Sunday, September 07, 2008

little things et al

“The Seven of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in possibility. Luck is relative — still, I choose wisely and am not alone. When I envision, expect and choose great things, I will identify, pursue, and experience great things. I keep my options open and acknowledge emotional clutter or unrealistic expectations. I am empowered by desire for meaning and my gift is opportunity or epiphany.”

What a cute card, don’t you think? Everytime this pops up in a reading, I come up with a suggestion for my clients to make a little wishlist involving seven whatever it is that they want at the moment. For example, they can come up with Seven Goals They Would Want to Achieve Before The Next Quarter, or Seven Things They Would Want in A New Relationship, or… well, you get the idea. Seriously. I get pretty excited when this comes up, as it’s a good supplement to the Nine of Cups, which you all know is the resident Wish Card. So if you get both in one go, time to focus, & be careful with what you wish for! Now the catch is, my clients would have to force themselves to write the wishlist down, & review them from time to time. They could keep it in their diaries or blogs, or leave it in church once they pay their respective parishes a visit, especially when the Hierophant appears in their spreads. You know, to amplify prayers, that sorta thing. I know those cards can mean so much more than just that, but it really helps, especially after seeing the movie Practical Magic again a few years back, haha. The trick is to fine-tune that list, & BE CAREFUL indeed with whatever you’d wish to scribble on it. I’m still working on my different lists, actually, no thanks to my easily bored, scatterbrained antics. But the last time I checked, I think I’m working on 10 out of 30 things now from my Ultimate To-Do List In The Meantime, so that’s got to be something, woohoo!

Speaking of going to church, I attended Mass last Thursday after such a long time with my coworker Cherry. The homily was superb as usual; the Gospel was about the Apostles becoming fishers of men, teaching believers to have faith in the will of the Lord. The will of God, as shared by the priest du jour, can be very unexpected, full of surprises, sometimes only found as traces & glimpses (a la the High Priestess’s secrets), but it can also be very persistent, so believers should be very sensitive & receptive to signs, etc., & no doubt will it be a humbling experience to have it dawn upon seekers. If people have tremendous faith, they wil be adorably blessed like the Apostles in the said parable. The previous Reading also has the same message, running along the lines of, “be a fool to become wise,” meaning we should go on with our lives with pure trust & grace in Him, of course. Sigh. That blew me away. I’m really going back next week. It’s my birthday month, after all, hehe, & I’m always too tired to go out every Sunday. It feels good bonding with a new friend while I’m at it, so yay. I really hope I could spend more time with my choice coworkers like that from now on.

I also got to finally watch Wall-E after such a long delay, & I can’t wait to see it again. I’m officially in love with EVE & M-O, haha, but yeah, Wall-E is cute, too. I love its eco-centric theme, reminding us to always care for Mother Earth even amidst our technological advances & yearning for the quintessential luxurious, streamlined life. Plus I think that that movie had the best love story ever, among other Pixar releases. Ooohhh. I love how the “how far will you go for love?” dilemma was presented. Now, seriously, will you really hitch a ride to another galaxy just to be with the one you so adore, just to see him or her safe & sound, at the very least? Don’t ask me that, just yet. All I know is that I tend to do silly things in the name of love, while trying my best to keep my composure, & the last thing I want to end up as is looking pathetic. I think I’ve been a big loser all my life, so that has got to stop, hehe.

Oh, speaking of love, I’m really officially head over heels with the Tarot of the Magical Forest, our featured deck for this post. I can make do with the Lo Scarabeo publication now, after my esoteric buddy Francis showed me his own last Saturday, along with his other new acquisitions (Tarot of the White Cats & the Tarot of Jane Austen). Francis was also a sweetheart to treat me to lunch, haha. Let’s have more Tempura misadventures, haha. But that deck is AWESOME. I don’t think of it as just as some Rider-Waite clone, & it’s the perfect gift for a fan of surrealism, oddities, & fluffy bunnies — LIKE ME! My kid sister (R.I.P.) would’ve loved it, too. I think she did lead me into discovering that online… she was Piscean, too, like Francis, coincidentally.

The deck is fabulously descriptive, very rich in symbolism & detail, super-cute but not to be dismissed as just some frilly deck. If you like vibrant colors, you won’t be disappointed. The cardstock is sturdy, which I like, & the images speak in depth, even amidst the rather annoying Lo Scarabeo card labels in 4 or so languages. Oh, & guess which card I got first on my first encounter…

Kinda annoying, if you ask me, LOL. Then I got this as my Significator:

Oh. My. God. She does look like moi, sometimes appearing startled, donning pink & red amidst an overall blue-black-purple vibe, with a tumbler or thermos in hand at work, HAHA. Am I really smitten? Maybe. Darnit.

& so I had to ask about the crush, of course, because I needed another subject to discuss aside from myself, hehe. He first appeared as the Page of Swords

…which is kinda apt considering how he’s into his work so much, being particular of appearances, & possibly championing a good cause as much as he can at a young age. However, this takes the cake, & I really don’t mean it in a bad way…

Ooh, nocturnal, enigmatic, you. This is such a cute take on this card, btw.

Oh, & this Francis’s favorite card, which is really pretty in person:

& I love it, too, HAHA. Yeah, yeah, so you might think I’m THAT smitten with both this deck & my bleargh crush. :/

I really can’t wait to get my hands on this deck, as in both the more accessible Lo Scarabeo print & the original Taiwanese publication by Leo Tang. This should make my birthday complete, & it could trump all my other decks as my most favorite. COULD, but well, all decks have different personalities, ergo, purposes. I also might want the Across the Universe movie soundtrack, please, hehe. The Strawberry Fields Forever rendition is wonderfully psychedelic, haha. The Tarot of the Magical Forest looks & feels the same way. So, so powerful.

Well, I guess that’s it. This deck is topping MY birthday wishlist. I’m having dreams of them cute critters already, whispering all sorts of things in my slumber.


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