Monday, August 25, 2008

on breakthroughs & connections, part 2

Shortly after my posting the 6 of Pentacles card from the Sorcerers Tarot deck, I received news via SMS that I could finally claim my reimbursement check for my medication from last month due to flu & tonsilitis (that started from acute pharyngitis the month before that LOL). Even if it isn’t much as I’ve expected, that’s still something, right? I still have to take antihistamines, though, for my condition. My immune system isn’t as stable as it’s supposed to be, because it’s the proverbial time of the month again & I feel like crap. But I’m still happy about a few things, so yeah, I’m still feeling all the magical love from this baby:

Gotta go find that frog prince to kiss soon, though, haha, whee.

So I’ve been meaning to write about this gratitude journal habit via SMS from my dear culture vulture pal that I got into last summer. We’d forward each other’s lists as often as possible & it does feel awesome to be sharing the good stuff that’s made our day or week. I’m not really too text-happy, though, but it’s worth it sometimes. Here’s a list of what I’m thankful for on a very regular, if not daily, basis. Talk about simplicity glorified:

1. My one & only kid brother, who’s celebrating his birthday on September 12th (mine follows 13 days later, yay).
2. My four-post bed & airconditioning unit.
3. Our DSL connection & router.
4. Being assigned to a different split at work everytime.
5. Getting enough sleep.
6. Getting massages & manicures.
7. National Geographic’s Food Lover’s Guide To The Planet.
8. Watching movies at my favorite cinema.
9. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection & Tekken 6.
10. Scented candles.
11. My pups Snow & Blake.
12. Insightful, considerate, amicable customers to deal with everytime.
13. Tarot, of course! Especially new decks!
15. My iPod to help me endure my regular commute to & fro work.
16. Awesome coworkers like Runey & Rache.
17. Dark chocolate & Vitwater to keep me awake, as I’m steering clear of coffee as much as I can, so all I ever drink is hot chocolate or vanilla or my favorite tea (chamomile) in cafes.
18. This esoteric book club that my friend & I are starting next week or so.
19. My birthday posse (Zhy, Rissa, Lynne).
20. Lovely weather.
21. Good, even if bordering on emo, conversation.
22. Comfort food, especially yogurt with coconut & Godiva truffles & fudgy chocolate cake. :D
23. Clean, neatly-pressed clothes (& God knows how much I hate ironing)
24. Long, relaxing, scented baths.
25. Great music (rock, electronica).
26. Awesome books & magazines.
27. The household help being cooperative generally.
28. Running into the crush du jour.
29. Commendations & referrals.
30. Nivea Lip Care.
31. Smooth commutes.
32. Feng shui.
33. Slow flow yoga.
34. Tai chi.
35. Making out (which I haven’t done in quite a long while LOL)

I still whine a lot, however, especially that I got a horrible haircut a few days ago. It’s true that a girl should never get her hair done while PMSing. I should’ve known better, but I really couldn’t help it. To think I’ve been so desperately trying to grow my hair past my shoulders for the past 3 years, no thanks to my boyishness. I vowed not to have my hair cut until my birthday this year, but I guess I forgot this month, haha. What the hell.

But anyway, maybe instead of moping, like what my coworker Runey reminded me last weekend, I could just go change my perspective about things. Instead of mourning for my hair loss, I could think of it as starting over. Gone with my locks are my hangups from the past, among other worries cluttering my head. Instead of worrying about creepy guys staring at me like crazy for no apparent reason, I should actually laud them for their great taste in women AHAHA. Instead of getting upset with other people’s “concerned” albeit bordering on tacky comments, I should be thankful that at least I’ve got “friends” looking after me. Instead of getting upset with a whole bunch of other things, like traffic jams & annoying customers & weird scorecards, at least I can thank my lucky stars I’m still employed, for the most part. Easier said than done, seriously, but I think I can hack it. I better make sure I’ve got this smile plastered on my face, too, while I’m at it. To quote Liz Tuccillo, “my only job is to be as happy as I can be about my life, & feel as good as I can about myself, & to lead as full & eventful a life as I can…” Like the catchphrase of the year, courtesy of the late Heath Ledger who played The Joker in The Dark Knight, Runey’s like, “why so serious?!” Haha, happy birthday, Motherrrr. You never fail to crack me up. I am such a fag hag.

Now I can’t wait for this year’s Book Fair so I could hoard books & decks again. Speaking of which, my soul sister Sunshine has proposed to launch a New Age book club in the metropolis wherein enthusiasts of the esoteric can all gather round & discuss, if not swap, resources while merrily sipping coffee or tea or so in peace. Sounds fun. Will let you guys know about it next week. I’ll be blogging for that as well, so yikes.

Sunshine never fails to amuse me, btw, with really zany quips.
Shiney: since libra ka and si venus ang deity ng sign mo, isipin mo na lang yung birth nya
Shiney: birth of venus on your birthday
Shiney: i-party natin
Shiney: hahahaha
Shiney: rebirth ito
Shiney: pag pasok mo new [ayame]
Shiney: may excuse ka na ng make-over
Ayame: birth of venus, oh god
Shiney: pag balik mo sa office & they’d go ‘what happened!??!’
Shiney: simply reply “10 days” then smirk
Shiney: ang sexy nyan
LOL! Which reminds me, it really should be a month-long celebration, so I don’t get depressed too much on the actual day, which will fall on a Thursday. I really should consider myself lucky because I have practically a lot of girls rooting for my, uh, metamorphosis, haha, for some reason, to the point of drastic assistance. I seriously fear whatever catch there is in that idea.

On a different note, I’ve been thinking about what Sunshine said about tarot readers being reduced to stereotypical laughable fortune-telling figures bordering on quackery. That’s what I’ve been trying to avoid for the past 6 years, & yet I really don’t mind when people see me differently everytime they’d find out how I’m so into New Age. This is who & what I am, but there’s more to me, of course, even if my current lifestyle is a tad too limiting. I’ve never felt more alive celebrating that, & I’m all the more excited to dabble in my chosen pursuits, which are actually more sophisticated than what the common horde would give them credit for.

Now please excuse me as I try to grow my hair back, among other things.


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