Thursday, September 16, 2010

"I'm Tired of Being Sexy"

Before you violently react to this particular post's title, because you know I'm more "cute" & "spunky" than anything else, haha, lemme just share you the very reason why I still play Midnight Club LA Remix on my PSP when I can:

CSS, or Canser de Sei Sexy, is this fun Brazilian rock band with a rather cute German-Portuguese-Japanese frontgirl named Lovefoxxx. The actual band name means, "I'm tired of being sexy" in Portuguese, as quoted supposedly from Beyoncé, who allegedly declared such, haha. I miss this kind of sound. So 90's. Indie-electro FTW. This is so my birthday song this year, even if the premise is kinda funny literally. I have 2 things to share about this song from a feminist & pesticide viewpoint, but maybe it's better to laugh about it IRL.

I find Lovefoxxx kawaii in this video (despite the getup, yeah) especially how she does sound Japanese-y at some point. I would actually do what I can to cue this song in as much as possible while I'm racing. There are other noteworthy tracks in the game but this Rage song takes the cake. 

Anyway, here's something you ladies might like:

Want to bring more Aphrodite qualities into your life?
Everything you do to nurture your own sensual enjoyment of life
will help enlarge the influence of Aphrodite.
Some suggestions follow:

  1. Slow down. Take your time. Rushing can make it difficult to be sensual & caring.
  2. Permit yourself to feel beautiful, sensual, & loving. Without feeling guilty, make the time to do those things that delight & please you.
  3. Participate in some kind of bodywork (choose from aerobics to massage) to increase your awareness of your body & its sensations. Find a type that you really enjoy, & make the most of it!
  4. Practice really focusing your attention on someone else, to listen to them with your heart & mind. Don't tune out or drift off into a daydream. Who knows, you may even learn things that will open new doors for you!
  5. No matter how busy you might be, set aside some time each day to really connect with someone you really care about... take just a few minutes to give them your full attention & some quiet appreciation. You'll find yourself a much more loving & desirable person.
  6. Dress up, wear something sensual, if not downright sexy! Even if it's just bright red lingerie under your "dress for success" navy business suit.
  7. Take care that your passionate energy, like Aphrodite's, isn't being misdirected. When you need to cut your losses & channel your energy in more rewarding ways, visualize what you want to happen & repeat it often... until your positive thoughts become a habit, & your intentions a reality!
  8. Don't be afraid to speak your mind & let everyone else know what pleases you (& what doesn't!) Everyone knew just where they stood with Aphrodite, & they should with you as well.
  9. Make your bedroom into a boudoir that even Venus would envy. After all, according to sleep researchers, only romance & slumber should be allowed to happen in there! So throw out the files you brought home from work, fluff up some fancy pillows, & light scented candles.
  10. Don't spend more than you can realistically afford, but make it a point to get something luxurious for yourself occasionally... leather gloves, satiny pillowcases, a bottle of your favorite scent, or just a leisurely bubble bath. When you occasionally put yourself first, others will take notice & begin to think you're worth it (if they haven't already!)
  11. Take your place in the limelight, even if it makes you uncomfortable at first. Call attention to one of your contributions or accomplishments. Be the first to toot your own horn for a change.
  12. Turn your bathroom into a pleasure spa. Stock the bath with bath oils & scented candles, the thickest towels you can afford, & fill it with music. Don't forget to surround the premises with a few seashells to remind you of Aphrodite's presence!
  13. Work on becoming more trusting, even if it means risking rejection. Reach out and let others know how you feel about them.
  14. Place fresh flowers at home & in your office. Visit art galleries & museums. Spend as much time & thought in wrapping gifts as you do in buying them. Learn about fine food & wines. In summary, develop your appreciation for the finer things in life.
  15. Surround yourself with Aphrodite's symbols. Dress in her colors, & think of her appreciatively as you put on pearl earrings and dab on the scent of roses!
Haha, look at what I found. Just in time for my Venus return. Again, this time it's extra special because not only will it have an extended run this year, it coincides with my Solar return (ahem, birthday much). & yay, I'm getting to indulge in my favorite things again, especially from a couple of years ago, like Balinese massages, meditation hours, hair treatments, & curling-up-by-myself moments at home. I still look wasted, though, so don't expect anything much yet. I also owe myself another visit to an acupuncturist, at the very least. I really need to recuperate. These are more like necessities now, if not occupational hazards. Ahh, yes, aging, I so hate you.

