Monday, April 16, 2007

whimsical is my game

I’m thrilled to realize that Miss Potter was like a Tarot journey of some sorts. She started out as The Fool & ended up being in the 9 of Coins, with her being the Queen of Coins, of course. Yes, even Death & the Tower were featured, & I cried heaps as I watched their manifestations, like what I did during Bridge to Terabithia (which, btw, sucked). She reminds me of my own self (especially with our view on marriage & maternal issues, HAH!) as well as of my dear late quirky youngest sister (for their penchance in adorable art & whatnot). I loved Peter Rabbit. He was my first ever fanfiction inspiration (I started writing it when I was 6, but the story dwindled into utter belligerence as I myself was constantly breaking the rules by skipping school & getting into fights with boys up to the 4th grade) & I still feel compelled to collect his books, if not give them away to my nephew & godkids. I love this movie, & yet I don’t readily recommend it to everyone, unless you’re in dire need of a diversion from your usual fare, & you like breathtaking countrysides scenes. I’m such a girl that way.

I also would have to congratulate Ly for getting his Vanessa Tarot published & released (by U.S. Games Systems, no less! OMG!) overseas (as usual). We deserve to go to next week’s annual Tarot Readers Studio in New York, but maybe I’ll just wait until next year, as soon as I get enough vacation leaves or so. Sigh.

I bought the Winter 2006 issue of Yoga Life & I’m thinking of snagging this book as well while everything’s on sale, but maybe tomorrow. I still have to go through this resource before anything else readable, anyway.

As for today’s Tarot card, let me change the sheets & rearrange my stuff before I can draw something significant.


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