Sunday, May 10, 2009

"I'd rather be an optimist and a fool"

Happy Mother's Day! Especially to all my wonderful patrons who already have kids of their own. I haven't talked to my mother yet, though, but I'm so thankful for her thoughtfulness last week. She was also trying to give me helpful advice (about relationships, astoundingly) but I had to decline her efforts. My inner brat was screaming deep down that everything worthwhile I know now, I didn't get it directly from her so-called wise words, but honestly, as I can feel myself aging more, I know exactly now where she's coming from. She may have served more as a bad example to me, sadly, than a wellspring of inspiration, but I still care about her & I have to admit, despite everything, I wouldn't want to fail her standards. We're still trying to bridge the gap, even despite what our whole family has gone through, but I'm still happy to live this long to be able to converse with her more openly now. So, cheers to you, Mom. I love you. I hope you'd be able to forgive me completely, & that we'd coexist more harmoniously soon. I wish you more strength to go on with life, better health, more hope, & more happiness, especially from loving friends, who are closer to you physically than we, your children, are at the moment. Always remember, too, that despite everything, Dad loved you, & you loved him so well in turn. Take good care, Mom. ♥

Magnificat Madonna by Sandro Botticelli

Haha, & coincidentally, look what I found at! :D My mom's Piscean, btw, & holy crap, I've had a lot of guilt trips from her. But I understand perfectly well now. :) Oh, & look, feng shui for moms. :D Plus, here's a quick reminder to nurture Mother Earth, hehe.

Anyway, whether or not it's this season's Mercury retrograde's fault that most single people are having a hard time coupling up & some married folks are having an affair, no thanks to a long-term relationship in shambles, I just find it so unfair. But I wish everyone luck. & remember, tread carefully... choose wisely. For all of you dashing single pretties out there, keep thinking happy thoughts! ♥ Hopefully by the end of May we'll have a ball. :D As my personal declaration of self-love, I'm dedicating Lenny Kravitz's "Butterfly" unabashedly to myself, on loop, & his "I Belong To You" song's still on heavy (& I mean HEAVY!) rotation. ♥ It's about time I'd listen to more love songs that end on a happy note, haha. I so love music that I can both play during sweltering summery days & cold, dismal rainy moments! I just realized that Lenny Kravitz is a Gemini all along, & he's celebrating his birthday on the 26th this month! Some fan I turn out to be, huh. :/ Hehe. He's on tour in Europe now, but I honestly think nothing comes close to his older releases. I hope he'd come here someday to perform, & I'll be the first to line up, whatever it takes! :D Yep, Let Love Rule!

Hmm, speaking of falling in love, here's this crazy movie on HBO that made me laugh out loud this weekend right after I got home from a delightful tarot reading session with new referrals:

OMG, where was I when I.Q. was shown in the big screen?! :)) Walter Matthau (R.I.P.) as Albert Einstein was the funniest ever, & I like the way he'd go "WAHOO" haha. I also like this quip from him, "I've always imagined heaven to be one enormous library, only you can't take out the books." That finally sealed the deal. Go catch it on cable while you still can. I'm warning you, though, that the sailboat & Stargazer's Field scenes are cheesy. Ugh.

Here's another line from the movie that I like, by Meg Ryan (as Catherine Boyd):
"Koestler says accidental discoveries aren't accidents.
People have moments of insight and intuition
that they're prepared for by experience to recognise them for what they are."
Is it me, or does it really remind us of the so-called Akashic records?

Finally, let me discuss what I've been meaning to bring up since last week... about Calendar spreads, that are perfect for birthdays & New Year celebrations. I used to try it for only 6 months, though, then I decided to think big & try to "foresee" what's in store for a full year. It made waves with a former querent who joined the US Navy a few years ago, & it made sense to one of my repeat patrions, until recently. But from the looks of it, everything's still right on the dot, but her actual spread's actually overlapped with that from her cousin & her new boyfriend, who are also regular querents, after much review. (Now, what I'm talking about shouldn't be confused with that in finance, haha. Hey, the latter's actually helpful!)

I tried reading for myself last year, for my birthday, with the said spread, & I have to admit, it seemed that the reading wasn't at all accurate for me. But let's try to take a closer look now. I've used the Manga Tarot deck by Selena Lin, & my Significators were the Queen of Pentacles & the Hierophant (not shown in photo, L-R). Again, pardon the rather icky shot. Looks like my cards really wouldn't want to be photographed, or maybe I'm just a big doofus with a camera anyway. Again, click to enlarge, s'il vous plait.

