Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy 09/09/09!

Who would've thought I'd live until this day? LOL. Back in 2001 I was so depressed I didn't even realize I'd live until my birthday the following year, studying about tarot, to boot. Tarot, for me, along with my ex-fiance that time, was the best gift ever by the Universe. Now here I am trying to make further sense of my existence & purpose in any way that I can, despite myself.

Anyway, I'm this happy, because amidst the blasted Mercury retrograde & my failing day job scorecard & the horrendous weather (I almost swam to & fro work the last time! But good thing I was wearing my trusty, albeit now soiled, ivory raincoat & purple Plueys) I'm still blessed, after all. ♥ Thank you, Universe. Thank you, Mom. Though I hope to be out of this rut that I'm currently stuck in very soon. I'd rather not think about it, seriously. I have faith that I'll surpass things. But I'm usually suicidal on my birthday, & that's like 16 days away. I even had my hair cut again, a bit like Natsu Ayuhara of Rival Schools. LOL I miss that game. Hmm, maybe blue streaks could do the trick. LOL.

So, well, as a thank-you gift to my repeat clients (those who've come back to see me at least for the 2nd time this year) & successful referees, I'm giving away free readings to 9 lucky patrons that you all can claim until the end of the month. Just be patient with me. More or less I'm using this fun spread, but I'll also think of something that will use 9 cards LOL. Hooray. I'm not sure if you folks will appreciate having at least your first names listed here, but I'll post later anyway, at least in the Comments section. Again, thank you very much, & I hope to see you all again soon, especially all you lovely first-timers! ♥

Before I forget, finally the latest local TV feature on Tarot's up, with Francisbear & Ly in focus! Haha, cheers! I'm too chicken shit to appear on local TV like that (even if I was featured twice unexpectedly & briefly 3 years ago LOL yikes) but hopefully I can do so bravely in the near future. & for once, I think this was a pretty balanced episode. Too bad I slept the day away that fateful Saturday because of the weather & my pharyngitis, but thank God for YouTube, yay!

I know I should be watching the crazy local horror movie about Tarot, but I really don't like scary stuff, & I hate the way Tarot's being portrayed there, & I'd rather die or watch Up again in 3D than even give it further publicity, but maybe I should, just to be fair. I'll ask my girls (or my brother) if they'd want to LOL. Hmmm.

Oh, well, I should get going now. I'll try to plurk or tweet down the street again LOL on my lunchtime later 4pm EST. I'll be drafting the rest of my schedules of the year, so I can post them here. Sorry for the backlog. Yeah, the reading transcriptions & the Up movie feature still in line! Stay tuned! Oh, & don't forget to show me some love here, if you haven't yet! =XOXO=


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