Tuesday, July 26, 2011

& so the last few days of Venus in Cancer = rain

Hello again, world. I'm super sorry (again) for not updating as much. I'm ridiculously busy & distracted lately, as usual, & it's really not easy getting blogging done while I'm up & about. I'll just wait until my birthday to be liveblogging in full force, which is 2 months from now. Haha. I'll post my birthday wishlist tomorrow (no kidding) which includes silly items that have nothing to do whatsoever with Tarot-reading. For now, even if it's a rainy morning today, I'll have readings in the afternoon until early evening. I might be available at 5pm & 7pm later, unless my querents extend their time. Here's the rest of my tentative schedule, & these will be my only available times as of the moment. If you can, kindly comply, should you find yourself interested in a reading session with me anytime soon. & let's make it snappy, especially once Mercury goes officially retrograde next week.

Text me beforehand should you want to be scheduled for Thursday onwards: (+63) 0920-433-5420. Please note that I might be in the middle of a reading session so if you call, I might not be able to pick up immediately. Text me FIRST before calling. I'm adamantly sticking to my schedules but I want to accommodate everyone as much as I can this month. Meaning, I'd rather read on these particular days at my preferred places so, please, have mercy. (House calls will have extra charge, up to double my standard rate, depending on location & weather conditions. For now, I can only accommodate requests within the Makati CBD. For more information on how I do my readings, please read the updated 2nd FAQ.)

So what have I been up to, anyway? I've been trying to stay in shape (to no avail, I think, haha; especially with all this newfound fascination for dark mocha frappuccinos, this time with soy milk for an added depth in flavor, red velvet cake, & milk chocolate cheesecake). I'm also trying to mentor a couple of young 'uns who own Gilded Tarot decks (one's Sagittarian with a Pisces Moon & a Libra Rising, while the other's quadruple Cancerian - Sun, Moon, Rising, & Jupiter). It's just funny how I'm being haunted by that Gilded deck since 2008, even if I really feel I can't connect with it just yet, but I can't seem to forget its icky Lovers card, haha. Plus, it's funny how I'm surrounded by all these Water babies. Maybe because my Moon in Cancer trines my Venus in Scorpio, to begin with. I'm still freaked out by the thought of it all, really. I need to be with more Fire + Air signs, though, seriously.

Then decluttering my perpetually-ravaged room is an everyday struggle. I also got a new Tarot deck from a client & it's a bitch to use for myself, but it works flawlessly for her. Even my Tarot of Vampyres is wonderful for her! Anyway, I have to thank her for her trust & patronage. I also pray everything works out for her very soon. ♥

Anyway, let this be a nifty guide for you folks for having a pleasant, insightful, & worthwhile Tarot reading session, thanks to a new Twitter pal who just passed her first Reiki attunement. Yay, congratulations! I hope I can do the same thing very soon!
How to get the most out of your tarot reading: 6 tips to maximize your experience.

1. Do some research on your reader. This can be done by asking them about their code of ethics, what they’re comfortable doing, or how they feel about different situations in dealing with clients. Fortunately, a lot of readers have websites where you can see not only their code of ethics and some sample readings, but also feedback. Feedback can be very important to a reader and they usually have no problem sharing positive feedback with potential clients, paid or not.

2. Come with an open mind. If you go into the reading with ultimatums and expecting a specific outcome, you’ll probably be disappointed. Most readers are under the impression you seek them out for their interpretations of the cards, and if you insist they’re doing things incorrectly, you’ll both end up frustrated.

3. Ask a good question. The future of your life is based on you and you alone. If you ask a question that negates your own power in your life, you are less likely to get a truly helpful answer. For example, asking “when will I find a new lover?” asks literally when the querent will find a specific person. But what if the querent never leaves their home and expects the lover to find them? What if the querent has a very specific set of standards and expects the new lover to fit into them, and doesn’t consider anyone else? They may never find the lover they seek. Try phrasing your questions in a way that shows you accept your power or responsibility in your own life. For example, “what do I need to know about finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend?”, “what can I do to help find a new lover soon?”, or even “am I doing the work I need to be doing to find the new squeeze I’ve been hoping for?” are excellent alternatives to the original question.

4. Don’t offer anything yet the reader doesn’t ask for. Some readers may ask for a bit of background information, some prefer to only know the question, while others ask questions as they share the reading. The best thing to do is recognize that the reader is experienced enough to know when to ask for information. For example, if the reader says, “Have you been stressed out about your relationship?” it’s better to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ then to launch into a full explanation of why the relationship has been weighing heavy on your heart. Wait until the end of the reading to explain what’s going on. This helps you to get the big picture, and for the reader to fully relay everything in the cards.

5. Keep in mind how often you ask a specific question. Repeating a question because you want to see what different readers say, or because you may be fishing for a specific answer, is more likely to confuse you and blur all the answers together than it is to actually help you. If someone gives you a really off reading, that’s one thing. But asking the same or similar questions multiple times indicates that you aren’t paying attention to the answers you’ve been given in the past. Sometimes readings will be complete duds because people already know the answer to their question, but they don’t want to admit they do, or they are hoping the answer will change.

6. Take notes as you go along, or save the reading for later. There are usually things relayed in a reading that don’t make sense right away. If anything seems like it doesn’t fit, make a note of it and look into it when the reading is finished. Often times you can look back on a reading and see exactly how things made sense - but only if you have a decent record of the reading ;)
Have fun, & stay warm as well as dry today!


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