shangri-La, Enderun Colleges, Signa Designer Residences via Groove Manila, Hot Nails Spa, & Gift Lab. Then I've actually paid to take part in the 5th ToyCon 5 years ago & the 1st Pet Bazaar on Father's Day by Outbox Media Productions in cooperation with Fab Paws last year.

I would appreciate it if I'd be kept away in a rather secluded corner, well-lit & well-ventilated PLEASE, away from blaring speakers or kitchen or passageway of your guests & workforce, so I can concentrate on my readings. I am rather soft-spoken & it's maddening enough to strain my vocal cords to the point of yakking at the top of my lungs just to get my point across. Tarot readings are best conducted in peaceful, COZY surroundings so both the reader & the questioner can concentrate on the questions at hand. I DO NOT WANT TO SHARE MY SPACE WITH ANOTHER READER, AS PER MY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES RECENTLY A FEW MONTHS AGO, SO PLEASE. If you've hired another reader or so, please give us our respective areas, & DO NOT make us swap readings. I will not entertain requests from fellow readers like that anymore during my shift. I also want you to do your part of orienting your guests that there is limited time per head so that we can entertain everyone as much as possible, & please make waiting as organized as possible. & please have your guests refrain from getting drunk, should they want a reading. & please note that if I end up with damaged or missing cards, I WILL HAVE TO CHARGE FOR REPLACEMENT. Tarot decks are rather hard to procure locally, please note, so you'll have to pay on the spot for the deck's price plus shipping if I have to get them abroad.

I can read for precocious kids, as long as their parents are around, but again, please look after said children & make sure they don't wreak havoc while I do my job.

& please, don't make me feel like some dumb hired help. Most probably I didn't even volunteer to be at your party in the first place. So please. Spare me some dignity. & be kinder to the rest of your associates, especially your actual hired help.

I'm reading for this woman who's had an empty, miserable life. I wish I could intervene & maybe help her get some happiness in her life. But I don't influence my clients' lives, so I wouldn't know how to help her without becoming too nosy. :(

Dear, whether we like it or not, as readers, we have no choice but to intervene whenever completely necessary in our clients' lives. & we actually influence their lives in one way or another, especially just by reading for them. That's why we readers should actually have sound judgment & be in the mood to do draining readings especially for difficult people. So we should be sober, well-rested, & neutral + objective as much as possible. & our clients should be considerate enough.

I don't want to pry, either, whenever I read, but now I've learned the hard way that by actually asking questions to confirm things I pick up in my readings, I also allow my querents to vent. Helping them get things off their chests allows them to think much more clearly for themselves, to begin with, & my impartial insights provided (to the best of my knowledge & capacity) will help them further achieve enlightenment. Sometimes I do get moved by certain subjects & tell them my subjective takes, but I don't impose just the same. I like conversation per se & a good reading should flow like an in-depth one everytime. Yay for catharsis. But of course, the readings are our clients', not ours, so we shouldn't really be offended if they take our word for it, so to speak, regarding their issues, with that proverbial grain of salt. They'll ultimately have to decide for themselves, even if we'd feel responsible for their well-being in the end. But the least we can do is try not to just let them be should they decide to cease their lives sometime after the reading, if we can help it. Again, we can always refer them to the proper authorities for the necessary professional counsel that they need that we can't really provide. & ahem, prayers are still in fashion. But wait, that's just me.

Have you ever turned someone down who would've wanted to be read because you sensed that you really didn't feel like reading for him or her (because there's something iffy about the person)?

Hmm, very rarely. But there are times that I can't go through with the reading that I'd have to cancel & reschedule at the last minute. That means either the client has to calm down first & become more objective/open, or I really would need to rest.

But there was this subtly lecherous older guy that I couldn't really stand, after all. I didn't want to see him ever again. His questions were bothering me, & since he wouldn't be able to afford my rates in the long run, well... good riddance.

