Thursday, June 09, 2011

floating landscapes

For schedules next week, please be advised, no appointments will be entertained from Monday, June 13th, until Wednesday, June 15th. But it should be a wonderful time, nevertheless, as Saturn is finally going direct again after being retrograde for half a year, & the Full Moon will be in Sagittarius, with a total Lunar Eclipse, to boot. Egad. Haha. It could be straining for some, zesty for others. I'm playing it safe, however, so I'm staying at home. Anyway:

June 17th - Friday
2:00pm - Carmela
3:00pm - Divine
4:00pm - Lyn (2)
6:00pm - Jonna
7:00pm - Hasmin (2)

June 18th - Saturday
5:00pm to 9:00pm

June 27th - Monday
7:00pm - Cecille

The rain this week was a big downer. But it also was crazily refreshing. I was able to catch up on the things I'm supposed to be doing especially for myself. I also had a Libra barista named Lisa make friends with me in our neighborhood, & she makes the best soy choco chip fraps ever! I'm going to be gaining more weight if I don't downsize asap. Ever since Jupiter entered Taurus this month, all I did was take it easy. & I'm happy for the Universe slowing down for me this month. It should all pick up again by the time I'm done next week, & I'm somewhat dreading it, even if I know I shouldn't. Nevertheless, I'm happy. & hooray for Venus in Gemini! I'm meeting more Twitter friends, & I hope to catch up with more acquaintances IRL. & before my high school best friend Cres flies back to CA with her husband & daughters, I hope to touch base with them & the rest of the gang for one more time. I just don't understand the rain, though. But I'm all too happy to be snug indoors most of the time. & I've been watching reruns of The Great Buck Howard & Up in the Air, which have awesome quotes & insights, & I'll discuss more of those later.

But for now, here's a cute Tarot spread that I found online. I'm using my Deviant Moon deck for this, because I'll be putting it back in order again in a bit.
"The following spread, then, can be used to help someone discover how to overcome feelings of being trapped, and what to look for to find the exhilaration & triumph of finally living their dreams."
I only used 8 cards, because the rest of the deck wasn't making any more sense at all, after using it for my last querent, & all I could see from it was a jumble of the lingering issues that we discussed.

Yay for Snow White. NOT. I'm no fan of the fairy tale, sadly, but...

POSITION 1. Snow White - Ace of Wands

MEANING: Where you are right now. This is the submissive part of yourself that has taken over, thus resigning yourself to the rut in which you find yourself. This is also that part of you that believes if you are too successful, you won’t be liked.

My Interpretation: I think I'm actually in a very good place right now, compared to last year, & the year before that. I don't plan on having kids anytime soon, though, which I think is good, anyway. I may still be in this starting point & feel plagued by self-doubt every now & then, but it's better than nothing. This card is one of my most favorite female figures in the deck, more than the Queens, but no way will I ever be caught dead cradling a baby in my arms. I care about children & their welfare, & I don't mind conversing with precocious younglings, but no, thank you. I don't mind mothering kitties again, though.

POSITION 2. The Evil Step-Mother Queen - 8 of Wands

MEANING: This is your adversary; that which is jealous of you and, as such, seeks to control you, disrupt your plans, and even shatter your dreams. This is someone or something that is unfamiliar, and in conflict with you; it is your opposition and is usually spurred on by the element of envy.

My Interpretation: Looks like there's A LOT of people out to get me, surprisingly, but as long as I'm not really hearing anything nasty about me yet, I won't give a shit. I'll just do my thing, & try not to spread myself too thin.

POSITION 3. The Seven Dwarves - 8 of Cups

MEANING: These 7 cards represent your helpers; these are the people, things, and energies that are there to aid you and rescue you from your current situation. These are the people who will dig deep to find what is precious and valuable in you, and keep you safe from harm. These are the people, things, and energies that will also warn you of approaching danger. Each of the 7 cards is read one-at-a-time, initially, and then interpreted in conjunction with each other (look for the story line these cards all tell). (NOTE: If you want a more expanded reading, you can also interpret how the Snow White card brings aid to these; offering harmony and bringing them into balance.)

My Interpretation: I only got one card to represent my allies in this position, & it looks like I have my clients (mostly heartbroken & depressed) to actually rely on. I already have a few favorites, & I'll throw in a few specials for them soon, but I really hope I can become friends with them.

Wait, I still have my younger guy friends struggling through Life. I hope they count, too. Yay.

POSITION 4. The Handsome Prince - 10 of Swords

MEANING: That which will revive, awaken, and stir you from your current situation, and inspire you to live your life fully. This is the Kiss of True Love that ignites your passion to be more than you are now. It is also the enthusiasm you need to re-discover and the appetite for living a life that needs to be refueled.

My Interpretation: WHAT THE HELL. Who is this person, then? Is he still alive? Am I meant to be alone for a longer period than expected? If this guy has severe issues, then so be it. Don't we all. I just hope he wouldn't have to let his issues get in the way of things, & I hope he's not abusive in any way. & I'll be more than happy to take care of him, haha — as long as he helps himself, too.

POSITION 5. The Apple - Page of Pentacles

MEANING: That which will entice and tempt you, but which should be avoided. This seduction will only lead to you being taken advantage of.

My Interpretation: I've been talking to a few younger prospects who are so different from the crowd I'm accustomed to, & it was all short-lived with them. I'm actually fed up. I want someone more mature & more cultured, ergo, more sexy, hehe. I honestly just want somebody who, according to my inner Venus by Jessica Shepherd, can empower me, trust me as I can trust him, help me to surrender my fears, let down my guard, & therefore allow me to experience deep healing. Ooh, hello there, 10 of Swords. Come over here. Let's both recover. :)

POSITION 6. The Magic Mirror - The Magician + The High Priestess

MEANING: This represents the principles of both creative power and truth-telling. This is what you need to learn. It is already being employed by The Evil Step-Mother Queen and, eventually, provides the information that provokes the assault upon Snow White. This is the honesty that The Evil Step-Mother Queen cannot bear and which Snow White must learn to embrace without guilt or fear.

My Interpretation: If those are the very embodiment of the things I should embrace without guilt or fear, then so be it. Being mystical + psychic, sure. But I don't want to take Life too seriously anymore. Can't I just chill like the rest of you?

"The whole purpose of The Snow White Spread is to show someone that, as Walt Disney is supposed to have said, people ought to know that there's light after the darkness."

So much for that. I should use this for my readings next week! ♥


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