Tuesday, July 07, 2009

updated contact details

I know, I've been out of touch for so long. I've just been very busy, even if I'm actually free this week. I just feel really tired (it's that time of the month, after all, hehe) & I've been doing a lot of reading (not only tarot cards, but also my staple self-help books). My most favorite book at the moment, btw, is Sydney Omarr's Day-by-Day Astrological Guide for Libra 2009. It's so dead-on, so awesome, so timely! My favorite most accurate line from it is,

"Hospital & nursing homes have been part of your life since 2007;
you have been exploring your own motives & unconscious mind;
you are ridding yourself of habits & attitudes that may be holding you back in some way."

Holy crap, you said it! No thanks to my Saturn Return in Virgo. :/

It also explains my birth chart, moon transits, & possible love matches more clearly! Haha. You can also find a bit of information about planetary retrogrades, but seriously that portion needs more work. My penchance for the occult, the color black in general, crime scene investigations, & scientific research is justified by my Venus in Scorpio. My Moon in Cancer amplifies my esoteric inclinations, moodiness, sensitivity to & interest in lunar phases, & altruistic binges (I've yet to work on this). Then my need for isolation & privacy (not to mention rabid temper outbursts!) can be highlighted by my Mars in Scorpio, & my devil-may-care appearance (READ: walking fashion faux pas) is no thanks to my Aquarius rising, haha. Now I hope to meet my better Libran half someday (or even Gemini LOL), & I hope to God he ain't taken &/or gay. :)) Go get a copy under your own sign! It's actually so much worth it!

I'm just so glad to see my old friend IRL Rissa again last weekend, after nearly 4 months, haha. Even if we keep in touch online, it's nice to actually hang out with someone you've known for so long, & vice versa. Thanks for that. Let's do it again sometime, at least before my birthday this September. It was fun how we went through 4 whole decks & the readings were still light!

I'm also trying to catch up on my music. I have a lot of new songs to like, even if I keep forgetting to write the titles down so I can have them on my iPod, if not check out the entire albums where those came from. I feel better already. But I have to admit some of the new songs today are rather forgettable! Nothing beats my old loves.

There's "Karate" by Kennedy, "Long Gone" (the Howard Benson version, of course) by my favorite Cancerian Chris Cornell, the "Open Happiness" track for Coca-Cola, "For What It's Worth" by Placebo, "Ain't No Rest for The Wicked" by Cage the Elephant, "Supernova" by Ra, among other tunes. I'll enumerate my local picks later, & boy, oh, boy, there's a handful of them! I love "Matina Town Square" the most, though, for one thing, & it's definitely UNforgettable!

Anyway, again, please join me in Facebook:

I'll update soon there.

If you want to e-mail me for inquiries, you can do so here! Finally, I have a dedicated inbox, haha, even if my card still has my personal e-mail address! It'll be easier for me now to respond accordingly & send or track remote readings.

Text me momentarily at 0927.250.6910, which I'm using to uhm, test drive my new baby. The latter came as a surprise last month, while I was checking out new prospects to replace my old dilapidating unit (I miss its awesome cam, though, & I'll have that up & running again soon) & voila. (& no, Francisbear, I really didn't get the idea from you this time, haha!) I have the rest of the week to fully set it up, especially for Ovi.

Thanks again to all the new people I've met these past few weeks! ♥ I hope I can manage to leave today to read for at least one new client, even if I'm not really feeling well. I'm looking forward to watching the new Ice Age movie later with my brother, though, after we've just seen the new Transformers flick, which was stupendously crazy, haha. Anyway, have a nice life, everyone! Be thankful for what you already have... even for what you're still waiting for! Let me share with you these 10 Laws of Attraction I found last night online. Personally, I'm still working on it but I've managed to make a few new things manifest quickly! Good luck! =xoxo=