Sunday, June 17, 2007

horoscopic love

This is what I got for this week:

You usually like to see the best in people and to operate in a milieu of congeniality. It is important to you that you live in pleasant and congenial surroundings, and you do not normally enjoy having confrontations with people, especially those close to you.

On Friday, the Moon enters your sign of Libra and you should find that over the weekend your emotions are in sync with your sense of self. You may take time off from your dilemma, and pamper yourself in one way or another.

Oh, I totally agree with the last paragraph! But it’s always like that every days-off, so does that mean I should take extra effort this weekend? I was supposed to go back to my health club this afternoon, but I had to reschedule. I almost forgot that we’re experiencing the 2nd of the year, & we’re in a fix until July 10th. That explains how my computer would crash every so often at work, & how I’m moodier than the usual. But thank God for my new boss — I’m so filing another vacation leave for the 25th, just before my behavioral coaching follow-up. Anyway, in line with one of my clients’s first tarot anniversary with me, I’m posting this. Thanks

June 21 is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Ancient peoples considered it Midsummer rather than the first day of the season, a tradition that continues in some cultures today. In Western astrology, it’s the day the Sun enters Cancer, the sign of home, family, and roots. Of course, it’s also vacation time, when we can get out of the busy work cycle and have time for ourselves. Whatever the Solstice means for you, don’t let this important midpoint of the year pass without marking it in a special way. At the very least, stop and take stock of what you’ve accomplished so far this year and what you still have to do to fulfill your dreams.

I’m reading for her & a couple of her friends tomorrow.

This card (actually from the Mythic deck, with the spectacular Helen on Troy depicted) has been bugging me for days now:

from the Ukiyoe Tarot deck

The catch phrase, according to my lunchmate at work, would have to be: “serene or sad?” Honestly, I dunno. Schizophrenic?

The Queen of Cups in the Ukiyoe deck (shown above) is one of the reasons why I wanted to learn the Tarot so much & get my hands on a deck ASAP 5 years ago. Because I love basically Japanese everything, the color pink, & illustration of lovely women (especially when they’re princesses or queens) not to mention what the Court Card in question generally signifies, there we go. Isn’t she lovely? Will I ever become as pretty & poised as she is? Haha. Coincidentally, the 2nd Merc ret is in Cancer, & this lovely figure can either correspond to Cancer & Scorpio. I just love synchronicity.