Tuesday, June 30, 2009

another appointment advisory!

The humidity's killing me! Sorry for the backlog. I know I have a lot of posting to do, & I have all my drafts here, but I need to tweak them for a bit. I do hope you're all doing great! Anyway, I'll have all the time in the world next week to give updates, & I so can't wait! :D I'll also be reading on certain weekdays next month (haha, but July is just a few hours away now!) & I'd like to thank everyone who's already booked for appointments. I'm going to shake things up a bit by then. Like, a change of scenery, perhaps? ;) — among other things. I'm still thinking if I should read this Saturday, on the proverbial 4th of July, but if you're interested, let me know here. I'll start as early as 10am, if requested. :)

For next week, I'm thinking of July 7th (starting 11am) & July 10th (from 10am until 3pm only, sorry), but if I can squeeze in things on July 9th then I'll make a quick update. I'm avoiding the Monday & Wednesday rush, you see, & I would like some time to do tai chi on those days before proceeding with my schedules. I really need to catch up with myself. :)

But I'd really like to thank all my new & repeat patrons for this year, especially Sharon, who's totally the sweetest (yay for them neat silver turquoisey drop earrings!) & who's getting more gorgeous everytime! You folks inspire & motivate me to be better despite myself, & I hope that this "work in progress" before you is of help to you in one way or another. I humbly & wholeheartedly accept your feedback & provisions, & I can't thank the Universe enough for letting me come across your paths. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU, everyone... & I wish you all the VERY BEST.


Kate said...

hey! it was nice meeting you last tuesday. Thanks for all those real good readings, encouragement, advices and just about everything. It was worth it! And now, I'm hopeful that everything will just fall into place and work out! Weeee! Thanks really!

Till next time! =)

kristine said...

hi good day! how do i arrange for an appointment? i am available saturdays. you could email me at krisean19@yahoo.com or reach me at 09174953880

thanks. hope you could reply and i am really looking forward to meet you. =)

- tin luares -

Anonymous said...


i want to schedule a reading, it will be my birthday this sunday.

I live in wackwack and here is my number, im trying to locate a contact info on your blog but cant find any.


Nap Beltran


Andalusia said...

Thank you as well, Kate! I really hope you'll get what you want this year, & that you'd feel so much better about yourself! You're a very wonderful person already, though, so take it easy! I've learned so much from you, too. Yes, till next time! Take care!

(I also hope it was just as worthwhile for your companion that day! Yikes!)

Andalusia said...

Thank you so much, too, Kristine! It was so nice meeting you! I really hope it was worth it. Advance happy birthday! Yes, if you have friends interested to have their readings as well, by all means, get in touch, please! :) I'll be available again this Saturday, & I'll be posting my other schedules here. Good luck!

Andalusia said...

Happy birthday, Nap! I hope it was fun! Do make the most out of your vacation while wrapping up everything that would come across as 'unfinished business' for you & your family. I hope I made sense. Don't worry, you really look younger than your actual age! :)) That's a good indication of how you're living life despite everything. Just relax as much as you can, though! I really wish you the best! Have a smooth life!

susane said...

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