Monday, November 26, 2007

quid pro quo

For this season, get a free reading for every successful referral. But I really can’t do pro bono anymore, as it is too cumbersome. Please give me full-fledged support & I’ll definitely return the favor, satisfaction guaranteed.

Anyway, first-timers are entitled to a What Is Your Destiny? spread (from this nifty selection I’ve picked up a few years ago, & I try to stick to established spreads than make my own in the meantime) to jazz things up, haha, if it applies:

1) Will my life change soon?
2) Will a new relationship be exciting?
3) What chance is there for my ex-lover’s return?
4) What is my potential to win or inherit money?
5) Is there a trip in the future?
6) Am I working out my karma?
7) Will I live a long & happy life?
8) Will I marry more than once?

First 3 cards go up from the right, next 3 go up at the left, last 2 up at the center. I realized people like this set of questions anyway, unless they have something very specific in mind, like about their career or lovelife, sans the frivolities of this spread. Haha, I’m tempted to try this layout again for kicks & post the details here, but maybe later when I’m feeling more awake.


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