Thursday, May 14, 2009

Earth to S.P.!

I know I should be catching up on sleep but this week's excitement's driving me nuts, haha, & I mean in a good way. Ever since I got this blog back up (& don't worry, I'm still working on it — & I really am thankful for JR!) I just want to post everything I've been meaning to for the longest time. & then I get sidetracked, & so there's so much more now to blab, haha. But of course, that's good, or so I'd like to think.

Interestingly, this week's lunar phase has a lot to do with my adrenaline rush:
Moon in Capricorn
May 12, 2009 to May 14, 2009

Maybe you noticed. Things have gotten more serious with the Moon in Capricorn. No-nonsense suits around the office. Discussions about rules, disciplines, hard work, and respect. Virtues that make employees squirm and bosses feel lonely. Structure-everybody hates it until something unruly occurs. Physics says a vast and wild emptiness dances between the molecules in a chair. But we don't fall in due to the structuring thought in wood, respecting our need for a solid place to sit. That's Capricorn in your life, structures that support. Its energy inspires your achievements and fears (funny how both can be motivating). Face a fear today. Be the authority in something. Devise a business plan. Recognize that diligence is nothing more than keeping what you want in mind. Strategize with a wise old one. And do something especially nice this Moontime for your skin, bones or knees.

True, my skin needs extra TLC these days, & my knees hurt lately. :( & I was just discussing with a young Capricorn friend how I'm so surrounded with people born under Earth signs all along. 2 of my Breakfast Club cohorts at work are Virgos, my young mommy-figure at work who makes yummy cream puffs is a Capricorn, then I have repeat Taurean patrons, then my productions associate/Grand Vizier Em Alberto's Taurean (happy birthday!), & my dear one & only brother's Virgo. My other productions associate, our resident auric reader/dream interpreter, is Virgo as well. Then I have Plurk pals, haha, who are Capricorn. My late kid sister's best friend (R.I.P.) was Capricorn as well. Le sigh. I kinda like this older Virgo guy, too, but Virgo guys as prospects just scare the hell out of me sometimes. Whatever.

Before I discuss my take on Earth signs & how my life's drastically affected by such (even our cool head honcho in my division at work's Capricorn, if I remember correctly), let me just rave how getting a hold of this e-book has sent my heart racing. I'll blab how I did in full force later, but I have Lornadahl again to thank for it! :D Let me just share my favorite quotes from it that made me think of tarot:
From Robert Kiyosaki:

In my opinion, our main job in life is to make life here on earth
a little bit more like heaven.

True leaders inspire us to be bigger & do things we are afraid of doing.

Find the environment where you thrive.

From Donald Trump:

Give yourself a little freedom to develop into something
or someone you'd actually like to be.

Life is full of risks. We don't have total control - much as we'd like to think we do. But we can reduce the risk & increase our leverage by becoming educated, making moderate choices, & keeping a positive attitude. A lot of people have been great successes when the supposed "odds" were entirely against them. They won because they decided to take control of their destiny & refused to give up.

You may not have control over a lot of things, but you can start with yourself. Brainpower is the ultimate leverage. You've got a brain; use it. Winners take control by accepting responsibility.

The biggest risk we all face is not moving forward with what we've learned.

If something is going to affect your life,
it's best to know as much as you can about it

From Steve Forbes, from A New Birth of Freedom:

The real source of wealth & capital in this new era is not material things - it is the human mind, the human spirit, the human imagination, & our faith in the future. That's the magic of a free society - everyone can move forward & prosper because wealth comes within.

HAHA. Can you recognize the cards that correspond to those quotes? Of course, there's the Star, & the Fool, & the Magician, & the Emperor, & the Chariot, & the World, even the 8 of Pentacles. Do you think the Death card has its place there, too? Let me know. ;) Funny how I stumbled upon the said e-book just when I've updated my Blogspot profile. I used to have this blurb as taken from an old personal emo blog entry sometime November, 7 years ago or so:
"I've just realized I'm really a lousy person. A lousy daughter, a lousy sister, a lousy student, a lousy best friend, a lousy leader, a lousy follower, a lousy housekeeper, a lousy reader, a lousy writer, a lousy psychologist, a lousy consultant, a lousy young adult, a lousy overgrown child, a lousy music aficionado, a lousy significant other. The fact that I'm living in a lousier world doesn't help at all. Not one bit."
I still feel that way sometimes, seriously, but there's no room for self-pity now, especially when my being a 'soothsayer' at my day job requires me to be more confident of myself everytime I transact with customers. Besides, I shouldn't let my hangups from my past get to me anymore. I didn't realize that blurb was still there on my overall profile, so I'm letting go of it now. Who would want to be stuck forever with a lousy self in a lousy world, anyway? Not me. I still dream of a better country & a more educated society — & I used to yakk about it with my would-be best man when he least expects it, hehe. I sure hope that we'd finally redeem ourselves & live Life wondrously very, very soon. & didn't I just reference in my previous post? :)) Here's to my success in the realm of finance, then, haha. (Ugh!) I'm so getting the actual book ASAP.

But this post is mainly dedicated to my friends who feel quite, uhm, rather "useless" right now, because of the drat Mercury retrograde & the current global crunch in this oh-so tricky Year of the Earth Ox. (Double ugh!) Again, I can only stress how you should savor your supposed downtime for this period! I wish I had more time to spare for my other pursuits! :D I'm doing the best I can, though, so far, with what I have. I hope you folks would, too. Again, good luck & have fun!

& if my horoscope earlier this week isn't any more indication of how I think I'm on the right track:
LIBRA -- Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 -- You are able to step outside of your normal perceptions today, allowing you to see your life from a whole different perspective. The truth about how your efforts fit into the larger picture might come as a shock to you, especially if you have been overly concerned with just getting your job done. But now you aren't as worried; you'll finish your work on your own timetable and not anyone else's. In the meantime, continue to widen your horizons as much as you possibly can.

All I want at the moment is more sleep, really. :)) But I guess I better get going.
I need a long bath, too, to begin with.

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