Wednesday, October 25, 2006

better late than never!

I’m sleepy & I had a hard time in yoga (after a long time of not showing up) as well as with my mom (for her being overprotective, etc.) yesterday, but I think everything paid off because I serendipitously got myself a new deck. HAHA. Hooray for the Golden Tarot! Talk about a belated birthday present, like a month after. Even if I still have the Samurai Tarot to play with (another birthday present, from my production associate Em, whom I’d rather call Lynne), my new deck is a wonderful pick-me-upper.

behold, the Golden Tarot deck!

Look at The Queen of Pentacles shown on the cardstock, the Queen of Cups on the guidebook, & the ultra-alluring Queen of Wands on the box. So who’s your favorite? Picture taken before my unsealing the cards. Partly I also want to show off my camphone, but really, I love my new deck.