Sunday, June 01, 2014

what I aim to proclaim (& finally do) everyday from now on

10 Affirmations to Enhance Your Health

These affirmations have been helping me a lot ever since I became a ThetaHealer®.

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1. My immune system is working 100% well.

2. I feel energized, like I can get up and do anything and everything. This feels very wonderful.

3. My chakras are balanced and harmonized. I am always breathing deeply. My body is always detoxing properly.

4. I am exercising properly and found something that I really enjoy. I choose nutritious food to nourish my body. I feel incredible and am so happy to be alive. I have so much vitality. My health is amazing.
5. I am calm and at ease. My body is perfectly comfortable and my mind is always relaxed. I always feel great and have nothing to worry about. I fear nothing. I feel peaceful and my body reflects that.
6. I can do anything! My body is strong! My mind is strong! My outlook is positive.
I am prospering and in good health. All systems in my body work perfectly.
7. All cells vibrate with love and light. I let go of the past, and easily move forward.
I am healthy, strong, and surrounded by love.
8. My health is an inspiration to many. I am enjoying life. I am living a long, love-filled life.
9. Life is fantastic.
10. I live in a healthy environment, free of stress, and abundant in loving relationships.
I love life. I am enlightened & respected.

From OM Times (slightly edited).