Sunday, June 27, 2010

we'll make great pets!

Just when I thought nobody's really reading my blog anymore, I get nice older lady clients saying I should update more often. Thank you all! This update's for you! :P

So I can't wait to be reunited with my former productions associate Burnz, who's now busy with Fab Paws & her new line of baked goodies later, even if I really haven't prepared for this event. I got busy with my own reading schedules, workshop follow-ups, productions marketing, & new writing assignments — plus I really haven't recovered yet from my issues from my last post (& I'll be wrapping that up in a bit, don't worry, thank you so much for bearing with me) — so I'm up late today, hehe. I'll be leaving early anyway, so I can have my new batch of calling cards printed then touch base with my Virgo soul sister before the whole madness starts. I'll need to have a special rate there. Hopefully we'll be seen together more often again after this stint, despite our über-busy lives. It's great that we're teaming up for this project — yes, thank you so much, lalabs — since we're both our respective Daddy's girls, anyway, & we love pets, though I'm more of a cat person than she'll ever be, hehe. ♥

Oh, & it's funny how I've been listening to this classic song from my heydays like crazy before her proposal:

Pardon the surreal bordering on disturbing video, but I will always smile at the mere mention of Porno for Pyros because of their "Pets" song. Though I really need to refresh my memory, because all I can remember aside from that is their "Tahitian Moon" track. & the only other thing I can remember from Jane's Addiction, aside from the notorious "Jane Says" is "Ocean Size". Where are my old mp3s when I need them, bleargh. I'm old & growing bored & more boring than ever. I miss the 90s. I really, REALLY do. :( I also miss the beach. I need to go back to one real bad. Never mind if it's raining hard like crazy, like what's been happening the whole day yesterday. Never mind if I haven't been in shape for the beach since 2004. I just want to be wading in a huge body of water surrounded by nature very soon.

The sea is a very easy place to disappear
To drift away

Blame it on my Cancer Moon (even if the Moon is in Capricorn until tomorrow night or so), & my natural affinity for the Queen of Cups, who has shown herself to me as the African goddess Yemaya, who can be honored in the eve of the Summer Solstice, when the Sun's back in Cancer.
According to legend, Yemaya's first gift to humans was a sea shell in which her voice could always be heard. To this day, we honor Yemaya when we hold a shell to our ear in order to hear her voice, the ocean.
Yemaya's Wisdom: I nurture, heal, touch, bless, comfort & make whole that which is incomplete. I am within you & you need only look inside yourself to find my eternal presence.
Yams, grain, soap, perfume, jewelry, & fabric are all traditional offerings to Yemaya, thrown into the sea. Rams are also sacrificed to her. Wear pearls or crystal beads to invoke her. To ask Yemaya to grant a wish or bestow a blessing, write her a letter & cast it into the sea.
Figuratively I do need to take time out for myself & reexplore the depths of my own psyche, but the only way to actually do it is to be by a peaceful shoreline where I can just watch the sun rise or set in peace. I really will, & I can't wait.

Oh, before you freak out as to why I'm referring to pagan goddesses out of nowhere, if you've been following this blog for sometime now, you should know my dire fascination for Our Lady & Kuan Yin (who are direct counterparts of Yemaya, coincidentally) ever since, & other mythological deities. Plus my new protegé Aisha (Scorpio Sun, Libra Rising) got herself a Universal Goddesses Tarot deck 2 weeks ago, & we were all entranced as well as bewildered with it. But that calls for a different post altogether.

& before I swerve away further from the actual reason why I had to post at this hour, I'm actually a bit worried how there are new stray cats (a couple of moms with a bunch of kittens — 1 of them's disturbingly BLACK, hehe) camping out in our yard. I'm not sure how to [dispose] of them, since I only intend to keep our resident tomcats Sunspot & Panther, especially while I'm waiting for a new puppy to take my former girl Snow's place. Oh, well. I'll deal with them later. It's funny how our driveway's the new kitty shelter ever since I got my tomcat Sophie for me & my kid sister (R.I.P.) 7 years ago. *sigh*

Anyway, oh yeah, see you all later if ever. I need to finish printing makeshift brochures, haha — & I mean MAKESHIFT, omg. Everything went haywire even before the drat Lunar Eclipse, but yay for my brother who got me a new ink cartridge at the last minute. I'm so including ink cartridges in my birthday gift registry this year, among other oddities, haha.

For reading schedules, see me this Thursday, July 1st. Leave a message here for inquiries. Toodles! ♥


Ayei said...

thank you ate Abhee wow parang gusto ko pumunta sa ganyan event pwede ba dyan wala aso ate? wahahahah :)) OMG! namiss ko na talaga kayo ni Aisha D: hope to see you soon! wow meron na pala sea bagong deck :O I wanna see <3

Andalusia said...

Haha, oo naman, pwede kahit walang pet na dala! I miss you, too!

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