My initial move is to actually help people, so I really can't refuse them, especially when they're compensating me for my efforts. But what I really can't stand is that after everything I've done for them, they still have the nerve to harass me & shit. Some guys are fucking creepy to read for, honestly. Consider yourself warned if you're a grubby sleazebag: I WILL NOT HESITATE TO SLAM YOU DOWN SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO PICK ON ME. Unless you're my type (hehe, NOT) & you ask me out nicely, I will only talk to you within our paid timeframe. Remember that taking advantage of other people will only reap you bad karma.

What do you do about people who'd contradict everything you'd say in your readings for them to the point of implying that you're just pulling their stupid proverbial leg & ripping them off, only to have them confirm a few hours or days after that what you've actually told them makes a whole lot of sense, to the point of "amazingly accurate"?

HAHAHA, I get blatantly self-righteous whenever that happens. "SEE, I TOLD YOU SO! WHY DIDN'T YOU TRUST ME BEFORE?" That's actually happened to me MORE THAN ONCE. One girl pathetically emailed how I was right on the dot all along, & one guy recently took me 3 whole hours to talk to, as he challenged all my beliefs & integrity, only for him to whimper in the end that I was insightful & he really just needed help but he was super-stuck & he didn't know where else to go or what to do. WTF. So at the end of the day I'd rather think about my favorite silly things instead of grumbling at my frustrations so I don't end up killing myself. :P

& 3 weeks ago I caught myself blurting out to a repeat client, "Ikaw kasi, you don't trust me! Why don't people really trust me? I'm not God, of course, but what the hell, I know what I saw & I'd always explain to you as vividly as I can what conclusions I've arrived at for you to understand where I'm coming from!" Seriously, if you think I'm just ripping you off, then don't fucking come back. (But of course, I love my patrons & I always appreciate them coming back, but not to the point of overdose = codependency, hehe.)

My weekly massage getaways are now sadly becoming harsh reminders at this point, because of all the difficult people + issues I've been handling, & I shouldn't be taking on too much of their shit. Must detach. ALWAYS. Though easier said than done.

I actually had a cheap reading in Quiapo, because sadly, as of now, I can't afford your rate yet. But I consulted around 3 readers there & all their cards were saying the same thing! Do you think what they were saying is true, then?

Seriously, why on earth would you even have the gall to ask me to validate what they read for/about you when we're not even in session yet? & can't you be more discerning? Didn't you even stop to think that for all you know those people could've been just pulling your leg? (But I totally understand how it's already part of our local culture & national tourism for people to get readings there for kicks. Then again...) You couldn't even trust your previous readers, why do you think you should even take into consideration whatever I'd say? Plus, don't you really have any ounce of respect for me at all? Why do you need to compare me to them, to begin with? If you really need to compare, come back to me when you're ready, but please, set your appointment way ahead of time, & meet me at MY spot. Thank you.

Don't get me wrong, I welcome you people getting a second opinion elsewhere, & I'll be more than happy to provide referrals, but PLEASE.

Can you read for yourself just as accurately as you do for others? How often?

Yes, I can, & things can get pretty accurate, with quick results even, like within the day or the next. But I really don't read for myself as often as I used to anymore. Readings should be done sparingly, quite frankly, & I'd rather get a reading elsewhere, whether automated or otherwise, for more objective results.

Are your sessions strictly 1-on-1?
Or can my friend/companion & I listen to each other's readings?

As much as possible, it's best to have the sessions 1-on-1. As long as you feel you can trust your companion fully & vice versa, then it's fairly OK for you to sit in. But if you can wait, like what I wrote before, then by all means clear your head, write down your questions if you must, enjoy a cup or so of hot chocolate if you wish, & be prepared to have change with you.

How do your readings usually go? General forecast first, then questions?
How many questions can we ask?