Calendar Spread

September - 6 of Cups
October - 6 of Wands
November - The Hermit
December - Knight of Swords
January - The Fool
February - Page of Cups
March - Death
April - Emperor
May - The Chariot
June - 8 of Wands
July - Knight of Wands
August - Queen of Wands
September - 7 of Cups

Hmmm, I admit I was rather nostalgic on my birthday, missing my old friends & my departed family, but I was also full of hope & ready to start anew, & I have my pretty friend Alpha to thank profusely. It rained like crazy, though, on that fateful day (September 25th), but that's fine. The Mercury retrograde during that time led to a long outage from this blog, & so I had to transfer from Wordpress to my current platform. Le sigh.

October was a bad time for me, so I think the 6 of Wands didn't make sense here. I was forced to take a long leave from work, & I really felt depressed during that time, as I was terribly sick this month, & I got heartbroken repeatedly. It followed until November, but I enjoyed the downtime. But I did isolate all the more as I had to figure out myself back then. I had all these issues surface out of nowhere. By December I was all revved up to go back to work, but the mad holiday rush was just draining. Haha. But I'm still lucky to make it in one piece everytime, & celebrating Christmas then New Year's Eve at work was rather sweeter this time around.

January was awesome. I met A LOT of new patrons, & I can't thank you folks enough for trusting me. I hope to see you all again. I also got the first perfect score ever from our main evaluators in the entire program after the quality scoring revamp, & a coworker was sweet enough to acknowledge it with a congratulatory card. But I also got crazy failing scores from this month, & that followed until February. My scorecards were passing, though, nevertheless, from November. Then March came, & for the first time this year I failed my scorecard. But I got a wonderful commendation from a customer, nevertheless. The beau had to bid me goodbye for boot camp. I also commemorated my father's first death anniversary, & my late youngest sister's supposed birthday. It was nice because I was with my best friends forever LOL & my brother. However, just when I was about to enjoy a long leave from work to observe my mother's birthday, my other best friend's father passed away, on the morning after my family's respective commemoration. I was just thinking about him & his wife, on how thoughtful they were & how we had a chance to actually sit down & talk, because I'm not sure if I left a good impression LOL when I met them a decade ago. I still have their envelope that they signed when they offered their condolences for my family during my father's wake. It was nice seeing my best friend again after 10 years, though, & reconnecting with her sibs whom I've grown fond of as well, & meeting my first ever goddaughter in person. :D

Uhm, then April? I thought I was on my way of passing my scorecard at work, but because of my absences last week or so, I can just kiss that chance goodbye. I still have until this month to redeem myself so I don't have to be subjected to a performance improvement plan, whew. But I got another commendation, & it always feel nice to get one or so, you know? I'm also thankful that we're up & running again this month, & that my blog caretaker JR's very helpful. :D I'm also happy to have repeat clients, & as of this month, I got pleasant feedback that one of them finally got moving, after much delay. :D Oh, & I'm really happy for my new clients this May. Thank you, really! Yay. I wonder what else is in store for me this month. I just hope I can take more pictures, though, like this one:


Now that we've discussed this spread, I've just realized it does make sense after all! The 6 of Wands bit was the only thing that was rather out of place, but maybe if I can remember what else happened during that month that corresponds a bit to the actual card meaning (mmm, success!) maybe that'd work. Not bad, eh? Let's just hope the rest of the year would unfold nicely. The remaining cards look promising, anyway.

Let me leave with you with I think should be the tarot card for the day:

Look to someone who represents this Queen for you as a guide or model of common sense and appreciation of the gifts of Earth. He or she may be a good businessperson, parent, or other practical, resourceful, or creative being who has the ability to surround others with a secure environment. Be ready to work hard, be efficient, and confident, and She might give you, or someone you know the oppportunity to put plans into action. Don't expect Her, however, to be anything other than who She is. You may be excitable, impulsive, or chatty, but She probably is not. You may come to an agreement over food and drink. Allow yourself some time to indulge in reading, or spending time with pets, or plants. Specifically, She may challenge your beliefs, or offer you the opportunity to join or choose a path or plan.

I love that rendition from the Golden Tarot deck so much, as she reminds me of The Blessed Virgin a lot. I'm a Marian fan, as you may know by now.

Up next, dream interpretation, DIY aromatherapy oils & scented candles, psychic flashes in the form of how random things magically make themselves known quickly after you'd think about them a couple of days ago or so, & maybe a closer look on the Celtic Cross spread, if not on my other feeble attempts to go artsy-fartsy with a point-&-shoot. For now, enjoy the rest of the week!

N.B. If you want face-to-face readings, let's meet this Saturday, starting 1pm! If via e-mail, just leave a comment, & we'll discuss! :D Don't forget to leave your contact information so I can get in touch with you quick. Follow this blog, too, with ease. Toodles!


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