Friday, May 22, 2009

thanking my lucky stars before catching some shut-eye

Despite my sleeplessness & other problems, I still have a lot to be thankful about. I've been thinking about it everyday, trying to focus on what I have more than on what I lack, which is inevitable, I'm afraid, especially during my supposed waking hours at my day job. But I honestly love my life right now, no matter how everything looks bleak.

So, yeah. I love it when people open doors for me. When cab drivers get me to my destination quickly without overcharging. When strangers hail the bus for me. When people say they like my nail polish & how it makes my hands & feet look nice (I'm sporting blood-red again now, just when I'm about to keep my nails bare for a while) even if my hair's unkempt & my fashion sense's disastrous just the same & my skin's breaking out, no thanks to PMS. When our household help gets the job done efficiently (i.e. cooks, cleans, launders, irons, & picks up after our junk) because she can be quite unaccommodating & snarky. When people think I'm "cute" because I don't look, sound, or act my age (which I think is to my great disadvantage sometimes) despite my deepening facial lines from all that scowling & crying & skipping sunblock, hehe. When my customers thank me profusely for my assistance. When I get high scores for just about everything, whether at work or in Warbook (Level 46, FTW!) When salespeople take time to check if I can order or reserve my choice picks (I'm getting my 3rd Mythic Tarot deck & the Vertigo Tarot reprint soon, hopefully). Whenever a friendly neighborhood hairstylist brings life back to my hopeless coif when I least expect it. Whenever virtual friends strike up nice lengthy conversations. Whenever I meet up with smart, sophisticated querents. Whenever I get to hitch a ride home. Whenever there's papaya with coconut yogurt (trust me, it's one of the best things I've tasted this year!) Whenever I get my cheap French vanilla coffee fix. Whenever people make me jump the queue, because I'm forever in a hurry. Whenever people are sympathetic to my plight du jour. Whenever I can get to see the crush at/from a safe distance, haha. Whenever I can read noteworthy online articles from Time Magazine or BNet, et al (with a dependable internet connection!) Whenever my adorable brother decides to hang out with his klutzy blah big sister & looks after me like no other. Whenever I get a good night's sleep (which I hardly ever do now!) especially after a nice soothing full-body massage (I need to get more, seriously!) & a nice long cool bath. Whenever I can see blue skies & fluffy white clouds, with the cool breeze lulling me to Zen amidst the scorching sunshine. Whenever my trips back to & fro home take less time than expected. Whenever I get special treatment, because I hardly get any to begin with & I'd end up being taken advantage of more often than not. >:( So everything nice's a big deal like that.

I love Dove's Night Calming Bar, Lush's Porridge soap, Victoria Secret's Pure Seduction body wash, this limited edition Sunsilk Summer Fresh shampoo, my warm toasted bagel with cream cheese & cheap-ass Caesar salad fix, Orly nail polish (in Enchanting or Monroe's Red; cheaper & longer-lasting & more textured than Essie lacquer!), non-cloying perfume, & my staple Uni Pin drawing pens, .08, hehe. Not to mention my silver + lilac badass SkullCandy headphones (I hope they won't break, though!), & my four-post bed, & airconditioner, & our black digicams that I've yet to learn how to work properly. There's a whole lot more, of course, but for now, I better go back to sleep, even if only for a few more hours.

How about you? What little things in life are you grateful for today?