Monday, September 21, 2009

"and dreams are made of emotion"

Moon in Scorpio
Sep 20, 2009 to Sep 23, 2009

I've heard that two rutting elk can lock horns for over a day. Of course, humans in a power struggle can easily exceed that, especially during Scorpio's Moon. Power issues are raised. But what's likely hidden is the truth about where that power lies. One opponent overthrows another, hoping to capture power. But is it really there? That's the contemplation this Moontime. Here's a clue: there's a treasure house full of the good stuff, just like the fairy tales always said. And you don't have to steal or envy the ones who seem to have it. All you need is to find your personal key. This Moon says, "Let your intuition lead." If you're stuck on something, visualize whatever you're holding onto eighty years from now. Impermanence seems scary. But like an old snakeskin, after a loss comes something vibrant and new. Celebrate yourself as a passionate, evolving being.
Things are actually extra dreamy for me today. Plus it's the time of the month, & so despite my rearranging my bookshelf & finally throwing really outdated stuff out (Mercury, Saturn, & even Venus OMG now in Virgo at work) this weekend, I'm still stuck. But I'm a little bit more hopeful now than last week. I got books on candle-making & flower-arranging, which all lead to full-fledged gardening (& I've been considering on reviving my dad's orchid collection) & creating other romantic indulgences (bath stuff, anyone? Mmmm LOL) for gifts & my personal consumption, at the very least. I'm also thinking of cooking more often again, even if I lost touch with my gusto for it ever since my kid sister & dad passed away. But, yeah, well, I really should be more creative with my hands again, hehe, even if I really can't manage alone. Sigh. At least while the household help's still with us, huh? I'm glad she was able to clear the Southeast portion of the garden/house after all this time. I guess I'll take time out to rearrange & declutter everything by Friday, but don't worry, I'll make time for reading this Thursday (from 10am onwards) & Saturday (2pm-6pm). I'll also try to indulge myself as much as I can after all the fuss. Sigh. For some reason I kinda want to be left alone, unless there's a date in tow, LOL but this could be just my PMS talking.

But anyway, I'm thankful for everything I've had so far. I should give myself another birthday reading because the last one was actually damn accurate, haha. I hope to get my reading done professionally by somebody else, though, just to make sure. But I'll post mine soon, LOL, even if I have 3 other readings lined up. (I know, Mercury retrograde to blame!)

Oh, well, wish me luck. Funny how I've been thinking about The Star card earlier today, & then a Twitter friend decides to tweet about it! Yay, so apt! Right, Tin? ;)

"When the Star card is upright in a tarot spread it indicates that it is a good time for the questioner to have their natal birth chart & current astrological transits interpreted so that they may view a larger picture of their life patterns & how certain situations have come about in their life. The chart offers an external perspective of one's life and can help offer insight and encouragement.

"In a reading the Star card presents itself when the questioner has literally stripped himself or herself bare. The spilt water erupts as tears and all of the old, blocked emotions are accepted as pretence is given up. Often the Star card will symbolise a need to cry.
Oh, my, LOL. Yeah, hopefully the "spa for the soul" experience will push through, even if it will rather cost me much. Anything to feel a little bit better than yesterday... for my birthday. :))


Yvie said...

How timely. :) *sighs* that I feel the need to cry once again--cry along with the weather that we have here.

AJ said...

Hi. From what deck is that "star" card from? It looks nice.

Andalusia said...

Yvie, please hang on. I got that card just before Ondoy hit us. Anyway, yes, a good long cry can help. *hugs*

AJ, it's from the Manga Tarot deck by Selena Lin. If you hover on the card, I've already noted the details. Cheers!

AJ said...

Oh cool! Thanks!

Andalusia said...

AJ, you're welcome! The rest of Majors as well as the Court Cards from that deck are really cute. ♥

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