Tuesday, June 09, 2009

appointments advisory

I just have to make a quick update about my schedules for this month. I'll be available this Saturday, the 13th as usual, rain or shine, but only after lunch, by 1PM, as I have to continue my physical therapy sessions for my entire back earlier that day. Then on the 20th, I can start as early as 10am, like always. But I might only read until 12nn, for a previous engagement. Will let you know, of course. Then by the 25th, I can only read from 10am to 4pm at the most, because by Sunday afternoon, after another previous engagement I have to attend, I can also be available. I'll need all the rest that I can get. Please be informed that appointments must be done at least a day in advance. I know, I also like last-minute meetups, but I want to be at my optimum state to read everytime. I also would appreciate it if I can meet more than one individual at a given day. For more details & inquiries, please leave a comment here, or add me. :D

Thanks so much!


lornadahl said...

Hope you can squeeze me in. And Loren, too! ;)

Andalusia said...

Yes, please let me know when! I might not make it tomorrow but I'll see if I can manage it on the 15th for you both. :D Again, thanks so much for everything!

May said...

Hi! I am interested in your service. Please let me know your cellphone number or e-mail so that I can get in touch with you.


Andalusia said...

Hi, May! Sorry for the delayed response. You can e-mail me at sp[dot]lovecraft[at]gmail[dot]com. :) I'll be available on July 7th & 10th if you're interested. Thanks as well!

susane said...

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