Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 birthday countdown

Hello. I'm sorry if it took me only now again to make an update. I've been so busy & drained these past few days (OK, months), but I'm setting aside some time this month to play serious catch-up. This should be my best birthday month yet, now that Venus has returned to Scorpio, & Mars will be in Scorpio by tomorrow. Yay, so awesome, it's my Venus & Mars return in one go! On my birthday month, even! Best of all, Venus will have an extended stay in that sign this year! I wonder if I'll really get to tap into those planets' energies for my betterment. I've never really felt those made any sense at all to me, except for my fiery temper, which my Piscean kid sister (R.I.P.) was quick to point out in 2004, & I will never forget how she did! I wish I had more of the sign's sexy traits, haha, but all I got are the dark, elusive, brooding, volatile characteristics. Oh, well. I'm still nice. :P I'll have Jupiter (now back in Pisces) & Pluto (now going direct in Capricorn) to help me stay put.

Anyway, I'd like to greet my Virgo kid brother a happy birthday again since yesterday, even if he was cranky as hell. He waited for me, though, when I got home from a surprise gig a while back, & tried to make up for his moodiness earlier by patiently putting up with my exuberant yapping. (So I bought a new feng shui kit & another astrology book at the last minute — one can never have too many New Age books, haha, yes? I had to show him excitedly all that, as if he actually cares.) Yay, thank you for missing me! I love you! Thank you also for my cake & ice cream fix, heehee. You have 12 more days to come up with more! I keed. ♥

So before I get sidetracked again from my main reasons why I sorely need to update, here's a rundown of my intentions et al. for this month:
  1. This blog will be revamped. I totally want a new look, but I'm really swamped with readings & I haven't been toting my netbook around for sometime now. I need help. (Paging JR, ahem, hehe.) I have ideas, but I'm still working on the post drafts, so sigh. There should be a darker look to this soon, until I decide to switch to a clean, beachy vibe. Maybe by next summer.

  2. My next budding Tarot workshop series will resume on October 3rd, 2pm-6pm, in my usual hideaway in Makati. This requires an extensive post, & yes, a minimal reservation fee, which is most payable electronically but I'd like to thank my attendees during my summer debut: Ayei, Aisha, Tim, & Jammi for so bearing with me, as well as folks like Jonas Diego, Explotar! Magazine, as well as my culture vulture friend Paolo Cruz (I miss the nocturnal rounds we used to make since 2008 with good food & yay music & superb insights) for the support.

  3. Surprise, surprise. People already won my obscure raffles early this year. Last year, I was supposed to give away a feng shui guidebook as well as a Tarot Basics set with a most outstanding guidebook, which can actually be too complex for the staple beginner to work with, but any bookworm would love it, haha. So far, congratulations to Mark Madera for winning! I might do the same thing on my blog anniversary this October, & I feel like raffling away a free reading for my birthday in 2 weeks, hehe, but I better come up with them overdue birthday readings first for my loyal patrons this year that I've promised to post last month, & I'll also need to update my online lessons before proceeding. That's why I'm taking the rest of September to devote my time to blogging & uploading photos & reading all the silly books I've hauled since Mercury went retrograde in Virgo (yay, it's my Mercury return, bleargh!) last month. The crazy list includes guidebooks to basic flower arrangement, corporate zombiehood survival, & delving deeper into alchemy (eep). Don't ask me what fictional titles I've been reading — I will only declare Sandman: The Dream Hunters with much gusto (& for the love of God, I need a new copy of that for my birthday) & Madame Xanadu (uhm, would anyone like to give me the 2nd volume, too, for my birthday? HAHA) because I can't be bothered with anything else at the moment. Yeah, especially I've a garden to take care of & flowers to arrange & a spinning class (now do I really have what it takes to be a DJ?! SRSLY?) to embarrass myself with. Holy mother of... pearl, as Tim quips. :P

  4. Call me ditzy, but I get much inspiration from animated movies, & I'll be posting my reviews in full force. Especially when Despicable Me was incredibly delightful, with Pharrell Williams astoundingly handling the musical score, yay. Haha, & just a few months back I was trying to catch up with his solo tracks & revisiting my oldskool N.E.R.D. favorites. (IKR, but I can't help it!)

  5. More FAQs, especially for the snarky skeptic. Addressing their concerns has been my main pet peeve for months, but I'm finally learning to cruise with it. Whatev, yo. Lemme just bombard you with verbosity.

  6. I also would like to tell you more about these nice chi-chi places I've recently fallen in love with, thanks to Jammi. Why did I allow myself to become zombie-ish for so long? Anyway, I'll be more than happy to share my new Sunday & Monday routines with you, thanks to these getaways. :P I'll let you know of my schedule variances soon, btw.

  7. Because I'm only human & I can't help it, I'll have to post the rest of my pet peeves & updated ground rules before proceeding with a reading. This applies to younger, pushier individuals whom I can't readily say no to. But no more Little Miss Nice Libra for you when I get riled up, sorry na lang.

  8. Oh, & I still have my wishlist pour ma joyeux anniversaire to pimp in a bit, hehe.
I better go back to sleep if I want to wake up sane & productive for tonight. I'm already devoid of energy, & knowing my dear friends are being sick lately isn't helping. Anyway, I wish you all happiness, success, wonderful health, peace, & love. Have a happy September! ♥