Monday, June 25, 2007

on hellbenders, et al

If it weren’t for a fellow tarot enthusiast’s reminder, I wouldn’t have realized that we’d be under the influence of a Uranus retrograde. Usually unexpected things happen, & this weekend was no exception: heavy rain dampening plans, recurring dreams of my departed sister, & another emergency sick leave just before Saturday, no thanks to overdosing on energy drinks to keep me from rambling atrocities to customers or worse, snoring while processing BAU. All I did then was doze in & out of consciousness & binge on junk food. I rearranged my room at the last minute when I realized I still was having trouble relaxing. To keep everyone posted on astrological nuances, here’s the rest of the list. Btw, Uranus will stay on retrograde until November 25.
  • Jupiter - April 5 to August 7

  • Neptune - May 24 to October 31

  • Pluto - March 31 to September 8

  • Venus - July 27 to September 8

Talk about hullabaloo. No wonder most readings pertaining to the future I’ve cast produced murky results: the multiple planetary retrogrades are to blame! But the full moon on Saturday should be an auspicious time for recharging, not to mention that it will be technically payday by that time, hehe.

I just have to give my late condolences to our guest auric reader + dream interpreter’s father. He passed away right before Father’s Day, & up to now I haven’t heard from my associate, except that she wanted Card Captor Sakura movies & her mother is currently hospitalized. I wonder when will I ever see her again at this point.

& this reading is so dead-on:

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

You may be pushing yourself to simplify your life. On the other hand, the circumstances around simplification can become so complicated that there is no obvious next step. Paradoxically, your lack of clarity is now your best friend. When you admit your vulnerability, you begin to make real gains. Once you are truthful about what you want, you will become more certain about what you need to do in order to make it possible.

Time to be re-enlightened.


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