Saturday, September 20, 2008

pre-birthday daze

So all I’ve been doing when I’m at home is sleep, if not Plurk or or play Warbook or try to catch Food Lover’s Guide To The Planet on the National Geographic channel. I don’t feel well at all lately, but it’s just probably from the flu shot I had at work plus PMS. I just don’t like having low blood pressure & hot flashes & a runny nose & an upset stomach ALL AT THE SAME TIME. But this is what this last Mercury retrograde’s good for, I suppose — to have enough time to unwind. With an amethyst under my pillow these days, somehow I sleep so much better now, even despite all the crazy lucid dreams. But that shouldn’t be a problem. I hope to get more crystals soon, & I want to get this book to help me finally get my living space reorganized.

I’m also happy to have new calling cards issued by next week, & to discover that I can do tai chi more regularly now! I can’t wait to see my former weekly tai chi sifu & check out the new space where I can also sign up for slow flow yoga on Monday nights. This is indeed great news for me, as I can happily stretch my way towards health & enlightenment all the more. My wish has been granted! Thank you, Cosmos! What a wonderful way to spend the rest of the month!

I’ve also added a Testimonials page here & somehow I still find it cheesy to see all of my friends’ remarks in one go, but that should help me reestablish my chosen identity as a tarot reader. I’m hoping to add a few more to the list, especially those that were given a few years ago while I was starting out.


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