Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"she's the only one who knows what it is to burn"

I now bid my Tarot of the Magical Forest deck (Lo Scarabeo edition) goodbye. It was so much fun while you babies lasted. I loved you so much. God knows how I did everything to keep you guys safe. I took you kids seriously when other people didn't. You gave me so much to remember, & I learned a whole lot from you. I know & feel you're just as worn out as I am, but you've always smiled & extended your warmth & friendship when you felt like it. You hardly complained. You're just like me, you dream of a better world & a happier life for each & every one of us, despite the circumstances, despite our unwillingness to go drastically change. But you're very patient & sweet, & I so adore you.

May you rest in peace now, & I'm very sorry to let you darlings go. From dust we all are, to dust we shall return, indeed. I can't wait for your reincarnation, though, & I promise to take care of you more fiercely once you find all your way back into my arms. I love you. I LOVE you. I love ALL of YOU. You've blessed me immensely. ♥
(Pardon the profanity in the previous post. & as to explain why I'm letting my sweet deck go, in flames even, it sadly was drenched in beer the last time by accident by a young onlooker while I was reading for a few girls whom I felt deserved to have a break pro bono. With The Devil card badly damaged, & it was the first then last card I got to pick up to pertain to him, I have no choice but to ask him to replace it. This is so not cool. I did say he owes me, but I'll really have to mean it. He needs to learn a valuable lesson, as much as I unabashedly did a while back. I'm sorry. My Libran self doesn't want to stir up any ruckus, but it can't be helped.)

Ugh, Mercury retrograde. How I love you & hate you at the same time. More about you later. Please spare the Philippines. We've had more than enough crap to deal with already in a week's span. Thank you.


Yvie said...

I'm sorry about what happened to your deck. Any update mare? Na-resolve na ba. Those are such adorable ones, I know they have served you well. ^_^

Andalusia said...

Not yet, dear. But I'll have taken care of. I followed up thrice already. Thank you, they were indeed adorable. The figures still are. ♥