Monday, April 23, 2007

happy Earth day!

Taken from my most favorite tarot resources:

from the Golden Tarot deck
Knight of Pentacles

Try to keep your feet on the ground at this time. You may be offered an opportunity to lead others towards material prosperity, and they might count on you to be the one who has the practical plan, has organized the event, or set the budget. You may not feel adequately compensated for your efforts, but try to let your compassion and nurturing nature balance that out. If there is something weighing heavily on your mind at this time, pausing to consider your options and the possible ramifications of your choice may be wise, for without hesitation or a certain amount of careful consideration, you could end up in deep water, lose your way, or otherwise end up on a shaky foundation. More than likely, you are trustworthy, compassionate, stable, and honest, and it is this combination of qualities that help others to feel comfortable putting their faith in you, even if at times, you feel dull, anxious, or pressured by the heavy burden of your responsibilities.

Pretty relevant card, I should say. Learn more about it here.

Do you think we’ll ever get to see this spectacle? Or did it just pass me by again because I was too tired yesterday? I’ll try to catch it tonight if possible.

& this is why I’m a big fan of spas. Heck, even if it doesn’t really show & I still need to find the perfect facialist, all I care about is feeling comfortable & satisfied with myself, especially with the way things are going with my life.

Funny, I don’t have dry eyes. My eyes are always watery as heck when I’m tired, but I am pretty much dehydrated most of the time, especially this summer. But remind me to get Visine & to maximize my breaks more efficiently.

Thank you, JR, for finally getting the drat anti-spam app working for this blog. I am sick of crazy non-related automated messages flooding this site, & finally I can allow automatic acceptance of comments. Well, maybe not now, though.