Thursday, August 14, 2008

fluffy bunny all the way

I have to thank my esoteric buddy Francis for visiting me again & letting me check out his new Manga Tarot deck by Selena Lin. I know my friend at work Jan-kun wanted to snag this since last year, but never got a chance again to do so. Well, I hope I’d get my own copy too this weekend. The cards & guidebook were such a treat, & I ended up laughing my guts out at the readings we were trying to do with it. As would put it, this is indeed such a fun, sparkly, light-hearted deck to get for teenagers & overgrown idiotic me who still go giddy over crushes like crazy.

I think I’m like the girl in the Strength card a lot when I’m happy & silly & smitten, then more like the girl in the Justice card when I’m sober, concentrating, moody, solitary, or maybe even sleeping, hehe. Then the Lovers card decided to leave me with so much to think about when we finished. I wonder if I’ll ever truly see myself as this girl in the card. Well… maybe… even sooner than you think. ;)

The box is cute, really pink, & the cards had a really accommodating vibe. The Minor Arcana (with the exception of the court cards, of course) still leaves a lot to be desired, but the cards are pretty nevertheless, & the Ace of Wands was the most striking as what I can remember. The cards are pretty easy to shuffle & the book is very insightful! I can’t wait until Friday!

I let Francis help himself to my other decks. So far, he’s already handled my Golden, Mythic, Haindl, & Universal Tarot packs. Even he already has the miniature Universal Tarot version, he still thinks the deck is rather too much for him. I agree, confirming that my own deck is my reality checker, as it cuts to chase, even if a bit too grimly, a la the Ace of Swords. We didn’t get to finish using all the cards, as we had to wrap things up to have sushi & tempura for lunch for the day’s further events (he still had work to deal with). Thanks, dear, for the reading swap & the laughs. Good luck with work, too! May this card truly help us with our goals, haha:

I find myself gravitating towards red a lot lately, & even the cards are suggesting that I should give it a go & sport it more often. Hmm. Not really my style, especially that I’m still mourning for my father, & the most drastic that I can do is wear red nail polish to work. Which reminds me, must get my nails redone this week.

Anyway, the King of Wands is more often than not an attractive figure, & I like him best in my Mythic deck. Usually corresponds to Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius — or magnetic, pushy guys in general. Ahem. Reminds me of my crush, btw, hehe. He hardly wears red, though!

Since my birthday’s coming up, I also have the Tarot of the Magical Forest by Leo Tang (no, I do not want the Lo Scarabeo edition, thank you) & Tarot d’Eltynne in my wishlist.

I would’ve posted the actual card that got my attention (card 41) but I guess I’ll save that for my personal blog. Oooh, anyway, this Phoenix card just summed up my Jean Grey vs Phoenix dilemma, haha.

I’m also interested in getting the Intuitive Tarot which is so haunting these past few days, with very powerful takes on the Pages of Cups & Swords, as well as the Queen of Wands & the High Priestess (all cards correspond to me so far, btw).


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