Friday, March 22, 2013

making time for QUICK updates

Yay, I'm back! I can't believe this will have to be my very first post here for 2013. Anyway, I'm really swamped with stuff to do that I hardly even have time to fix my room anymore, but I've promised to myself that this Holy Week will be THAT time for it, & thank God I've even found reinforcements (FINALLY!)

I really have to make sure all my Tarot decks & New Age (astrology, feng shui, what-have-you) books are already in order by then, for easier retrieval, among other things. God bless my babies. Thank you, Universe, for letting me have them.

BTW, a dear return client (Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon & Mars, Libra Rising) actually gave me a copy of my beloved Tarot of The Magical Forest earlier this year, & I really thank her for her generosity. I gave her an Angel Aura quartz bracelet in return, & it looks like she's becoming more spiritual as we speak. I'm really happy for her.

& finally I have a Mage: The Ascension deck in possession, after more than 2 years of getting entranced with it. That was the very first deck that gave me quite an accurate reading, with just 10-11 cards, & I will never forget the 8 of Wands card there, that sharply illustrates how my life is now with  ThetaHealing®. The owner of that deck's last message to me via SMS was, "Remember who you are." I finally replied, "Thank you, I now remember who & what I am," & he said, "Stay Awake." I hope all is well with him, even if we don't really speak to each other anymore, even if I see him around at least twice a month. I am still floored how I got such a rare deck still sealed from a pure, loving source, & I still get pretty amazing results with it. It's still a very dark, scary deck despite how it looks more welcoming now, but I'm really having fun everytime I see the Knight of Swords there (aka the Knight of Dynamism), & I'm reminded of my newfound fascination with Lord Shiva, hehe. It's just funny how me & my fun double Aquarian protege (who also owns this deck & was bewildered to find out I already had my own, haha) were talking about Shiva on a Full Moon (my Lunar return) last December, a month before I received my deck in the mail:

Me: If I have Kali & Shiva as my inner deities, then WHY THE HELL do I still look like this?!
N: Because the Universe loves irony.

WTH. Fine. It sure does. :P

& I really should talk more about  ThetaHealing® in detail, but I'll need more time, energy, & space. For now, let me just tell you that I'm finally a certified Basic DNA2, Advanced DNA2, & even a [R][H][Y][T][H][M] Practitioner, & our Manifesting Abundance module's coming up this weekend. I'm still worrying how I'm going to sign up for Intuitive Anatomy this April, but I should decide by early next week. But I'm happy how FINALLY my uh, healing capabilities are FULLY validated, &  ThetaHealing® makes my readings so much more accurate (& so much more EXHAUSTING, mind you). I'm really overwhelmed with all the friends that I've made; the things I've manifested (like that One Billion Rising movement, for starters, because I'm sick & tired of misogyny) & foreseen (look at the Death card from the RWS deck & you'll know what exactly I saw, among other things in other ways); the new knowledge I'm acquiring (which leads to a whole buncha new books to finish that end up cluttering my space, LOL); & the energy this whole shebang is requiring of me. I've accomplished quite a number of distance healings for friends & clients, & OMG I got fantastic results. I'm still working on my dog, my brother, my surly housekeeper in her late 50's, & MYSELF, but I'm getting there. Should you wish to try it with me, just remember to keep an open mind, & bear with me as we go along. For now I can say it's a very good complement to psychotherapy, but this can do so much more than just that. Like in a friend's case, chickenpox, would you believe? :D It also would take care of my backaches, but I still need to do something about my weird knee pains. (& yes, supplements will still be a huge part of the whole program... don't ditch your traditional medicine just yet!)

