Tuesday, October 16, 2012

it's my blog 6th Solar return, so...

Posting for my 6th blog anniversary's overdue. Took care of a lot of things at home. Anyway, to celebrate & make up for it, I'm offering my quick Tarot readings by email again this year at a discounted price! Feel free to buy from me now while the promo's piping hot! These are good until October 30, 2012. Please wait for up to 48 hours for a response. Rest assured your order will be delivered as soon as you request. On a first-come, first-served basis. All you need to do is choose how long your reading will be, & relax, have faith.

Quick Email Tarot Reading Specials!

To know more about how my email readings work, please check out my previous post & my FAQs vol. 2 section. Satisfaction guaranteed. You get to save as much as US$10 for a 3-question reading, & that's a huge deal. 

Now if you want to schedule a Tarot reading to be conducted in person, please note that I can only meet up in my designated location in Makati. Please coordinate with me via email or this blog for an appointment. :) & if by any chance you want to donate for the betterment of this blog, please let me know! Thank you in advance! Namaste! :D  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what happens when Mercury, Saturn, & the N. Node are all in Scorpio

My blog will be 6 years old on the 13th. I'm still thinking of how to celebrate it here, to thank all you readers for it. But for now, let me just give you my schedule this month, & I'm still taking a long break from reading Tarot face-to-face. Please note that I don't do Tarot readings anymore on weekends. You'll have to wait until I give the advisory via SMS. The soonest possible time is on Tuesday, October 16th, & the last open slot is 5pm-7pm. I'll still try to read again to accommodate other people before the 23rd (the following Tuesday), & then no more readings up close again from the 24th until November 4th). Remote readings are priced differently, but they can be requested within that time. Be sure to place payments before Halloween sets in, & please note I'll need some time off on November 1st with my family to commemorate our dearly departed. You should, too.

Should you wish to schedule for a Tarot reading with me, feel free to email me at sp[dot]lovecraft[at]gmail[dot]com. Email readings can be quite accurate, too, like what this man attests to, from his last missive to me a few months ago:
Hey, I just had a mind-blowing realization. That girl I asked you about - she was indeed an Aries, but at the time I had 2 Arieses lingering about. While things with that interesting Aries didn't work out, my relationship with the other Aries was progressing smoothly but I was taking it for granted because obviously my mind was set on someone else. 
Now, these are the things that are true in your reading for the 2nd Aries:
  • "a lot of communication & effort is required" Yes, there has been a lot of this.
  • "things improve around literally the next 3 weeks" They did, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was just going with the flow, thinking it would be cool if something came out of our thing, but I wasn't as invested in it as she was. But things were progressing like they would in any romantic relationship.
  • "she might even live rather far away from you. But she delights in praise, has a soft spot for children" This is true for her.
  • "may literally be surrounded with pets (& admiring eyes)." Not pets, but definitely plenty of admiring eyes.
  • "She could even be musically-inclined." She is. She plays various instruments.
  • "Be prepared to travel soon, then, maybe because of her. & travel may be akin to telecommunications anyway." It wasn't too soon but I do have to travel a bit to get to her.
  • "her roots may be more influential than you think" I don't know about her biological roots, but her step-dad is most definitely influential.
Amazing! Anyway, I'm sorry if I seemed skeptical before. All this just came to me today and I thought I'd tell you about it. Keep up the good work!

I have to admit he was quite a bitch to read for, & he sure knows it, WTF, but I tried my best to patient & it sure paid off. All I ask for is a little bit more respect at this point, especially if I give a huge discount for readings online, which I won't be offering anytime soon. I mean, I still could, especially for my 6th blog-o-versary, but only valid until the time specified. If you want to take advantage of it, stay tuned, & let me think it through. 

BTW, my rates have changed, please note, & I still read within the Makati CBD. Off-location sessions will be charged more from now on. Please be advised. Will come up with my personal updates in a bit. ♥