Friday, October 20, 2006

how little things (like a guileless but weird hobby) can kill

Funny how I’d fill out forms now with the title “tarotist” under occupation, leaving people wondering, “what’s that like again?” but it’s honestly what I’ve got left to do with my time & energy, even if it’s a thankless job & I’d end up spending more to purge myself of fatigue & remorse after every session or so, because simply sleeping it off &/or/from meditating just don’t cut it. At least I don’t get to overeat much anymore as a result, & I can definitely remind myself to be more patient with developments & that I actually have a less stressful life now than when I was younger. So because I have to practise what I preach, hehe, I’d like to thank my lucky stars for guiding & indulging me everytime. OK, so I was kidding about the have-to part. Expressing gratitude is the least I can do, anyway.


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