Yes, a general forecast first & then people can ask questions after. Now remember I read on an hourly basis, so you'll have to squeeze everything in & be attentive all throughout the reading. This is what I wrote 2 years ago:
I will need to really charge per hour, & limit every session to only up to 3 hours at the most. If we go beyond that, it'll be terribly draining for both you & me, & it would be best if we continue online after a day or so or in person the following weekend, whichever works for the both of us. I usually don't like timing readings, even if I take note of what time we'd be starting & ending; nor would I really like to impose an hourly rate, but I guess it's for the best. Even if we finish in less than an hour, I would still have to charge the standard price.
Now I don't recommend going for more than 2 hours, or even more than 1 1/2! Please also be considerate to the client after you who might already be waiting while you eat up their time. Also be prepared to pay up accordingly when you know you've gone beyond your allotted timeslot.

& like what I've reposted just recently:
How to get the most out of your tarot reading: 6 tips to maximize your experience.

1. Do some research on your reader. This can be done by asking them about their code of ethics, what they’re comfortable doing, or how they feel about different situations in dealing with clients. Fortunately, a lot of readers have websites where you can see not only their code of ethics and some sample readings, but also feedback. Feedback can be very important to a reader and they usually have no problem sharing positive feedback with potential clients, paid or not.

2. Come with an open mind. If you go into the reading with ultimatums and expecting a specific outcome, you’ll probably be disappointed. Most readers are under the impression you seek them out for their interpretations of the cards, and if you insist they’re doing things incorrectly, you’ll both end up frustrated.

3. Ask a good question. The future of your life is based on you and you alone. If you ask a question that negates your own power in your life, you are less likely to get a truly helpful answer. For example, asking “when will I find a new lover?” asks literally when the querent will find a specific person. But what if the querent never leaves their home and expects the lover to find them? What if the querent has a very specific set of standards and expects the new lover to fit into them, and doesn’t consider anyone else? They may never find the lover they seek. Try phrasing your questions in a way that shows you accept your power or responsibility in your OWN life. For example, “what do I need to know about finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend?”, “what can I do to help find a new lover soon?”, or even “am I doing the work I need to be doing to find the new squeeze I’ve been hoping for?” are excellent alternatives to the original question.

4. Don’t offer anything yet the reader doesn’t ask for. Some readers may ask for a bit of background information, some prefer to only know the question, while others ask questions as they share the reading. The best thing to do is recognize that the reader is experienced enough to know when to ask for information. For example, if the reader says, “Have you been stressed out about your relationship?” it’s better to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ then to launch into a full explanation of why the relationship has been weighing heavy on your heart. Wait until the end of the reading to explain what’s going on. This helps you to get the big picture, and for the reader to fully relay everything in the cards.

5. Keep in mind how often you ask a specific question. Repeating a question because you want to see what different readers say, or because you may be fishing for a specific answer, is more likely to confuse you and blur all the answers together than it is to actually help you. If someone gives you a really off reading, that’s one thing. But asking the same or similar questions multiple times indicates that you aren’t paying attention to the answers you’ve been given in the past. Sometimes readings will be complete duds because people already know the answer to their question, but they don’t want to admit they do, or they are hoping the answer will change.

6. Take notes as you go along, or save the reading for later. There are usually things relayed in a reading that don’t make sense right away. If anything seems like it doesn’t fit, make a note of it and look into it when the reading is finished. Often times you can look back on a reading and see exactly how things made sense - but only if you have a decent record of the reading ;)
I hope this helps.

& the proverbial DISCLAIMER: My service is not intended to replace the professional recommendations of psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians & other registered medical practitioners, therapists, lawyers, accountants, or any other professional advisers. Information provided is for entertainment purposes only. Information provided should never, in any case, be considered ultimately as professional advice, nor should it be used as such. You must be 18 years or older to avail of my service. Minors can be entertained, but only with full permission of their parents or guardians.

Is it worth it to learn Tarot from you? Do you offer personal Tarot tutorials?

Yes. I offer beginner's Tarot lessons in private, priced like my usual party involvements, for every 3 hours. I can visit you at your home or office, provided the area's within my preferred site.