Sunday, June 07, 2009

sunshine after the rain!

After an entire week of heavy raining that caused so much delay, I'm just so glad for the sun to be shining gloriously again! I woke up early this morning (around 3am, argh) & when I decided to go online an hour after that, I cued Monday Michiru's Sunshine After The Rain in WinAmp & tried to catch up with everything (but I still have loads of email to read up to now!) possible. A couple of hours later, it was already warm & bright in the room! Yay! But I like rainy Saturday & Sunday mornings spent indoors, actually.

Then I just found out last night from my brother that I can finally play ISOs on my PSP 3000, which I received as a gift a few months ago. He showed me how to work the damn thing, haha, & we ended up playing team battles in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (which was the MAIN reason why I wanted to have a PSP to begin with a few years ago). & yes, we both can't wait for Tekken 6!

So, yeah, I'm a happy bunny, as I've advanced to 3rd dan (in hard mode, at that, OMG!) using the prissy sexy Lili with pinned hair & a pink dress with purple hand guards & boots, with 60 wins then 19 losses. I can't wait to get a new memory card & a wrist strap. I've been using my brother's PSP for the longest time, as my current UMDs are rather frustrating, so I had to set aside my handheld for a while. My brother & I exchanged cases, though, so I'm using his soft leather pouch. I'm on the verge of completely outgrowing video games, however. Yet I'm still hanging on to Warbook, & I'm just so happy to have made it to Level 49 even with a dormant alliance.

This also surprised me this morning. Hooray! Haha, at this rate I won't be in the top 50 Philippine websites roster, but I'm just happy to be included in the full listing.

I might as well take the time out to introduce you to my friend Lornadahl's travelling dolls Lunah & Raya for her t-shirt business, as probably inspired by the "travelling gnome" in the quirky French film Amelie. Aren't they cute? I hope to hear more about them in their respective Twitter pages, haha.

Their respective shirts read in the vernacular, "Pagkahabahaba man ng prusisyon, sa Pinas pa rin ang tuloy" & "Pambansang Lagalag". I'm bad with translations but you can use the online translator in this blog, which produces funny results, haha. If you want a good laugh, you might as well check it out. But the context, of course, at least methinks, is that there's no place like home. :P & why don't we all proclaim ourselves National Travellers, Tourists, Explorers, Globetrotters, Crusaders, Hikers, Roamers, Wanderers, Nomads, Vagabonds... call them what you will, hehe. Aha, & of course, The Fool card comes to mind! :D

Anyway, I really do need to be inspired further. That way, I can be more inspiring in turn. For now, I'll just probably rest for a bit. Coming right up, I'm finally posting my take on changing karma, World Tarot Day, this year's Neptune retrograde, & cool quick tarot spreads, among other little things.


lornadahl said...

Thanks for the plug, mare. Where's Djin Djin? :)

Actually, I consider Will Puchner's Traveling Penguins as the major force behind this project. Go look it up. Bought one of his books.

Naks naman, nasa list ng Pinoy sites. Kelan ko kaya ma-a-achieve 'yan?

Andalusia said...

HAHA sorry, I left Djin Djin out! Wait, I really should come up with a proper post.

Thank you for the insight! I looked it up & I want to know more about him & his travelling penguins! Hmm, he's Austrian pala. :D

Which reminds me, I keep putting off buying the March of The Penguins book.

But I immediately thought of the cute travelling gnome prank Amelie played on her father in the movie, as I'm still thinking of pulling off a similar gag someday, haha.

Uy, why don't you browse for your blogs or spaces in that list kaya? Perhaps one of them's there as well! I was looking for other sites from friends but I gave up after 3 pages. X__X

I want to go & see the world more often, too. But I'm really too prissy & tired at the moment to deal with the hustle & bustle, so to speak. Maybe when I get at least my hot pink Mitsubishi Eclipse & an access to a helipad & more means to fly business class... *squee*

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