My reawakening via  ThetaHealing® can be aptly described by this:

This dazzling piece is called "Blossoming," drawn by one of my favorite local artists + clients Katrina Pallon (Sagittarius Sun, Virgo Moon, Aries Rising, LOL, & I must mention her brooding Mercury in Scorpio & piquant Venus in Aquarius in her 8th House, which would explain that underlying sinister sensuality in most of her works) during her Venus return (yes, post-Ascension, which means it IS a very exciting & potent time for her, ahem) this year. I am hoping to have a replica of her very gorgeous "Oiran in Triangles" later this year, & experience her Tarot-inspired pieces while I'm at it. I was supposed to get that very painting before it was bought by someone else, as a culmination to Saturn transiting my Sun sign Libra (lest you forget), but that period became so difficult that I had to postpone my claiming it indefinitely. Oh, well. It's still funny to think how I met her a couple of years back via her "Crane Wife," & I ran excitedly to her (rather idiotically, actually, holy crap) with The Sun card from my Sacred Rose deck in one hand & the Queen of Cups card from my Chinese deck in the other. Come to think of it, those 2 cards did have a blaring message for her, aside from depict her & her works very accurately. Yay.

Indeed,  ThetaHealing® has left me working with white & pink lotuses like crazy this year, so I'll have my logo redesigned with one or so, to honor my uhm, re-glorified Sacred Feminine (eep).

ThetaHealing® actually helped me survive commemorating my dad's 5th death anniversary last March 11th & my late kid sister's birthday last March 16th. I would've gone completely crazy, but thank God I didn't. I was able to enjoy a few meals out with my brother as a result, especially that complimentary dinner at this new joint paying lovely tribute to native fare with a sweet global twist for our mother's 66th birthday the other night, & we also got to check out an art fair in one of the hippest parks in the metro, which my Painting major late sister would've liked very much. I hope I do well all throughout this month, & until my certification for Intuitive Anatomy (dear God, please help me), & hell, throughout the rest of the year, especially my next Jupiter return (whoopeedoo) until the end of my days (lessee if I finally get to live past at least my 2nd Saturn return!) Last year was crazy, bordering on self-destructive, like you have no idea how. Lessee if this year will be so much more forgiving, considering Saturn is now highlighting my natal 8th-10th Houses, hehe, conjunct my Venus & Mars, jeezus. Remind me to make a yearly forecast for myself again STAT via my Tarot cards.

Anyway, I'll also be celebrating my 8th anniversary for my brand, & with that said, I'm giving away further quick card readings online on my Facebook Page. If you haven't Liked me yet there, please do. Remember, my offer ONLY applies for the time specified, on that post where it would be announced, & for people who actually have subscribed to my Page. I just gave away readings earlier, so I'll be having another round by next week, Holy Week-ish. Probably Black Saturday, who knows? It's usually one of my favorite days of the year. Stay tuned, as I could offer quick readings for up to 13 people in an hour's time. Or even 21 (+8), hehe. Whatever. I like keeping people on their toes, as it's all part of the fun.

If you're still up for Tarot readings face-to-face along the Makati CBD, I'm available next Monday, March 25th, from 11:30am-3:00pm. Email me at sp.lovecraft[at]gmail[dot]com for your schedule. If I decide to take up Intuitive Anatomy right after Easter Sunday, my next schedule should be on Tuesday, April 23rd, 10am-6pm. Let me know, & have patience with me. I have already increased my rates by more than 20% since last year, especially now that I'm doing  ThetaHealing®, so please be advised. (You get more than what you're paying for, anyway, like your astrology explained, one free follow-up answer via email or FB, angel/crystal/color therapy, & feng shui advice!) But I'm working on a loyalty program for return clients, which should include a free 30-minute birthday/holiday (whichever comes first) reading online (via IM) for every 3 paying referrals. I'll keep you all posted, especially those already eligible for the offer. ♥

If you have any questions or comments, let me know here! I want to know who else is reading my posts. If you're brave enough, I can even give you your Tarot card for the day on the spot! :P

For now, let me leave you with an ardent young client's message to me via SMS a few hours ago:

"You're super blessed with your gifts & I'm sure a loooot of people appreciate it." --Anj

Thanks so much! I really hope so! Happy weekend, everyone! Have a very sweet 2013!


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