Tuesday, August 17, 2010

caveat emptor

I'm only human. I get pissed off big time when I get harassed, especially when I just woke up. I HAVE NO TIME NOR PATIENCE TO TRANSLATE NOR FIX THIS POST TO HAVE IT APPEAR MORE COHERENT, but I just want to illustrate how some people can't still type their sentences properly in this day & age, & how some people are hopeless outright online. Seriously? I have my usual grammatical lapses, too, you know, but not like this! To be blunt about it — & I'm sorry: PUTANGINA, BINIBWISIT AKO, ANG AGA-AGA PA.

Oh, hell yeah, beware of this filthy dawg, yo.
boyet_medina: hello po magtatanung lang po male o female po kau,salamat
Andalusia: for what po
Andalusia: sa tarot ba?
boyet_medina: nakita ko kasi sa comment ng jogging sa umaga or gabi tapos andalusia
Andalusia: ah eh di ano sa palagay mo
Andalusia: babae diba
Andalusia: may lalake bang mag-aandalusia
Andalusia: i'm sorry, i'm wary of talking to strangers over YM, unless they're asking me about my ads.
boyet_medina: ok thanks po
Andalusia: what about my comment ba
boyet_medina: sa gabi ka active yun comment mo
Andalusia: yeah, & for you that means...?
boyet_medina: whatever,he,he
boyet_medina: kaw yan eh di ba
Andalusia: ah.
Andalusia: kaya nga
Andalusia: eh what do you want to talk about regarding my comment? :)
boyet_medina: anu b yung ibig mo sabihin sa gabi ka active tapos tumawa ka
Andalusia: ah
Andalusia: wala palatawa lang ako
Andalusia: tsaka mas nocturnal ako e
Andalusia: pero i don't get enough exercise
Andalusia: epekto ng call center culture yan
boyet_medina: kasi may mga babae na pag yun na usapan ayaw na nila
Andalusia: parang di ka sanay
Andalusia: huh
Andalusia: anong usapan?
Andalusia: jogging?
Andalusia: sex?
boyet_medina: activeness
Andalusia: WTF?
Andalusia: ah
Andalusia: i used to be sporty
boyet_medina: tagasan ka
Andalusia: if you're a fitness trainer, i have a frozen gym membership
Andalusia: & i intend to take things slow first
Andalusia: malayo.
Andalusia: so call center ka nag wowork
Andalusia: hindi
boyet_medina: san nga yung malayo
Andalusia: didn't you read my ad
Andalusia: basta
boyet_medina: nope sorry
Andalusia: let me know right now if you're selling me something
Andalusia: kasi i won't take it
boyet_medina: wala
boyet_medina: nakita ko lang talaga
Andalusia: so fitness buff ka lang ganon? or no din?
Andalusia: iba lang ako humirit.
boyet_medina: minsan,he,he
boyet_medina: oonga naiilang tuloy ako
Andalusia: yeah maybe i should go back to working out
boyet_medina: may picture ka b
Andalusia: iba lang ako mag-isip.
boyet_medina: ako din
boyet_medina: mabilis masyado
Andalusia: wala. like i said, i'm overweight.
boyet_medina: sobra sobra ba over
Andalusia: no.
Andalusia: ok pa ko.
Andalusia: mabilis ka ba mag-isip masyado? i think way too much din.
boyet_medina: my asim pa ganun
Andalusia: syempre.
boyet_medina: mukhang makamandag ang beauty mo
Andalusia: every woman, no matter what their shape, size, or age, has a right to feel attractive. dangerously attractive, even.
Andalusia: hindi naman.
boyet_medina: wer ka now
Andalusia: baket ba?
boyet_medina: masarap ka kausp alam mo yun
boyet_medina: nagtatanunglang
Andalusia: how old are you & ikaw yung taga-saan?
Andalusia: don't you think you should make the proper introduction 1st?
boyet_medina: 39 bulacan
Andalusia: ah
Andalusia: dapat pala mag-po ako
Andalusia: mano po
Andalusia: hahahaha
boyet_medina: ha,ha di na kailangan
boyet_medina: 16 kpa lng ba
Andalusia: maybe if you read my ad you wouldn't think so
boyet_medina: di ko nabasa sensyan a
boyet_medina: ilan taon k n b
Andalusia: 31.
boyet_medina: magk linya lang pala
Andalusia: my ex-fiance's 28.
boyet_medina: so u have bf
boyet_medina: mas agresibo b ganun edad
Andalusia: sir, why on earth are you asking me blunt questions?
Andalusia: do you think just because you can, you should?
Andalusia: no, mga torpe ang mga putanginang to.
boyet_medina: sorry if di mo gusto sabi ko nga sayo may mga babae na di gusto ang ganyan
Andalusia: i'm one of them, unless it's work-related.
boyet_medina: halatako nga kagad
Andalusia: & i didn't want to assume you were a lecherous old bastard & that you were fucking hitting on me until that remark.
boyet_medina: bakit di nati iwork related ng makasagot ka ng di nagagalit
Andalusia: look, i would like to assume you're married, & that you're stable.
boyet_medina: ha,ha wag ka magalala may preno ako
Andalusia: because i'm a prude, & i don't know you, & i can have you reported.
boyet_medina: for what?
Andalusia: for harassment.
boyet_medina: ha,ha may ginawa ba ko sayo wala naman di b?
Andalusia: you were still insinuating shit.
