Monday, June 01, 2009

June bug

I know, I'm late with the update. I can blame Mercury recovering from its last retrograde this season, which has been actually rather more forgiving than its previous episodes. But I'm excited just the same & I can't wait for my 7th tarot anniversary (when I fell in love at first sight with the cards) at the end of the month, & of course, for the summer equinox. But for now please stay tuned. I should come up with the rest of the entry by tomorrow. I'm not really feeling well, & I need to wrap up a few more things before proceeding. But I had fun last weekend, amidst the rain, & I hope it'd be like that everytime from now on. How? I went to a new place with the Breakfast Club (now aka the 400 Club, haha, because our average call-handling time nowadays would be in the 400-second range, yikes!) & checked out a huge Philips one-day-only warehouse sale & then had a bit of me-time to end the day. I was even able to drop by one of my favorite chapels for a bit to give thanks & to offer Mass for my departed father & youngest sister. If the weather was more forgiving, though, I would've shopped around for dresses & had my hair done.

Anyway, I had the craziest dream that I was in Thailand (or was it Indonesia?) & we were out on adventure (Chasing someone or something? Hunting for treasure? Running away from someone or something? Crap, for the life of me, I can't remember) but we had to encounter swarms of beetles. We were in this old temple (or was it just some old blurry building?) where a huge pile of dead beetles fell upon us & it was just gross. Oh, God. Then I woke up, as I received a phone call from someone random. I better be careful, anyway. Seeing at least one beetle in a dream is supposedly a rather ominous thing. I can only hope not. I'd rather not go into detail about it.

I might also be active on Twitter again. But it looks like my old blah account is nowhere to be found. I really didn't like it there last year. But let's see if I can keep up this season.