Thursday, June 11, 2009

running on E (empty, what else?)

I think somebody was trying to search for any entry here that has the "strategize with a wise old one" line. I gacked that off, you see, as featured here, hehe. I totally love their Our Changing Sky planetary features. This week's rendition is as follows:
Moon in Aquarius
Jun 10, 2009 to Jun 13, 2009

Oddballs rule with Aquarius Moon. You zig, they zag. "I love humanity," somebody once said, "it's people I can't stand." As much as we want the world to be just like us (or some days just to like us), we keep bumping against those different ones. Aquarius says, "Cool! Nothing inspires genius more than discomfort and diversity." So many things you'll touch today — a piece of paper, a fuzzy slipper, a computer keyboard — came from an oddball mind, able to view the same old thing in a different way. There's a restless, erratic quality in the air made for new awarenesses. Revolutionize something. Become somebody else's oddball. The Moon says shelve your sensitivity and welcome unexpected events. Celebrate your interconnectedness with everyone you meet. Leg cramps, varicose veins, or poor circulation could be signs that you've been standing still too long.
That is so dead-on, I tell you. Yes, especially that last sentence. Well, of course, not really literally. I keep dashing like mad to & fro my day job more often than not. I had to treat myself again to a nice pedicure with an extensive foot & leg massage after getting myself comfy new pink flip-flops at the last minute. I've been living in sneakers for a couple of weeks now, which is good, but still my legs & feet are killing me. I know I should be getting new dressy shoes for my corporate life, but I can't find anything interesting (& well-fitting, if I might add!) to snag just yet. I know, what a total ditzy post. & with that noted, I know I have to come back with my promised updates. For now, you can just read everything at my Plurk, & oh, check out this quaint tarot-inspired music video while you're at it! True, not really my genre, but it's amusing to see depictions of some of my favorite cards from the deck in one go! Don't worry, this weekend will have me working here in full force. :D For now, I just want to blab one of my silliest sanity-saving secrets, & perhaps that should also get you going. How much of an oddball can anyone get for having nicely-painted nails everytime but not having frizz-free hair, though? I'm just thankful that even if I look like a car crash everytime I show up at my usual haunts along the metro to relax, I still get respected enough to be treated accordingly. I wish we weren't so hooked to the halo effect (or its reverse, especially in my case).

Honestly, I don't mind, I'm trying to be confident just the same despite myself. I know I'll see myself through this phase (of going Nowhere fast). I really wouldn't want to be labelled the proverbial odd girl out, but I guess I've always been quirky, anyway. I just need to rest more, though. It's actually tiring to be one's own cheerleader, but I've left with no other choice. I hope you'd all be more graciously patient, too, with whatever it is that's bothering you. (So much for another segue to my grand life-overhaul post, or so I'd like to think.)

Oh, & just in case anyone bothers to ask, I've already made my Lili an Expert in my Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection revisitation, via PSP 3000, but I'm too tired now & my stats are 152/62. My losses are rampaging.


jaja said...

just dropped by to show some love hehe muah! hope to see you soon. :)

Andalusia said...

Yay, thank you for the love! :D Good luck with the future housewarming! ;) I miss you!

susane said...

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