Saturday, May 21, 2011

I wanna cry but I gotta laugh (take #107086)

Ohayo. My last blog draft was dated after Easter Sunday, but I don't think I'll be able to pick up where I've last left off at this rate. Been INSANELY busy! & tired. & happy, nevertheless. Quite a bit numb, too, but everything's a terribly long story, so I'll save all that (again) for later. My apologies. But in a nutshell, I've met a bunch of fabulous artists, musicians, & other remarkable personalities along the way; discovered a whole slew of treats to relish; got nice gifts + invites from patrons + new friends; & reunited with my high school BFF's after quite a long while. I also love waking up to success stories from clients, & I'm very excited for everyone. I still have hardly any time to myself, but I'm getting there. I hope I can go back to yoga & tai chi by tomorrow, but lessee. I've got another packed schedule & I'm about to lose it. I still have to recover from a crazy read-a-thon from last Monday, & brace myself for another round later today. Whew.

Anyway, this is my Tarot reading schedule until the end of the month. Please be advised. So Heaven help me. I'm taking a break on World Tarot Day, Wednesday, May 25th, & just proceed with remote readings & grounding rituals, so if anybody needs me on Wednesday, er, leave me alone, hehe.

May 24th - Tuesday (Good Spirits)
6:00pm - Tia
7:00pm - Cla
8:00pm - Tet
9:00pm - Nelson & RD, hehe

May 26th - Thursday (Good Spirits)
5:00pm - Honey
7:00pm - dinnertime
8:00pm to 10:00pm (open slots)

May 31st - Tuesday (private event)
4:00pm to 6:00pm

June 4th - Saturday (Greenbelt)
5:00pm to 9:00pm

Good Spirits Cafe is located in The Collective, a warehouse complex comprised of eclectic shops & attractions, located in 7274 Malugay cor. Mayapis Sts., San Antonio Village, Makati City. If passing by Yakal St. (which is a one-way street) via Buendia, make a left turn to Mayapis then make another left turn to Malugay (which is one-way as well). You should be seeing Cash & Carry at the end of Yakal, which should be your cue to turn left to Mayapis. Parking is along the street. The Collective is a safe place, don't worry, even if it looks daunting from outside, even when there are rock or hip-hop music events near the entrance. This is near the train's railroad tracks & there's a new condo complex being built nearby called The Linear. Anyway, Good Spirits is a small quiet cozy white cafe from the far left from the complex entrance. You'll see B-SIDE first, a music bar before it.

View Commuting in the Philippines 101 in a larger map

Good Spirits Cafe is such a cozy place, especially during early evenings. They serve wine, coffee, iced tea, & awesome cakes. Even better, everything's moderately priced! Must-try: their chocolate Kama Sutra, their Lovely Blue cheesecake (blueberries, of course), their Marble cheesecake, their brownies with almonds & cream cheese, & my newest favorite: red velvet cupcakes. The couch is super-comfy, with books & magazines surrounding it for perusal, & a lot of art pieces on display. The place even plays awesome electronic mixes that are delightfully stimulating & soothing at the same time. If you'd like to hold small, intimate events, this is a place to be. The owners are pretty friendly, so yeah, that'd be easy. This season, I actually come by to enjoy their humble take on halo-halo, haha. Not only because I need to stay sober especially during read-a-thons, but also because the summer heat is unbearable & I can eat halo-halo or ice cream or fro-yo anytime, everyday as a result. Enjoy the homey, relaxing, inspiring vibe there, & more cafes locally should be like this, seriously.

(Please handle their items with care, nevertheless. Clean up after your own mess, too. Then tip their young baristas accordingly, especially if they've been extra attentive. That's all we ask while you're there. Oh, & feel at home, of course, especially if you'd be waiting for your turn to be read, & while you're enjoying their offerings.)

Text me beforehand should you want to be scheduled for Thursday onwards: (+63) 0920-433-5420. Please note that I might be in the middle of a reading session so if you call, I might not be able to pick up immediately. Text me FIRST before calling. I'm adamantly sticking to my schedules but I want to accommodate everyone as much as I can this month. Meaning, I'd rather read on these particular days at them said places so, please, have mercy. (House calls will have extra charge, up to double my standard rate, depending on location & weather conditions. For now, I can only accommodate requests within the Makati CBD. For more information how I do my readings, please read the updated 2nd FAQ.)


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