It's funny, however, when people still think I'm 5-7 years younger than my actual age. More like funny insulting rather than funny flattering, actually. I know what I'm doing most of the time, even if I come across as a big ditz these days. It irks me to no end when people bewilderingly ask me how old I am over the phone while trying to set a reading appointment with me, implying I don't deserve to be given my current rates because they THINK I'm way too young to be doing this. I've also had a couple of people younger than me blurting out how they were originally expecting me to be in my 40's or so, only to realize that I'm still a decade short of their expectations. *shrugs* The mere idea supposedly that I was keying in "hehe" or "haha" or "yay" to my responses to their SMS inquiries kinda threw them off, but since their referrals were insistent (thanks, guys, I love you!) they decided to give me a shot anyway. Like I said, I find it more to my detriment when people think I'm too young or too nice for Life, especially when sleazy characters think they can pull a fast one on me, until my easily-enraged Scorpio Venus rears her vile head & lashes at them. Now that Venus conjuncts Mars further, I'm warning you, I'm not to be trifled with, please. Thank you. Don't push me, don't shortchange me, don't insult my integrity & whatever's left of my so-called intelligence, don't ever test my patience, don't expect me to be there for you 24/7 when you know I'm drained, & don't challenge me in any way (unless it's in gin rummy or any racing video game), don't box me in. Matakot na rin kayo siguro kung "e0w jejeje tNx pOh" ang replies ko sa inyo sa text, punyeta. Of course, I kid. 

Behold, the makings of a bitter spinster, haha. (Or is this just PMS again?)

But I really can't say I totally lack Venus, despite her squaring my Aquarius ascendant. I mean, I'm all for indulgence & sensuality. I mean, with the things I do for myself, like getting pampered & staying healthy, even if I'm not yet fit. Believe me, underneath my hobo chic exterior lies a rather high-maintenance [brat] who would rather cultivate her mind by building her New Age bookshelf & updating her iPod & making her forever cluttered room more livable, rather than bother with makeup & all that girly hoopla. I won't have time to retouch anyway when I do read-a-thons, so who cares? Oh, my, that's so my Rising speaking.

I totally agree, of course, with this article, that we don’t have to wear flowers to be feminine, but we do have to know how to use our Venus – "to attract, to sweeten, to appreciate." Uh, attract what? Good vibes? Haha. See, I told you, I'm that out of touch with her, even if she's wonderfully appeared solo in the night sky a few times last month for me to get freaked out– I mean, to be blessed by her love & magic. Eerie, I know. & I've already said "freaked out" thrice in this post. WTH.

My Aquarian friend with a gorgeous Libra Moon & benign Gemini rising tells me I really shouldn't worry about how I look at the most. I've the most perfect excuse anyway to appear kitschy because of my quirky hobby (now current occupation). She's right. But I still wince, somewhat. Or maybe it's my Venus at work. But a Libra Sun-Scorpio Venus should be perfectly OK with a devil-may-care, rockstar vibe. (Oh, FML, I'm nowhere near looking like a hot rakista or groupie, bleargh) My point is, I could care less, as long as I'm relaxed & treated with respect, if not like a princess, hehe. I also think that at the end of the day; intelligence, sensibility, good taste, good manners, & kindness are much sexier traits to have than what convention is instilling in our minds with. (Gah, double FML, I only have good taste to boast of now! j/k) Same principle applies to guys, especially when most of them think acting like a Neanderthal's hot, ugh. (Shame on you!)

Before I forget, here's something to help you brokenhearted folks invoke her:

Goddess of Love, 
remind me that I don't have to have a partner to be in love, 
that  I can be happy in love with Life itself.

Take it easy now. Enjoy the coming weekend. :P


Kristine Chong said...

Haha, thanks for the Aphrodite's tips.. I'd sure would make use of them and don't need a partner to be in love.. Bleeh, as if I'd be the one to talk about love itself, hahaha!

Andalusia said...

You're welcome. That's what I keep preaching, anyway, even if I look wasted as hell, especially now that I'm suffering from my period again. :P

Don't get me wrong, though, I miss being loved while being in love. I've learned my lessons & I really wouldn't want to ruin things again, once I get another chance to redeem myself. Sigh. The next guy would be SO lucky to be loved by me, despite my occasional neurotic episodes, hehe. Echos.