Monday, September 14, 2009

picture-trailing & then some

Moon in Cancer
Sep 12, 2009 to Sep 14, 2009

You might be a little sensitive during this Moon. Unfortunately, everyone else is too. If you find yourself in deep water now, look to your intuition to get you out. The real issues are often hidden on Cancer Moon days, or dealt with sideways. People tend to circle the emotional wagons, reach for their antacids, and privately nurse their wounds. The collective unconscious is four years old and wants its mommy. Go ahead, seek nurture today. It's like that children's story where the baby bird, tumbled from its nest, quizzes all comers, "Are you my mother?" Only you're looking for the World Mother. You'll find her in a cozy place where you feel safe and loved; in a cup of tea, a mid-day retreat to your bed, or a smile from a friend. Whether or not you have issues, it's a good Moontime for sharpening your emotional intelligence. Distinguish foods that nourish (both real and symbolic) from those that bring heartburn.
My actual Moon in my natal chart is in Cancer. & I'm feeling rather somber again. But last Saturday I had the time of my life because I've been laughing a lot with my clients & friends. It's funny how the last time I saw my culture vulture pal Lornadahl was in February, while Mercury was also in retrograde, & I just lost my 10-year-old bedroom + house + Student Council office keys, along with them tiny new Yale trinkets for my supposedly new locker. I was supposed to be reading for her, but she treated me to a free brunch, nevertheless haha, yay, & I was just all too happy to return the favor come dinnertime.

Indeed, life is good, & I'm glad to get insightful feedback from repeat clients. & I absolutely love it when things get relaxed, to the point of casual, between me & my querents. Everybody needs a breather, anyway, especially when them readings become way too overwhelming. But thank you, folks, for trusting me & all that. I've always wanted to present myself as a welcome break from the norm, with my being upbeat & liberal, brimming with pop culture references, & not passing judgment on too quickly. Hopefully I don't come across as too biased or limiting at any point, but I mainly go with the flow, so to speak, during every session.

Speaking of going with the flow, I'll definitely allow you darlings to take pictures & notes of your readings, just so you'll have better recall, & get the most out of our sessions. Taking pictures of the cards can be painstaking, though, as if they refuse to be photographed at any time, then uploading them is doubly agonizing. But I'll do my best, haha, & I would appreciate it if you share your 'fan shots' with me & the rest of the blogosphere. ♥

You know it's Lornadahl's when it's got lipstick marks on it LOL.
Taken by the Scorpio grrl with Gemini rising herself.

CBTL's book brigade! ♥ Don't forget to drop your old books for children at your favorite branch so that they can donate them soon enough.

Lornadahl choosing her decks.

Lornadahl's initial draw. (Sorry, blurry take!)

Lornadahl's Planets spread. I decided to have the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot deck debut in pictures like this, & use it to read for her to match her colorful, larger-than-life persona.
1) Moon - Home Life, Domestic Matters, & Emotional States - King of Wands
2) Sun - Achievement, Personal Reward, & Optimism - 10 of Swords
3) Mercury - Working Life, Career Prospects, & Mental Abilities - 3 of Coins
4) Venus - Love Life, Relationships, & Feelings - Judgment
5) Mars - Conflict & Struggles - Ace of Cups
6) Jupiter - Gain & Expansion - 3 of Cups
7) Saturn - Restriction & Structure - The Sun
8) Earth (possibly) - Self - Ace of Swords

With the following Significators on the side: the Queen of Cups, 8 of Cups, 9 of Cups, & 4 of Coins (LOL I love it how this was so literal! Lornadahl was limping & I was sitting pretty on my table when she arrived). Will expound later. But The Sun card illustrates how her flamboyant Gemini rising is getting in the way of her actual sexy Sun sign Scorpio.

Lornadahl's view of her Planets spread.

For Lornadahl... The Tower card signifies how you will start a revolution at work (yay for the proverbial shock factor! LOL) & the Hanged Man merely suggests how you should keep your right knee elevated to speed up the healing process. But take care of your limbs & feet all the more now.

For Tangerine. Look at the Temperance & the Lovers cards, HAHA, whee!
Again, shot by Lornadahl.

What Lornadahl drew for me, hee. ♥

Anyway, I'm happy that my esoteric buddy + fellow Pinoy Tarot Enthusiast Francisbear showed me his brand new Vanessa Tarot from Ly Narciso, & my God, the cards are cuter in person. Guess what my first card was? I'm still laughing out loud from that moment I drew it. The cards speak in whispers, & they're adorably kitschy, & they'd be perfect for my sassy girl clients (which make up a huge part of my demographic LOL). Because of that, I might as well try to give one away to a lucky patron/follower! ♥

I hope the coming weekend (September 19th) would be just as fun, if not so much more. For weekday warriors, however, don't worry, next Thursday (September 24th) could be your day. :D & since I'm on a roll, I might make myself available the next weekend (September 26th), even if you're supposed to all know by now that next Friday is my Judgment day.

If things pick up very soon for me, I might also throw this nifty feng shui guidebook for 2010 in the mix of what's up for grabs here. Let's see. I wonder what lucky Chinese zodiac sign will be winning this raffle. I'm still drafting the terms & conditions, & I might just have to wait until the end of the month, in time for this blog's 3rd anniversary, & when Mercury's going direct again.


Yvie said...

It's amazing that; at the moment, I am seeking balance in my life in terms of my emotional strength, spiritual self and relationship with my family. :) Thanks also for the quick reading---and I should thank Lorna too. The cards do not lie (I really do believe in tarot. The cards serves as a guide if you ask the right questions too.). I am seeking balance in my life right now and I am bent to get it one step at a time.

I hope you find balance in your life too! I can't wait to see you this October! You have to be there!

Yvie said...

Thanks to you and Lorna! I'm so glad I met you guys. This age---what happened last weekend was phenomenal. I feel that it's the start of cleansing, of washing away our old paradigms and habits. I really do hope that this will really put a sense of urgency to everyone.

Ako din, right now, I feel the change coming in me. And the cards says it too.

Thanks Abbee!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! So nice to see other Filipino tarot enthusiasts... =D I'm AJ, btw. Still new with the whole thing but sure glad to see your website.

Andalusia said...

Thanks, Yvie. I really do hope your dreams would come true. VERY SOON, even. We all could use that much-needed albeit elusive balance, hehe. I sure hope I can be there for you this October. If not, well... I'm still stuck with my drudgery, so please bear with me. But I wouldn't want to miss it for the world. Good luck! ♥

Andalusia said...

Thanks, AJ, for dropping by. Nice to know you're into tarot, too. Oh, & yoga! HAHA. How long have you been doing such?

This still needs work. I wish I have more energy. I'm still drained as hell from the madness that was the tropical strom Ondoy/Ketsana, for starters. But thanks for visiting. Drop by from time to time, & feel free to share your thoughts/insights/violent reactions/whatnot, hehe.

zhara said...

hi, how do i get in touch with you? do you still do readings? thanks :)

Andalusia said...

Hi, zhara! Of course, I still do readings. I just didn't go today because of the weather, but thank God the metro was spared. Anyway, please e-mail me at sp[dot]lovecraft[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks! I read every Saturday at the newest Coffee Bean branch, when I have requests. ;)

AJ said...

Hi again. I actually just started yoga last year. My sister was so into bikram yoga, that she forced me to go with her. She goes to the greenhills studio. People there are nice.

I'm not doing yoga lately tho... need to push myself again.

Andalusia said...

AJ, me neither. Must go back. But I love tai chi more. I should go back to that, too, LOL.

& I kinda wish I lived close to Greenhills. There's a lot of really cool stuff in the area, sigh.

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