Sunday, May 17, 2009

so do you like my sense of style? :P

Hello again. Time for the requisite update. I keep getting distracted, though, especially now that I'm not feeling too well. I think I'm coming down with a cold after undergoing my 4th physical therapy for my back, enduring lack of sleep these past few weeks ever since I got sick, & struggling to get home from a late lunch yesterday with my wonderful Breakfast Club cohort Rache. All's well, though, even if I'm feeling rather glum again. Whether this is PMS or not, I'm rather having a hard time shaking it off. But maybe another long snooze should cure this. Plus I'm doing my best to be amused with music I so love from my youth, like Towa Tei's:

Butterfly.mp3 - featuring Ayumi Tanabe

Towa Tei's brand of Shibuya-kei = FTW. ♥

I love his collaborations with Kylie Minogue (for German Bold Italic) & Miho Hatori (of Cibo Matto & Gorillaz fame, for Mind Wall). Both videos are irreverently superb, & I get a kick out of avant-garde kimonos & surreal animation every damn time. I also love Kylie Minogue (who's a Gemini, with her birthday coming up on the 28th, no wonder!) & Miho Hatori (I wonder what her sign is?), but not as much as I adore the guy's music. Now I'm off to have his blog translated, hehe. Check out his hilarious Mars video, too. He's Virgo, btw, yikes. :D My brother's already complaining how I'm playing all of his stuff I like out loud on loop, but I don't care, haha. He used to be a huge drum & bass fan like me. I'm so getting a kick out of Mind Wall & Milkyway (with a fresh, happy video!) & Taste of You, which greeted me from Towa Tei's official website. I swear when I get the chance, I'll have him over to play for my party someday. It'll be colossal. Haha, a girl can dream, can't she?

So, yeah, I'm really not your average tarot reader, & speaking of surreal, I want new tarot decks again. There's the Deviant Moon Tarot, that I found out from Tarot Dame's blog (check out all her comprehensive posts about it), & there's the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot, that I espied at a while back. Fucking amazing decks, if you ask me. I want them STAT. Before my birthday at the most! This year's theme seems to be running on macabre, no thanks to my El Gran Tarot Esoterico deck, but I also would like to have Corinne Kenner's delightful-looking Epicurean Tarot Recipe Cards for kicks. :D I like food & cooking, too, even if I really don't do the latter much now.

In order to cheer myself up further, I'm just thinking about learning how to make aromatherapy oils & scented candles for my own consumption soon. My favorite place to avail of those is rather hard to go to, especially during scorching weekends, & I'm getting frustrated. Hopefully I can start by the end of the month, & the Breakfast Club can go someplace interesting (READ: away from our usual haunts!) again. There's organic food, & liquid nitrogen ice cream, & maybe even a Hong Kong teahouse-style luncheon that I'm interested to check out. Yes, I am THAT bored with my life, & maybe it has something to do with Saturn finally turning direct. Hooray for my horoscope taken from
Week of May 18, 2009 — You're on a quest to reinvent yourself this week, Libra. However, the question you should be asking yourself is why. Yes, you want to change your life, but you don't need to completely revamp your personality. On Wednesday, Venus, your ruling planet, is quincunx stern Saturn and your sense of personal dissatisfaction may accelerate. Remind yourself that you're OK as you are. You may decide to jazz up your daily routine on Thursday and seek new diversions. You have a tremendous gift for art and music and you might join an art guild or choral group.
Hehe, yikes. I know I'm still a long way off from improving my actual physical appearance, but I really do need a drastic break from everything. Changing our karma does take a lot of work, however, but it's more often than not fun. For this, I bring you the card for the day (actually, there's 2 of them):

the 3 of Wands from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot by US Games

Three of Wands
You may need to take the lead, or assume responsibility for keeping your vision in motion, and while it may become tempting to rest on the laurels of your initial success, this will be merely a milestone on the way to greater manifestations of your goals. Enjoy the early fruits of your labors, even as you may begin experiencing a sort of nervous excitement, or anticipation building as things start to fall into place. Your motivation is internal, your energy, dynamic. Use your powers of intuition, premonition and foresight to keep you from prematurely jumping into the next phase of your plans. Success is in sight, but you will need to stifle any impatience, or any tendency towards overconfidence, or arrogance, or by the same token, any unconscious fears of success, as this may delay or set you back. You will be entering the homestretch, and you can expect long-term approval, reward, or perhaps even a vacation or trip that can further validate your thriving enterprise.

Oh, remember how in my previous post I just mused on random things seem to magically make themselves known quickly right after you'd think about them? Well, aside from that Vietnamese place that I got to check out (& I'm coming back for the weekend brunch specials), here's another thing I've been complaining about to myself, then voila! I know I would like to have a traditional wedding someday at some point, but I can certainly do away with the bouquet-tossing & the garter-tugging rites, thank you. Instead of rice grains being thrown at me, I would prefer rose petals, hehe. Or maybe instead of expecting a poor single gal pal to lose face while trying to grab a bouquet thrown their way, I can just raffle away the damn thing! Now all I have to do is get fit enough for a decent gown, & inform my groom-to-be about my decision to get wed. That is, if I can find one. :P I blew all my chances almost 2 years ago, after getting engaged for 3 years before it, so there. Watching Four Weddings & a Funeral again has just made me feel worse. I love the Funeral Blues poem very much, though.

I thought that love would last forever... I was wrong.

But I've always thought it wouldn't! At least, prior to my said engagement.

I might as well leave you with the 2nd card of the day, that wonderfully complements the first one:

the 8 of Cups from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot by US Games

Eight of Cups
How you respond to your situation or crisis can be a turning point. Refocus your perspective or re-examine your needs. At worst, you could be experiencing depression resulting from stress or burnout. You may have an opportunity to release old patterns, secrets, or guilt by taking up a spiritual quest in an effort to discover a deeper truth or meaning to your life. Don’t be afraid to move on when you recognize the natural conclusion of a phase or state. Be ready to turn away from the familiar, put the past behind you in search of opportunities that are in line with your heart's desires. Don't allow yourself to settle for mediocrity. If you find yourself asking "Is this all there is to my life?" then the time has come.

Yep, both card images taken from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot. Le sigh. ♥ LOL, I like the circus act take on the 3 of Wands, & the figure in the 8 of Cups looks more like it's happy to be going out into the world for a splendid vacation! I'll probably look like that on my next getaway!

So please bear with me if readings for this week until the end of the month will have to be done only on Saturdays, starting from 1pm, until further notice. I need to get a hold of myself & take care of my runny nose. Send me some love by voting for my blog & giving me feedback.
Thanks so much. :*