boyet_medina: nagtanung lang po ako and thats all
Andalusia: ok.
boyet_medina: di ako ganun mis
Andalusia: then cut the crap.
Andalusia: then prove it na di ka ganun.
Andalusia: if you're married, go read up on how to work things out with your wife, & make her happy
Andalusia: or at least go out & get wanked off by someone else who'd be more willing & shit
Andalusia: :)
boyet_medina: kanina ko pa na prove wala akoginagawa na di maganda and i think na ang mag ask ng question what ever it is eh di bawal depende na lang sa nagrerecieve
Andalusia: sabagay
Andalusia: communication failure
boyet_medina: so ok ka n
Andalusia: maybe.
boyet_medina: sakaif ever na ginawa ko yun panu mo ko rereport sigurado ka b na lahat ntg info ko ay tama,and we should think it twice
Andalusia: basta.
Andalusia: ;)
boyet_medina: but the real thing is di ako ganun
Andalusia: & sa totoo lang hindi nga ako online dun eh
Andalusia: kaya nagulat ako may nag-pm
Andalusia: then good
Andalusia: just don't hit on me
Andalusia: it won't work.
boyet_medina: di ka nga online dun but may online na naka lagay dun kaya nag try ako mag pm
Andalusia: so what if meron.
Andalusia: keep your hormones to yourself
boyet_medina: kanina gusto ko yung mga words mo pero now di na..tao kausap mo di tuod
Andalusia: tao din ako, hindi poste or sex object
Andalusia: kaya nga next time po mag-iingat ka sa kakausapin mo
Andalusia: usually siguro mga babaeng ewan lang kausap mo
Andalusia: ibahin nyo po ako
OMG, if this is this motherfucker's idea of getting free psychoanalysis or a reading, he might as well be shot dead on the spot. Somewhat I still find this whole conversation funny because I've just re-realized how dense (or "guileless," which suits me better) & matter-of-fact I can be (but this was early this morning, so yeah, I was still pretty groggy when this whole shit happened) & I could've reported the guy for spam much earlier. Though, I could've also asked for his Sun sign so I could laugh at how illustrative it is of his behavior now, haha. There was also that glimmer of my inner peace-love-unity-respect junkie of a Libran when I said, "sabagay" when I just wanted to drop the subject as he started becoming defensive after I told him I could have him reported (& hopefully eventually banned forever from the forums & existence per se). I had to mention the "call center culture" just so I could keep him in perspective, even if I've been nocturnal since high school. What an asshole to deny he wasn't doing anything offensive at all in the first place, when his motives were all over my screen. & OMFG, the nerve of him asking me to talk about sex in my work perspective, when he didn't even bother to read my ad or profile! & why would I dare entertain that thought with him, anyway? What does he take me for?! I would like to quote Anton La Vey at this point, "Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal," & honestly, I have no time for the idea per se. Unless... hehe. (Wait, seriously, how do I give off proper "mating signals" again? HAHAHA. I'm retarded like that. My Venus in Scorpio has always been off-kilter. But at least that dirty old lecher noticed her fleeting presence; makamandag daw eh, WTH! Buti alam mo, ULOL! I am seriously laughing at the thought like crazy as I write this.)

I'm sorry, but I'm being a big bitch lately, & I'd like to blame the War Lord Mars in my Sun sign Libra (ahem, wait til it slips back into Scorpio for my Mars return, haha), the old killjoy Saturn also in Libra (my Saturn in Virgo's an actual virago, ergo, spinster-in-the-making, so good luck, Chuck!) & my Mercury return (in Virgo, going retrograde in full swing this weekend, dammit), but there are also other factors sadly contributing to this whole mess which is yours truly. I'm a walking grenade launcher, & it doesn't help that I'm PMSing. I've been physically sick & exhausted, overdosing on DayQuil & NyQuil at the very least. I just want out. I'm human, too, with a multitude of obligations that I can't ignore at the moment, & boohoo, I so want a full-blown getaway, especially after hearing my favorite chi-chi Italian place has relocated & won't be reopened until next year. Dammit. Maybe that's what I should do on my birthday: totally GET AWAY. But I better take care of my proverbial unfinished business by tomorrow for me to be able to do that. Wish me the very best, please. Thank you.


Candy Blush Beauty Blog said...

And there you go! I wonderful example of the Mercury Retrogade effect! HAHAHA! Geez, men, especially of those who already have families of their own should do these kind of stuff. Sigh.